The cleaner drinks toilet water

The health status of a company represents the ability of the company’s managers to some extent. If a company is dirty and disordered, the company manager is very irresponsible. Instead, if a company says the health condition is very good, then it can also see some excellent management in other aspects. Recently, a video has been circulated online. A feed company in Feicheng, Shandong Province has been circulating on the Internet recently A cleaning officer of the company drinks toilet water directly, which shows that the cleaned urinal has reached the standard of direct drinking.
The comments on the news on the Internet are praiseworthy and derogatory. Some people say that this is serious work and the work has been done to the extreme. They should learn from her. However, some people say that in order to show that the toilet is clean, it is not necessary to drink toilet water directly. Even if it is so clean, there are many bacteria in the toilet.
It is hard to remind me of such a scene abroad. The cleaner also wants to show that he cleans the toilet very well. He scoops out a cup of water from the urinal and drinks it. You dare to drink toilet water. This really shows that you have done the utmost work and the sanitation cleaning is very good. But the toilet is the place where people excrete. It will give a very bad kind of water to people Comfortable feeling, even if you clean again how clean, after watching will make people feel disgusting.
I don’t think there are such forms of cleaning. Some people may feel that it is responsible for the work, but I think it is too much responsibility for the work. After all, it is a toilet. After cleaning, it is OK to use the naked eye to see that there is no mess. There is no need to use toilet water to show that they are clean.
When the woman was drinking toilet water, there were many leaders around watching the woman drink the toilet water, and then they all started to hold their hands. Did they really recognize this form in their hearts? I believe most of them feel disgusting about this, but they don’t express it. I don’t know what you think about it?