Childhood taste

I remember that when I was in elementary school, there was a winter vacation. At that time, I was playing a particularly hot Hong Kong TV series “On the Beach”. When I played this drama, it was a crowd of people, Zhao Yazhi’s gentle and elegant image. It left a deep impression.

I remember playing the last episode of “On the Beach,” which happened to be snowing outside. We all watched the wonderful TV series in the house. I remember that I was alone in the courtyard of my house and enjoyed the beautiful snow scene.


There was a burst of laughter in my big house. It turned out that this was my second brother’s intention to make the TV clear. He could only stand with his arms and stand next to the TV and touch the antenna of the small black and white TV, because as long as he When you touch the antenna, the TV effect will be very clear. If you put down your arm, the snow will float on it.

“Just let the antenna hang on the antenna.” At the same time as the second brother said, everyone laughed again.

“In order to let you watch the last episode of “On the Beach”, I am easy for me.” The second brother complained to everyone while holding his sour arm.


We all laughed at each other.

“Awkward? The laughter is so lively.” At this time, the grandmother who was coming back from the toilet was also curious to enter the house. Only I stayed alone in the deep snow night.


I took a deep breath of refreshing gas, and the snow is still in the endless, and it has fallen on the roof, on the dead trees, on the low walls, in the courtyard. I especially love the falling snow. When I arrived at my home, I looked at the unfathomable sky for a while, and looked at the taller and taller apple trees in the courtyard. I thought about the scene where I and my sisters beat apples with sticks under the trees. Laughed.

In the extraordinarily quiet snowy night, the trees are slightly cold, and the tree is more beautiful, more mysterious and more dreamy. Our apple trees and our brothers and sisters are everywhere. They are witnessing each other’s growth. It undoubtedly records a past, a present, and will soon record an unknown future.

Wow! It is so beautiful, too romantic, too pure.

I couldn’t help but slowly walked under the dreamy tree and raised my head again. I hugged my arms around me, and the fingers crossed constantly touched the white cheeks, my cheeks were cold and cold, after a burst of friction. It is full of warmth.

I am looking at it with deep affection, imagining, sighing, and I gradually close the black lacquered eye. I recall one of the most classic shots in “On the Beach”: the journey through the streets with snowflakes Just about to bend over and pick up a snow group, and squatting toward the distance, suddenly felt that the snow suddenly stopped. She looked up in surprise. It turned out to be the Xu Wenqiang in her heart. I don’t know when she came to her side and supported her. A romantic umbrella, they looked at each other, happy smile, Xu Wenqiang on the left cheek, at the same time revealing a shallow smile, the hair brother and Zhao Yazhi were really lost personally!

I thought back, during the intoxication, I was deeply immersed in the cold and fresh air, and I did not consciously outline the image of the Prince Charming who would belong to me in the future. Yes, which girl does not yearn for her beautiful What about the future? me too.

I imagined, sketching, sketching a dream, a future.

Once again, take a deep breath of nature’s pure gas. In my home, I tasted the original taste of life.

The original taste, the beautiful taste, it is the taste of childhood

No matter how bitter or bitter, I experienced it. I tasted it. I am content. At that moment, that minute, that feeling, I feel extra happiness…

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