Sina reading layoffs 90%

NetEase Technology News October 17 news, according to three financial reports, recently, a pulse of users broke the news that Sina read business line layoffs 90%, two notice in the afternoon, five points to get the proof of separation. Compensation N+1, double the annual leave, on-site checkout, dissolved in place. Some Weibo employees said that they were not only read by Sina, but also other departments. At present, Sina official has not responded yet.

According to Tianxue data, Sina Sina Reading Information Technology Co., Ltd., the operating entity of Sina Reading, was established in January 2010 with a registered capital of approximately 1.26 million RMB. The legal representative is Lu Tingbin and Lu Tingbin is also the ultimate beneficiary of the company.

The company’s largest shareholder is Jinzhuo Hengbang Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., one of the investment entities of Sina Weibo Fund, with a shareholding ratio of 34.63%. In addition, Chinese Online Digital Publishing Group Co., Ltd. holds 17.01% of the shares, Weibo’s operating entity Beijing Weimeng Chuangke Network Technology Co., Ltd. holds 6.80%, and Lu Tingbin holds 15.02%.