Response of epidemic prevention cadres to drunk driving

Hubei Provincial Higher People’s court reported in the afternoon of 12th that on the night of March 11th, 2020, many cadres of the provincial court (level Four investigators in the office, now working in the hospital’s special epidemic prevention class) drove in violation of regulations, causing traffic accidents, causing social concern and serious impact. The provincial court attached great importance to and decided: first, the comrade was suspended immediately. Second, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision is requested to dispatch a discipline inspection team for investigation. Third, we will give full support to the public security organs in dealing with it according to law. Four is to learn from this incident, strengthen the education and management of staff.
In addition, according to the notice of Wuchang brigade of Wuhan Public Security Bureau Traffic Management Bureau on the afternoon of 12th, about 21:00 p.m. on March 11, 2020, our brigade received the alarm that there was a traffic accident in Xudong street.
After the police arrived at the scene, they carried out surveys and investigations. Through investigation: at about 20:50 that night, Xu (male, 42 years old, grade 4 investigator of a unit) drove a small car and drove along Shahu Avenue from south to north to Xudong Avenue, turning right. When he collided with another small car, the car was damaged and no one was injured.
Police screened Xu for alcohol and took blood samples according to law. According to the test, Xu’s blood alcohol content is 184.6mg/100ml, suspected of driving a motor vehicle after being drunk.
At present, the traffic control department has filed a criminal case against Xu and will investigate his criminal responsibility according to law. The case is still under further processing.