Chinese carrier female driver

She is the first female helmsman on the aircraft carrier “Liaoning”, the “first brother” in the eyes of her comrades in arms, and the “female King Kong” in the eyes of her husband. In order to dream of sailing, she and her lover are far apart from each other.
She is Xu Ling, the first female helmsman of the Liaoning warship of the PLA Navy.
First female helmsman of Liaoning warship of PLA Navy.
Xu Ling is from Xuyi, Jiangsu Province. She chose to join the army and began her military career in Nanjing Institute of physical education in 2005. From the communication soldiers to the Navy women soldiers, from the first batch of Chinese female sailors to the first female helmsman of the people’s Liberation Army, she likes to challenge step by step and grows into the first female helmsman of the Liaoning ship, as well as the “China’s first female driver” and “fighter among female drivers” among netizens.
Now, Xu Ling, who retired from the army, supervises the ship operation in the command center of the local maritime affairs department of Xuyi county, Jiangsu Province, and carries out water patrol inspection. She continues to stick to her ordinary post.
Choose to join the army because of mother’s influence
Blue is a favorite color of Xu Ling since she was a child. Joining the PLA is her dream since she was a child. After joining the army, she participated in the National Day parade on the 60th anniversary of the founding of the people’s Republic of China in 2009. Shortly after the military parade, the carrier recruited female sailors in all major departments of the Navy, and Xu Ling, who was “thinking about boarding the ship”, did not hesitate to sign up. After a series of selection, she successfully opened the road of China’s first batch of female sailors.
In 2010, as a female pilot, she once steered the 10000 ton hospital ship “peace Ark” to the Gulf of Aden and five Asian and African countries to carry out medical services. On the second day of her journey, she began to be on duty independently, becoming the first one among the 24 female sailors on board.
Xu Ling joined the army because of her mother’s influence.
Two years later, at the age of 24, she started the 60000 ton aircraft carrier Liaoning more easily. On the day of the first successful take-off and landing of the domestic carrier aircraft, she participated in the duty and steered the aircraft carrier.
Xu Ling, who keeps writing the legend in her own life, said that her life compass is her mother. “My mother has been quietly accompanying me on the road of life, pointing out the direction of my voyage at the critical moment of the crossroads of my life.”.
According to CCTV’s “Hello veterans”, Xu Ling’s choice to join the army is also largely influenced by her mother. When I was a child in the countryside, my mother saw her neighbor’s children as soldiers and was very envious. So Xu Ling became the first soldier in the family of three generations. Later, her younger brother joined the Navy under her influence.
In 2008, the major departments of the Navy recruited cadets for the 60th anniversary of the founding of the people’s Republic of China. After half a month of training, Xu Ling entered the pre selection array of women soldiers in the third army.
The military parade training was too hard. When Xu Ling wanted to be coquettish, she called her mother: “Mom, I am too tired. There are insects on my face, I dare not move, and my skin is cracked.”.
Mother told her: “people can rest when they are tired and grow when they are skinned, but there are not many opportunities to win honor for the motherland and add color to their hometown. Mother believes you can do it. Even if there is only one person left, I hope that person is you and my daughter. “
Her mother’s encouragement made Xu Ling stick to it, but later she knew that the next second her mother hung up the phone, she began to cry because she felt sorry for her daughter.
Unforgettable “carrier seal” and carrier taste
Xu Ling once introduced in CCTV’s “Hello veterans” program that in order to become a qualified warship sailor, she and her comrades had carried out high-intensity professional training. There was no distinction between men and women on the warship, so she had to learn all knowledge items, such as warship doctrine, warship knowledge, anti vertigo, swimming, etc. Strong she said: “male soldiers can learn, so can we.”
Her first impression of the Liaoning was “big, very big.”. She said that the Liaoning ship has more than 3000 rooms. If you put a newborn baby in one room for a day, and then live in all the rooms, the child is almost 10 years old.
As one of the first crew members to board the Liaoning ship, Xu Ling was impressed by several things.
The first thing was on the morning of October 30, 2012, when the Liaoning ship was on its first trial voyage, Xu Ling was on duty. She was very excited and couldn’t express it in words.
The second thing is that on November 23, 2012, the moment when the aircraft of Liaoning ship first landed on the ship, she felt the power of her motherland.
The third thing is that when Xu Ling was on duty, she carried out missile test and actual launch against the intended target. At that time, missiles and arrows were fired together. She said that she felt that her feet were crispy and there was a sense of interlacing years, like going back to the war era.
It is reported that the Liaoning ship of more than 60000 tons had only one helmsman when it was sailing on the sea. At that time, it was Xu Ling who was driving the aircraft carrier on the sea. Xu Ling said that the aircraft carrier gave her medal, which was the “aircraft carrier seal” left by the Liaoning ship.
Xu Ling told the media that she had uncovered the scar on her calf.
These marks are on the calves. They are big and small scars. On the Liaoning ship, there will be a threshold of about 25 cm on each compartment aisle. Soldiers are in a hurry when they walk. Sometimes when they are on an emergency mission, they are easy to hit this place, leaving scars.
In addition to the “aircraft carrier seal”, Xu Ling said that the aircraft carrier also left her with “aircraft carrier taste”. They would make some snacks when they were on the aircraft carrier. Food that is easy to keep and does not cause vomiting is needed on board. Xu Ling will make some such biscuits after training.
Met and fell in love with her husband in the army