Tencent response cheated

On the evening of July 1, Tencent responded to the “being cheated” incident on its official microblog, saying it was impossible to say a word. In order to prevent similar incidents from happening again, Tencent took 1000 bottles of Laoganma as gifts to solicit similar clues.
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[three people forged the seal of Lao Ganma and signed a contract with Tencent]

Prior to this, Shenzhen Nanshan District People’s Court issued a civil ruling, the court agreed to support the plaintiff Tencent’s request to seal up or freeze the bank deposits worth 16.2406 million yuan of two companies owned by Guiyang Laoganma, or other equivalent properties.
But then Lao Ganma declared that they had never had any commercial cooperation with Tencent, and Tencent suffered fraud.
On July 1, Guiyang public security Shuanglong branch reported that three people forged the seal of Laoganma company and pretended to be the manager of the company’s marketing department to sign a cooperation agreement with Tencent. At present, the three people have been detained.
Netizen: Tencent is really naive
Zhang Jun, the public relations director of Tencent, also replied in the microblog message @ Tencent: you are so naive.