Us quasi carrier explodes and fires

According to US media reports, the US Navy surface ship command released the latest news that the amphibious attack ship “good man Richard” in San Diego naval base, California, exploded in the early morning of July 12, and then caught fire. At present, the fire has lasted for six hours and has not been extinguished. 21 people have been injured and more casualties have not been counted. Of the 21 injured, 17 were sailors, in addition to 4 civilian personnel. At present, the injured have been transported to local hospitals for treatment, and none of the injuries they have suffered are fatal.
The report said that when the ship exploded and caught fire, there were two missile destroyers nearby. After the explosion, the two warships quickly left the berth to avoid being affected by the fire. When the ship exploded, the ship was in the state of technical maintenance. At that time, there were 160 sailors on board, and the U.S. Naval Command said all the personnel on board had left the ship and no one was missing.
It is understood that the good Richard is No. 6 of the hornet class amphibious assault ship. The ship’s home port was in San Diego military port. At that time, the ship was in the process of upgrading. After the accident, it is likely that the upgrade of the ship will be delayed. As the fire has not been extinguished, the extent of damage caused by the fire can not be determined.
The explosion occurred at 8:30 a.m. local time and was located in the middle of the ship. After the explosion and fire broke out, all members of the ship were evacuated. The US Navy sent several tugboats and fire boats to put out the fire of the Goodman Richards. However, the whole fire fighting work lasted for six hours, and no open fire was put out on board.
It is understood that Goodman Richard belongs to the seventh fleet of the United States Maritime fleet. The ship was previously deployed in the Asia Pacific region. During the two years from 2015 to 2016, the Goodman Richards made several sorties in the Asia Pacific region and repeatedly challenged neighboring countries. At that time, the ship was stationed in Guam and Yokosuka port, and even visited many Asia Pacific ports. The warship can carry a variety of Shipborne helicopters. Although its attack capability is limited, it frequently appears in the Asia Pacific region, which means a lot of provocation. After that, the ship withdrew from the Empress Dowager Yat Sen and received medium-term maintenance and upgrading at the home port.
Experts said that as a “small aircraft carrier”, the amphibious assault ship is more flexible than the aircraft carrier in deployment, and the cost is far lower than that of the aircraft carrier. Therefore, it is favored by many countries. Although the accident of the Goodman Richards, it should not affect the future deployment of the US military, because the US Navy has six hornet class amphibious ships, in addition to the United States class amphibious warships and other amphibious ships, it can Quickly replace the good Richard on mission.