Skates are also crazy

The summer vacation is coming, the snails are in the past, and I am at home, from the former “family nameless” house girl to the “female name” house girl.

When the summer vacation came, other parents took the children to report such a cram school, but my parents did not. They always followed my own opinions and did not give me the remedial classes. But I like them like other parents, so my summer vacation will be very fulfilling, and not every day “home” at home.

However, there are occasional classmates who ask me to go out, but only Prometheus cares about me, let me hit the outside to save, so that I can get sick at home. But Prometheus did not have the magic of Zeus. He gave me a little bit. He often came to my house. He was only four years younger than me. Although the knowledge of learning is not rich, the knowledge of playing is far. Higher than me.

The first thing he did when he came to my house was to find something that would inspire him to play with sex. On that day, he accidentally saw that my home was dirty but went to my home less than three months of skates. I said to me, “Small, you take my bike and take me home, take something.” I don’t want to be 100,000. But with his temper, without him, he can make me eternal. Therefore, I can only carry him back home, take skates and knee pads, and sway him back to my house.

He put on skates and let me change. I changed helplessly. I just slipped two times and slammed and fell. He still wants to help me, I firmly refused, one person who is eleven, and let the eight-year-old support, this slippery age (time to play skates) is too low.

It may be because I haven’t played for a long time, some are unfamiliar, after a while, I gradually let go of myself and can stretch freely. I am free to slide on the ground, as if I forgot everything, everything is my only respect, but I am the center.

The scorpion looked at the side of the glimpse, and from time to time, patted the palm of my hand. My heart was full of pride. I used to practice at home. We are going to practice in a garden close to home.

On the road, people who find “likes” are everywhere. There is a compatriot who is super-bovine and jumps on the road. Although not far away, but because of the roller skates, the road is very rough, so it is so rough. After living all the way to life and death, I finally arrived at my ideal ice rink.

I was quite proud of myself. I found that Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and a master like a cloud made me feel awkward. But I still can’t help but throw aside the scorpion. I was playing, and my nephew suddenly pulled my clothes. I was shocked and returned to reality. The blind man was pointing at a car on the road, one person, let me see.

What was originally thought to be a big event, isn’t it just a person behind the car? I couldn’t help but feel lost, but I fixed my eyes and found a man wearing skates. On the big road, I took the back of an electric tricycle and slid freely.

The blind man looked at his eyes and the masters stopped to watch the show. The electric tricycle was running very slowly. We all watched their performances on both sides of the road. And I secretly worried about this person: Do not know how dangerous it is? In case of an emergency brake, the car behind it hits, what do you do?

The man did not have any concerns about himself, as if he was proud, proudly said: “Look, how high is my technology?” Sure enough, I didn’t expect that the electric tricycle saw a guest in front, and suddenly accelerated, he jerked one Hit, did not grasp the rear of the tricycle, did not control their actions, and suddenly fell.

We have been watching, but no one is going to save him, comfort him, I want to save, but although he doesn’t look old, but he is a big man, can I save it? I don’t have a mobile phone, and I don’t have the money to make a public phone. The person next to him ignored him. I asked him: “Is there anything?” He said that I was nosy. I really don’t understand that there is such a kind of person in the world, and he is kind enough to help him but he is blind.

With such a living example, I am not only sighed: Who is responsible for my summer vacation safety? Is it you, is he, or me? In fact, you, me, him, this society is responsible, our responsibility is not to run around the road, pay attention to traffic safety and so on. Your responsibility with them is that when we have an accident, we can’t ignore it, help us, and send it to the hospital quickly.

Skating shoes are fun, but there is a certain danger. In the future, we can’t play for the limelight, and the performance “skating shoes are crazy”.

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