323 confirmed cases in Hubei prison

On February 24, Chen Yixin, deputy leader of the central steering group and Secretary General of the central political and Law Commission, went to Hubei Provincial Prison Administration to supervise and inspect the prevention and control of prison epidemic. We listened to the special reports of Wuhan women’s prison, Shayang Hanjin prison and Hubei juvenile prison respectively by video, checked the prevention and control work of prison epidemic, understood the outstanding problems and practical difficulties existing in the current prison war epidemic in Hubei, and coordinated and solved the urgent problems such as the shortage of prevention and protection materials and the strength of medical staff on the spot.
As of February 23, there are 323 confirmed criminal cases in Hubei prison system, including 279 in Wuhan women’s prison, 43 in Shayang Hanjin prison, less than one in the provincial juvenile prison, and 10 suspected cases. There are no death cases among the confirmed criminals, 5 of the existing serious cases have been transferred to the local designated hospitals, and the rest of the light patients will be transferred to the prison shelter hospital for treatment. After the first case was confirmed, decisive measures were taken to transfer the non close contact criminals. At present, the spread momentum has been basically curbed.
At present, the prisons in Hubei Province are closed to the police, closed to the prison management, screening, full treatment, isolation and observation, rush to build the prison shelter hospital, and seriously pursue accountability. More than 20 relevant personnel are given party discipline and political discipline, including the Secretary of the Party committee and the head of the prison of Wuhan women’s prison who are dismissed and one who is put on file for investigation.
Chen Yixin stressed that we should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of a series of important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping, especially the important directive spirit of prison prevention and control work. We should fully understand the particularity, complexity and arduous nature of prison epidemic prevention and control work. We should not be paralyzed, not weary of war, not fluke, not slacken, plug loopholes in management, strengthen prevention and control measures, give full play to the functions of political law and strengthen the war. When discipline, to take responsibility to praise, to dereliction of duty serious accountability, when the “deserter” on the spot removal.