Dong Mingzhu made 5G bus

On October 7, according to the Southern Metropolis Daily, the 5G bus launched by Dong Mingzhu’s Yinlong New Energy officially started its test run on the urban rapid transit line in Songshan New District, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province. Passengers can connect to 5G Wi-Fi on the bus without worrying about network delays and jams.

The Yinlong 5G bus launched this time, with a body length of 18 meters, with silver and red as the main color, has a sci-fi sense and a dynamic streamlined appearance. It is known as the Dolphin Bus and won the China Patent Award in 2018. Design Gold Award.

On December 15, 2017, Dong Mingzhu, Wang Jianlin and others announced the official investment in Zhuhai Yinlong. It is reported that Zhuhai Yinlong masters the core technology of lithium titanate battery, and lithium titanate battery has significant comparative advantages in the field of fixed-line new energy vehicles and energy storage applications. Yinlong New Energy has mastered the world’s top lithium titanate core technology, and has overcome the industry’s recognized “five major problems”, achieving 6-minute fast charging, wide temperature resistance, 30-year cycle life, no fire, no explosion, etc. Economically superior to traditional lithium iron phosphate batteries.

In addition to the launch of 5G buses by Yinlong New Energy, Geely Automobile and China Mobile have also launched new energy 5G buses, which can also remotely control vehicles through 5G networks.