Morning dance

In the morning, I came to the yard, wow! ! ! A beautiful sight! I thought to myself: It’s hard to play once a day, isn’t it fun to have fun?

So, my father and mother didn’t pay attention to walking alone to the fitness area and found the children in our college. He said, “Hey sister, let’s go play the parallel bars?” I hesitated: Mom should not worry, I must know that I am going to play! Then agreed. He played a special joy, and from time to time to his grandmother to take a seat belt, but no, his grandmother promised, because the seat belt is for the elderly, his grandmother said: “Oh, Ying Ying, this seat belt you do not need, I have to use my own to buy a child-only one.” However, Ying Ying has no choice but to go underground. I said to him, “Oh, yes! I told my mother, she was afraid that I would lose it!” “Let’s do it, we will see you in the Tai Chi Circle!” Ying Ying is a cheerful little boy, he likes Tai Chi, I only Can promise. I ran to my mother and said to my mother, “Mom! Mom! Mom, I am going to the Taiji Circle!” Mom curiously asked: “What fun is there in the Taiji Circle?” “Oh, Yingying is there! I am looking for him.” Play!” I began to ask my mother. Mom is most afraid of this, can’t help but can only agree.

In the Taiji Circle, Yingying has bought three tickets, one old ticket and two children’s tickets. He said to me: “Before the Taiji Circle, you can go in to see Tai Chi or learn Tai Chi because you don’t have money, because there is Tai Chi competition today. “Taiji competition?” I have not heard of this yet! He frowned and said, “Yeah, it’s not worth it.” “It’s not worthwhile! What is the good thing about Taiji competition?” I think this Taiji circle should not cost money. However, Yingying doesn’t think so. He said seriously: “Hey sister, you still don’t understand. The Taiji teacher here is good. I still have three meals in the morning, midnight and evening! It is enough! I have eaten here. I have a meal.” I was a little curious: “Is this Tai Chi still a meal?” “Yeah, look, my grandma is still playing here! Hey.” Really, the grandmother of Yingying is really there! Her Tai Chi must be good! This is really a look. I think so.

Time passed by, and the Taiji game was over. I said, “Cough, Yingying, time is not too late, I should go home. My mother and they all left.” However, Yingying has not played enough. He also took me to the “Arsenal” and introduced me seriously: “This is the famous ‘Arsenal’, I have been there for hundreds of times!” “Is it? I have never been there again.” I say. Ying Ying bought a ticket, Ying Ying grandma led the way, his grandmother said to me: “Baby, do you want this hat? A piece of money, there are several tops, let him give you a top!” Just discuss with the fluorescein. “Well! You will go to my house in a while, I will give you the hat I just bought yesterday.” I originally wanted to say “I don’t want it”, but his grandmother saw me as if he wanted to speak. He said, “Baby, nothing. , a small child, a pair of yuan children will take it! Ying Ying gave you.”

We came to another place, and the idea was: “Sister, I haven’t played the splayer yet! It’s a two-player game, let’s play!” I didn’t object, of course I promised. When I arrived at the splayed gun site, Ying Ying picked up the smallest horned gun and said, “We use the smallest gun!” “When you do, then your attention, I am not the master.” I am impatient. . Fluorescent rented a foot turntable, I stepped on it carefully, and Ying Ying boldly stepped on. At this time, a staff member came over and asked us: “Children, which model do you want to experience?” Ying Ying grabs The gun said: “Of course it is the flight mode! The next time the rotation mode, my mother came and said.” “Okay, take off!” After that, the iron steel that drives the turntable will “fly”! Ying Ying said: “Fast, my sister, we are shooting eight characters, eight characters are equal to the target, shooting one for a small gift!” I heard, happy. So, I helped Ying Ying tie the belt to the waist. At the same time, I also tied my line and only heard the sound of “荻”, wow! ! ! Shot it! Fluorescent is excited! I almost forgot to vote for “shooting the coin” to receive the gift! After the end of the eight-word gun game, Yingying happily held the gift. He was tired of playing, said to his grandmother: “Grandma, let’s go!” Of course, his grandmother has long wanted to go home, I am also awkward, but Yingying is still playing! Now he is finally tired. We should go home.

Ying Ying holding a gift – flannel bear happily glaring at the “Little Step Dance” … “Morning Dance” is over! Looking forward to tomorrow, I will come to this yard, look at the fitness area, watch the Taiji Circle, watch the arsenal… Of course, I will watch the Yingying, see the cheerful, lively and lovely smile on Yingying… Let’s look forward to: Morning Steps of Tomorrow Dance music is about to be more exciting!

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