72 year old soldier Wan Li looks for his wife

Wang Yuming, a veteran, is 72 years old. In the past two years, in order to find a person, he carried his luggage, walked more than 6000 kilometers and posted more than 20000 notices. He said that this man is the most important person in his life, and this man is his lost wife Yan Baoxia.
Wang Yuming wrote a letter to his wife, “dear Baoxia, where have you been in these two years? You must have suffered. We have been together for 50 years. You followed me from two thousand kilometers to Huixian and suffered.
When you were young, you worked in your hometown to take care of your children. We lived separately for more than ten years. In the first few years, I met once in a few years. Later, I met once in a year. Every year when I go, you send me with tears and say: you go! Help with the work! Come back next year and meet again; encourage me to say that we will meet again soon next year and one year will soon pass. We both lived as Cowherd and weaver girl. We were tortured when we were young. Now that we are old and the conditions are good, I said we will always be together and not separate.
Who knows that Alzheimer’s disease has killed you? Where are you? I owe you so much. When you come to the light, a kind-hearted person will send a letter, and your man Wang Yuming will take you home. “
Fifty years of firm waiting, fifty years of hand in hand with each other, the first half of life separated from each other, has left a separate regret. The second half of life is full of bitterness and happiness, but it can’t last forever.
Every step of the search for footprints, are pouring his full thoughts on his wife.
Baoxia, ends of the earth, your Wang Yuming will take you home.
72 year old soldier Wan Li looks for his wife
Recently, the news of “72 year old soldiers searching for wives in thousands of miles” touched many people. What’s the matter? What’s the reason for this rare veteran to search for wives in thousands of miles? The details of the incident are exposed at the beginning and the end, and the truth behind it is tearful. Let’s get to know.
Recently, a special person came to CCTV’s “waiting for me” program. His name is Wang Yuming. He is a veteran. Two years ago, his wife, Yan Baoxia, was lost due to Alzheimer’s disease and has not come back.
72 year old veteran, 700 days of searching, 20000 notices of looking for people, this group of words describes the veteran’s adherence to his wife. 50 years of firm waiting, 50 years of wind and rain accompanied, is Wang Yuming’s firm belief in his wife not to give up looking for.
At the end of the program that day, there was no shadow of Yan Baoxia’s wife behind the screen. Veteran Wang Yuming cried bitterly. He said that he lost his wife, and he would continue to look for his wife, because his wife was so good to him, how could he forget!
Wang lost his father when he was 10, and his mother died in 1965.
In the same year, he joined the army and met his wife Yan Baoxia in the army.
Later, the two began to communicate. Wang Yuming recalled that the fluffy clothes of his army had been worn out. Yan Baoxia took apart dozens of broken gloves and made a sweater for himself. Don’t worry how warm it was on his body at that time!
In 1969, I was very poor and couldn’t give my wife a decent wedding. I bought two washbasins, four towels, two mirrors and a basin of fruit candy for more than ten yuan in the army. That’s why I got married with my wife.
But shortly after getting married, Wang Yuming’s army asked to go to the front for standby, and his wife, Yan Baoxia, returned to Tangshan, Hebei Province.
In October 1971, Yan Baoxia went to see Wang Yuming with her own shoes. At that time, Wang Yuming was on a mission and was unable to pick up Yan Baoxia, so he asked the soldier to take his wife to the army reception office. His wife waited for 12 days.
On July 23, 1976, Wang Yuming returned to Yan Baoxia’s mother’s home from the army. Within a few days, there was a big earthquake in Tangshan. Yan Baoxia, who had escaped from the house at that time, returned to the house and woke up Wang Yuming, who was sleeping. Just after they came out, the beam of the house fell down and hit where Wang Yuming slept.
At that time, in order to save herself, her wife was also scratched on her leg by nails, leaving a deep scar on her leg.
In 1982, Wang Yuming was injured at work. His wife took her children to Gansu, where Wang Yuming worked, to take care of him. Usually sell some popsicles to maintain the family.
The two have survived the first half of their lives, but the good times are not long. In 2008, Yan Baoxia, his wife, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. He took good care of his wife for fear of any accident.
But the accident came. On January 25, 2018, Wang Yuming was washing his hands in the bathroom. Yan Baoxia, his wife, thought that her husband was not at home, she went out to look for him, and never came back.
Since then, Wang Yuming began to go out to find his wife. He carried the marching bag of the army, took his wife’s notices, rode a bicycle or walked to paste the notices. When he passed a place, he used the help of TV station to search.
Every day when I go to bed, I open my marching bag and go to sleep on the spot.
The search lasted for two years. In the past two years, we have traveled thousands of miles and sent more than 20000 notices to find people, but it has not been successful so far.
Wang Yuming said, “Baoxia, when you come to a bright place, let me take you home.” A simple words, said Wang Yuming’s heart.