Monday morning

The bell rang. Someone in the classroom shouted, “What a terrible noise!” Others cover their ears, eyes and backs, and others cover their stomach and suffer from “endorsed gastric ulcer” with a waxy face. I took a deep breath to calm down and recite it silently at last.
“Kaka” teacher’s footsteps are getting closer and closer, the same desk copying speed is faster and faster, more and more typefaces to take off general, comparable to cursive, dragon-flying Phoenix dance. Teachers with Chinese textbooks full of smiles stride in, it seems full of hope ah, I am more and more nervous, do not draw me ah, to draw the first smoke! __ Before I forget it!
The teacher asked us to close the book and start the spot check. I looked around. Classmate A lowered his head and wished to bury his head in the desk; Classmate B looked at him as if he was shaking; Classmate C put his book in the belly of the desk and secretly looked at the text and read words. Several class cadres have a ready-made look.
After checking several classmates, the teacher’s face changed from sunny to cloudy. Several sad and urging ghosts, back to the book is not “lack of arms and legs” or “painting snakes add a foot”, I am nervous like a heart attack, legs can not stop the soft, cold and stiff fingers.
The teacher looked down at the student number: “Ten…” The teacher frowned and chose a difficult pause. I held my breath and dared not come out, thinking never to call me No. 14! Don’t call me fourteen! “Ten… “No. 15” the teacher read out loud. I still dare not relax, in case the back of me did not recite, the teacher called me in time, then I was miserable! The fifteenth jumped up and stuttered and began to recite, half of which was like a repeater. The teacher’s face was as black as the bottom of the pot. Let the fifteenth sit down.
The teacher bowed his head and continued to spot check, “No. 20” I breathed a sigh of relief, No. 20 stood up and looked down at the desk, red face. The teacher sighed and asked her to sit down. “Okay, sit down, don’t choke.” No. 20 sat down and put his hand over his face to cool down.
Looking forward to the stars, looking forward to the moon, finally looking forward to the lovely bell after class. At this moment, I feel that the bell after class is the most beautiful music in the world. After the teacher came out of the classroom, the fish who had leaked the net spread out on their seats, like a salted fish without ideal. Looking at the rotten text, I suddenly felt that if I had recited the teacher’s task earlier, I would not have been so nervous as to do something bad. I would have waited for the teacher’s spot check with a calm smile and a bold spirit like those class cadres. Some regrets in my heart, some are not taste, I made up my mind to finish the teacher’s homework on time in the future! _ Don’t Cower and fear like today!
“Ouch! Incorrect! The teacher didn’t spot check me! Did I copy it three times in vain?! My deskmate was holding a pile of A4 paper and shouting, “Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! It’s written in white. My pen! My Ben! Ah ah…” The exaggerated shouting at the same table caused everyone to laugh, and I laughed with you.

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