These people in Hubei pass through the whole province

Hubei novel coronavirus infection prevention and control command announcement
In order to implement the prevention and control strategy of division, classification, time difference and alienation, and promote the return to work of enterprises and the safe and orderly flow of personnel, our province has decided to carry out the distribution of Hubei health code, and the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:
First, health codes are collected by personal mobile phone through “Huhui office” APP, the national “Internet plus supervision” applet, Alipay Mini program, and WeChat office applet. After comparing the data with the whole province’s epidemic prevention database, the health codes are generated. As an electronic voucher for personal travel, health code is commonly used throughout the province during the epidemic prevention and control period, and it is also the basis for epidemic prevention and control inspection.
2、 Our province health code is divided into green code, yellow code and red code. By comparing and verifying the data of “four categories of personnel” in the provincial epidemic prevention database, the green code will be issued to those who are not found; the Yellow code will be issued to those who are in close contact with the applicant as recorded in the management; the red code will be issued to those who are confirmed, suspected, febrile and asymptomatic. For personnel in low-risk areas, the code shall be assigned within 4 hours after applying for health code; for personnel in medium risk areas, the code shall be assigned within 12 hours; for personnel in high-risk areas, the code shall be assigned within 24 hours.
3、 Health code is converted according to personal health status. If an individual has any objection to the status of the health code, he / she can call 12345 hotline to apply, which shall be checked and handled by the local prevention and control headquarters.
4、 Green code holders in medium and low-risk areas are allowed to pass through the whole province; green code holders in high-risk areas are allowed to travel according to the regulations of the local prevention and control headquarters, and the county (city, district) prevention and control headquarters determine the county (city, district) rules, and the city (state) prevention and control headquarters determine the city (prefecture) rules. People in high-risk areas outside Wuhan use the “point-to-point” transporter with the green code and the inflow place Safe and orderly flow. The personnel with yellow code shall not be released, and the personnel with red code shall be treated and isolated locally according to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control.
5、 If it is inconvenient for the elderly, minors, disabled and other special groups to apply for the health code, the guardian or other members of the family can apply for it on behalf of them and show it when they travel. If it is really impossible to apply for it, the local village (community) shall provide convenient access to travel with the health monitoring certificate issued by the local village (community).
6、 The individual shall truthfully fill in the health information and be responsible for the authenticity, integrity and timeliness of the information content. If the relevant consequences are caused due to the false filling in the information, the individual shall bear the corresponding legal liabilities.
7、 Travel personnel with health code shall strictly abide by local travel control measures and cooperate with health code inspectors for management.
8、 For the operation method and question answer of Hubei health code, please log in the “ehui office” app.
A novel coronavirus infection in Hubei province is responsible for the prevention and control of pneumonia.
March 10, 2020