Mr Ho will not be buried this year

Many people say that 2020 has witnessed a lot of history and hope that this year can be “restarted”, but these are also our wishes. Too many things happened in this year that we can not forget. He Hongshen, a patriotic entrepreneur known as the “king of gambling”, passed away some time ago, causing a lot of public opinion. Not only is his life full of legend, but also the family’s industrial distribution after his death has become the focus of attention. Recently, Mr. Ho’s spirit setting ceremony has once again become the focus of discussion, and almost all members of the family have arrived.
The ceremony was held in the Hong Kong funeral home, where tens of thousands of Dutch hydrangeas were arranged into a sea of flowers. It is said that hundreds of people rushed to finish the ceremony. The portrait of the king of gamblers is surrounded by red and white roses, which looks very warm. Mrs. Ho and her children arrived at the scene one after another. The couple, who attracted much attention, showed up with their children and three of them. He ChaoLian showed up in a black dress, and Dou Xiao followed her.
According to Hong Kong media reports, the body of Mr. ho will not be buried this year, because later generations of CAI Boli, the Royal geomantic master of he family, reckoned that there would be no suitable day for burial in 2020. Therefore, after the ceremony, the body of Mr. ho will be temporarily placed in the funeral parlor, and then moved to Donghua Yizhuang on another day. Next year, he’s family cemetery will be buried in Zhaoyuan cemetery in mosingling.
Speaking of the gambling king’s temporary residence, “Donghua Yizhuang”, is actually a transit place for the ancestors to live temporarily and wait for burial. It was established in 1875, and it is the only place in Hong Kong where the remains of coffins and coffins are kept. In fact, there have been many celebrities in the residence, including Cai Yuanpei, former president of Peking University; Chen Jiongming, a warlord in Guangdong; Li Jiefu, the father of Hong Kong’s rich Li Zhaoji; Lin Baixin, a wealthy businessman; Liao Baoshan, a banker who runs Liao Chuang Hing; Zhou Junren, founder of Zhou Shengsheng jewelry and gold company.