Italy may usher in a turning point

On 25 February, novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed the growth rate of Italy’s continuous decline for 4 days. Who says Italy will usher in the outbreak of the outbreak. The assistant director general of who said that some parts of Italy are close to the inflection point of the epidemic development curve, so it may peak this week and then decline.
Extended reading:
There are 6153 newly confirmed cases in Italy, with a total of 80539 confirmed cases
According to novel coronavirus pneumonia daily bulletin on 26 local time, the official statistics released by the Italy civil protection department.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed 24 cases in 6153 hours in Italy 24 hours as of that day. 80539 cases were confirmed, 8165 cases died and 10361 cases were cured. Of the 62013 confirmed cases, 3612 were severe and 33648 were isolated at home.
Who: China has 380723 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases outside China.
China’s latest diagnosis of novel coronavirus pneumonia outside China has reached 380723 cases, according to the latest data released by WHO on 26.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases outside China are increased by 49106 cases, reaching 380723 cases, compared with the previous day, and 2395 cases outside China, 17541 cases were found outside China, according to the who daily epidemic report, as at 10 hours in Central Europe 26 hours (17 hours in Beijing time 26).
Globally, novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were confirmed to increase by 49219 cases, reaching 462684 cases, and the death cases increased by 2401 cases, reaching 20834 cases.
In the past 24 hours, the first confirmed cases have been reported in three countries, namely the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis, Guinea Bissau and Mali.