Zhao Yihuan’s love

When it comes to actor Zhao Yihuan, you will be familiar with her. She has attracted much attention for her role in the youth inspirational play adolescence. Her beautiful appearance is known as the “house man goddess”. Although she is not popular, she still works hard in the entertainment circle. Recently, I seldom heard about her. I didn’t expect that the update would bring good news!
On March 25, Zhao Yihuan officially announced his love affair, and wrote: “finally, I found a person who kneels as soon as I stare!”! He announced his love in a special advertisement.
He also took a photo with his boyfriend. In the photo, the two were funny and cute, and their behavior was very close. Especially the picture of the man holding Zhao Yihuan, it was the boyfriend’s strength that exploded. They also looked like husband and wife.
Boyfriend liborn is also an all-around artist in the circle. He is a famous singer, actor and director. He once participated in the music talent show “super star avenue” and expressed his love to Xu Jiaying, who is the same contestant. The two got along as lovers for a long time, but they didn’t have much fame at that time and didn’t attract everyone’s attention.
Zhao Yihuan’s official relationship seems to be a little unexpected. In fact, the relationship between the two has a clue. When Zhao Yihuan attended a friend’s wedding, he met his boyfriend on the spot. At that time, they sat together, but they didn’t communicate much, and many people didn’t care.
Some netizens once photographed the picture of two people going shopping together. Zhao Yihuan was holding the man’s arm, just like a couple in love. At that time, the media also revealed something, but both of them didn’t respond to this, and finally they were slowly forgotten.
Later, it was photographed by the media. Zhao Yihuan hugged the man’s neck intimately. With such a close action, the relationship was clear at a glance. At that time, liborn looked very handsome, which was very different from now!
Recently, Zhao Yihuan and her boyfriend were photographed in the airport by the media. They didn’t avoid each other at all. Zhao Yihuan even wore a happy smile. Maybe that’s the reason why Guan Xuan suddenly appeared. After all, if they really love each other and recognize each other freely, it’s also a kind of respect for each other.
After the official announcement, the two people sang and danced together, showed their love in a special way, and the beautiful picture made people envious. From the video, we can realize that the two people have a deep feeling, and the feeling of happiness is beyond expression!
So it seems that the two people have experienced a long time from love to official publicity. They have been getting along with each other for a long time, and Zhao Yihuan has indeed reached the age of marriage. Although their career has not improved greatly, they have achieved perfect love, which is the most enviable thing.
Congratulations to our “house man goddess” Zhao Yihuan, who has found his true love and wishes them happiness forever!