Double 11 courier salary

In recent years, with the rise of the electricity supplier, the income level of the courier is also rising in a straight line. Annual 618 or double 11 is the most busy time for couriers, but it is also the two month of the year with the highest income. A Jingdong courier has revealed that the annual double 11 and 618 are the annual peak of their monthly income, the highest over twenty thousand, but this hardship is not acceptable to anyone.
Recently, released a pair of 11 hot industry big data, including courier salaries and demand. Compared with the same period last year, in October this year, there was a large demand for couriers in the first tier cities, with the highest attention paid to job-hunting of Zhengzhou couriers, and the highest average salary of Shanghai couriers, up to 9145 yuan.
Among the top 15 cities, Shenzhen ranks first, followed by Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu and Hangzhou. More first tier cities have attracted the attention of job seekers. Because there are many jobs in the first tier cities and enterprises pay relatively high salaries, job seekers who are willing to work as couriers pay more attention to the first tier cities.
From the perspective of urban growth, Zhengzhou ranked first with a growth rate of 46.65%, followed by Dongguan and Suzhou, with growth rates of 44.33% and 36.84%, respectively.
In recent years, Zhengzhou has invested in the construction of zhengtou science and Technology Innovation Park, Kaiyue post cross-border e-commerce Industrial Park and other projects, which has strengthened the power of e-commerce industry development and flourished the e-commerce industry, resulting in a sharp increase in job-hunting attention of couriers in Zhengzhou.
Dongguan and Suzhou are both economically developed non provincial capitals and new first tier cities. Both manufacturing industries are in the process of iterative upgrading, and the manufacturing population is transferred to the life service industry, which causes the job seekers to pay more attention to the courier industry.