Golden Eagle found while herding sheep

Recently, when Chen Mou, a resident of red flag horse farm in Qiqihar, was herding sheep, he found an eagle lying motionless in Caodian. Worried about an accident, he put on cotton gloves and carried it home, fed it about 1 jin of beef, and immediately called Yian police station of Qiqihar Branch of the Public Security Bureau of reclamation area for help.
The eagle has a wingspan of about 2 meters and is very big and strong. Wu Guoliang checked it carefully and found that there was no obvious trauma on it, but there was no spiritual leader for unknown reasons. So he contacted the development center of Heilongjiang wuyuhe shuangyanghe Provincial Nature Reserve and asked professionals for help and guidance. When it is put into the cage, it is also very cooperative, as if knowing that people are helping it. Later, the police sent the eagle to the nature reserve overnight and planned to release it to nature after treatment.
According to Professor Xu Qing of the school of wildlife and nature reserves of Northeast Forestry University, the “big bird” is called Golden Eagle, which is a national first-class protected animal and is rescued by an adult.
It is understood that golden eagles belong to the hawk family. Large Raptors are rare and precious because of their small number. They are regarded as the “king of raptors” because of their powerful appearance. Their status in birds is like the Northeast tigers in animals. The average wingspan of adult golden eagle is more than 2 meters, and its body length can reach 1 meter.