If time could stop at the moment when we first met

“Thanksgiving heart, thank you, with my life, let me have the courage to be myself.” — inscription
After Mr. Zowen came, let’s learn to be grateful to our parents, teachers and ourselves. But what I want to thank most is the teacher in charge who accompanies us all the time. In him, I learned a lot…
In fact, when I wrote this article, my original title was “My Most Respected Teacher”, but when I think about it carefully, the feelings towards the old class are far from being expressed by such a slightly polite word as “respect”.
He is our head teacher and also our physics teacher.
“What strength is there? Oh, Ampere, let’s change the color.” Said, the old class picked up a peach chalk, painted Ampere. In many of his classes, he will use a cold humor to teach, let us learn in a happy atmosphere. I remember once he said, “Look at this question carefully, if you are wrong in the exam, I will let you eat this book!” I don’t know why, I always have a fresh memory of this, although he knows he is joking, but it is this joke that we are all looking at this question carefully, when the exam is also mature. Now I think he did that because he knew that the ampere force is an important force in force analysis, and he didn’t want us to miss it. He used his “cold humour” to remind us of his words, so that we can consolidate the basic skills of force analysis.
His cold humour gradually diminishes with the improvement of our physical level. I just realized that was the way he used to interest us in physics. But this does not mean that he is not humorous. Sometimes he writes wrong on the blackboard. He will say, “Look, our classmates like to use this wrong solution. You can’t solve problems like this!”
But he is not only the “King of Cold Humor”. He is also a good teacher. “Stand up and say hello” is the reflection of his rigorous teaching style. After class, he did not rush out of the classroom to rest, but stood there waiting for us to ask him questions, even if his vocal cords were inflamed, he would not neglect, still holding a pen to speak and write on the book. No matter how difficult the title of any book is, no matter how many times he talks, no matter his physical condition, as long as you ask him, he will never have a complaint. This is exactly what I admire most about him. It can be said that he is the most dedicated teacher I have ever met. His blackboard writing is absolutely excellent. He is well-deserved to be awarded the best blackboard writing award in physics group of the whole school. If there is a calligraphy competition, I think his words will not fall behind in the calligraphy competition, and force analysis maps, physical maps, one by one are very exquisite. Sometimes he draws physical pictures and still says that he draws badly. Here we talk about “the old class can be a painter!”
Not relax in learning, but also take good care of life.
The old class is also very concerned about us in life. If a classmate is ill, he will immediately put aside his work and accompany the students to the clinic. However, we are not angry. In the internal affairs, we always deduct points and make him angry. We always feel that we are particularly ignorant and fail to live up to his expectations. But even so, he did not say that we should use class time to go back to the whole house. Because he is afraid of delaying our study, he tried his best to make our class good, let us become a united class collective, so that we can succeed and become the leader of the second grade of senior high school. He holds great hope for us. He hopes that we will be well. He hopes that we can do everything well by ourselves and do every little thing well without regret. In this way, small things will become great things and become his pride and pride.
The old class is a cadre-level figure in the school. He is very busy. He seldom has time to take care of us. But in our opinion, he has been very good to us. Although he is very busy, he will spare time and run down to see us almost whenever he has time. Then he will run back to work. His behavior can be described as madness, but it is this madness that makes us, his students, and so on. To become a crazy person, because in this way, we can break through our limits, do our best, and realize our ideals.
What he taught me most was not the knowledge in textbooks, but what I could not learn in textbooks. The first thing I learned in him was self-confidence. That feeling was beyond description in any words. I also wanted to have that self-confidence. The self-confidence in him was something I could not learn in my life, but it was this self-confidence that kept me going until now. In the effort, I believe that I am his student, I will also be confident, although not as his taste, but also have my own style; the second thing is brave, he once talked to me, he is the first teacher to talk to me like that, not only because he is a head teacher, but because he does not want me to give up, and I will not give up, I will believe, I will persist, I will. I will be equally brave, because I know that in this stage, I must be brave, it is he who taught me to face everything bravely, and I am grateful to him; the third thing is that .
I learned too much from him. I really appreciate the old class. What we need in life is to grow up and mature. What we need more is to learn to be grateful. At the crossroads of everyone’s life, there will always be someone to guide us. And my guide is the old class. I think, in this world, the head teacher must be a strict and cordial pronoun, but we can also. Feeling the teacher’s love for us should be remembered.
Here, I just want to say: old class, we will always be your super fans, we will refuel!
People must be grateful for their teachers.

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