Nini’s Story

Once upon a time, in a vast forest, there lived a little monkey Nini and his mother. One day, Nini’s mother said to him, “Nini, you haven’t seen your uncle since you were born. So, today’s weather is fine. Let’s go to visit your uncle’s house. Okay?”
Nini listened and scratched her ears naughtily. She asked, “It’s good. I don’t know where my uncle lives?”
“Ah! Your uncle’s family lives far away. In a particularly prosperous county town, that county town is called Peach Blossom City. The mother monkey said.
“Peach Blossom City?” As soon as Nini listened, she was in a good mood and said to herself, “Since the county town is called Peach Blossom City, there must be many peach trees in the city, and where there are peach trees, there will be many peaches.”
When Nini thought of it, she jumped up happily and shouted, “Mom, I love to go to my uncle’s house in Peach Blossom City. Please take me with you. Quick, quick.”
As she spoke, Nini pushed her mother monkey out of the house and urged her to leave quickly.
Mother monkey laughed. Think about it, she and her brother, Nini’s uncle, have not seen each other for several years, and they are very missed. So, it is very happy to think of meeting their brother.
In this way, the two women packed up their things and went on their way in a hurry. After several twists and turns, Nini and her mother finally came to Peach Blossom City breathlessly. By this time, it was noon.
In summer, when the sun was shining and she was tired, Nini and her mother were walking in the streets of Peach Blossom City, sweating heavily.
“Mom, I’m hungry!” Nini shouted as she sweated.
“Nini, hold on a little longer, and you’ll be at your uncle’s house in a minute.” Nini’s mother felt hungry too, but she persisted in reassuring Nini.
“Do uncles have peaches?” Nini asked, thinking of the delicious peaches, his mouth watering at the moment.
“Yes, of course. Nini, you know, this is Peach Blossom City. Can peaches be missing here?’ Nini’s mother touched her child’s head lovingly and laughed.
Just as the two women were talking to each other, suddenly, a very beautiful convertible wooden car was coming in front of them. There were two monkeys dressed very cool and wearing sunglasses. One was a male monkey, the other was a female monkey. One was driving, the other was snuggling beside the male monkey in the car. It was very sweet, like a couple of loving husbands. Wife.
Although the driver was wearing sunglasses and was very well dressed, Nini’s mother recognized at the moment that the man was her brother whom she had not met for a long time, namely, Nini’s uncle. So Nini’s mother was so excited that she shouted, “Brother, Brother!”
When the driver of the convertible heard the call, he immediately stepped on the brake and stopped. When he took off his sunglasses and stepped out of the car, Nini’s mother immediately threw herself into her brother’s arms. She saw his brother’s curious eyes and said, “Brother, I’m your sister. Don’t you know me?”
“Sister… Sister…” After some hard thinking, the wealthy driver seemed to be reluctantly reminded of the other party, and said, “Oh, it was my sister, I really can’t recognize it.”
The wealthy driver finished, looked at Nini again and asked, “This child is…”
“This is your little nephew.”
Just as the rich driver wanted to hug his nephew, he didn’t expect the monkey to jump down from her seat. She was dressed up with a very strong and pungent perfume on her body, and an arrogant gesture. She shouted at the rich driver and said, “look at the poor look of your relatives. Don’t ignore them.”
“Well, they are poor, but they are my sister and nephew after all. Please, you aunt, don’t look like that!” The wealthy driver scolded his wife’s way.
“Speak less nonsense, you loser, hurry up and follow me. If it weren’t for me, would you be able to live such a rich life today?” Speaking of this, the arrogant mother monkey pinched her waist and rowed at Nini’s mother and Nini’s Bi and said, “You two ruffians, get back to your hometown, this Peach Blossom City is not your place to climb dragons and phoenixes. Get out of here!” After that, he gave Nini and her mother a fierce stare. Then, pulling and pulling at the wealthy driver, he drove a luxury car and went on. The only thing left for Nini’s mother and Nini’s mother was a long smoke.
When Nini’s mother saw this, she could not help but understand everything at this moment. She felt very sad and tears of pain came out of her eyes. No wonder his brother has stopped seeing her sister in the countryside in recent years. It turned out that he became a local tyrant by eating soft food in the city. Now, he has reached the level of six relatives do not recognize.
The more she wanted to be angry and sad, the more she wanted to be. At this moment, Nini helped her crying mother wipe away her tears. He sensibly said to her, “Mom, let’s go home, uncle like this, let’s not leave it alone.”
In this way, the two women returned to their poor home hungry, although they went home, but the scene happened in the Peach Blossom City is forever engraved in Nini’s memory.
Since then, Nini has not been depressed, on the contrary, she vowed to study hard and become a real aristocrat in Peach Blossom City.
Years later, Nini made remarkable achievements in her study and career through her unremitting efforts, such as cold winter and hot summer. She realized her original dream and received her *** personally into the beautiful Peach Blossom City. The two women lived a happy life without worries about food and clothing.
His so-called aunt, however, was imprisoned and betrayed for life for fraud in business.
Nini’s uncle returned to her old poverty, facing her sister and nephew with no face. Eventually, he returned to Nini’s former home alone, that is, the big forest, until he died alone…

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