iPad will support mouse


Apple analysts said that in order to improve access performance, Apple introduced mouse support in the iPadOS this fall, and in the near future, Apple is likely to introduce comprehensive mouse support for iPadOS, making the iPad and the MacBook become a veritable Productivity and gaming platform. Jobs wants to do everything possible to get rid of the mouse and keyboard, and now it has changed back?

Cliff believes that adding full mouse support will allow more games in the App Store. “When the iPad has a mouse function and a powerful chip, users can play computer games on the iPad.

This may be Apple’s first foray into the hardcore game field. According to foreign media reports, Apple will hold another conference on October 30 this year to release four new products. These four products include MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, iPad Pro and AirPods Pro. The product has been previously exposed in the iOS 13 beta.

From the new system icon, the new MacBook Pro will have a narrower border, positioning high-end products, the foreign media said the price will start at 22,000 yuan. Also expensive is the new Mac Pro, which will be available in a new design and will cost about $42,000.

The appearance of the iPad Pro is not surprising, the main upgrade is the addition of the A13X processor and the “Yuba” lens. Finally, AirPods Pro is very popular, this time AirPods Pro will use in-ear design, the price will be about 500 yuan more expensive than the current AirPods2.