Emperor’s Island

Today, we are going to the picturesque Emperor’s Island by speedboat. As soon as she sat down, the tour guide introduced herself. Her name was MiKi, not MOENKY, which made everyone laugh.
Because today is cloudy and the sea is rough, the first thing we can do is to swing the pirate boat from side to side. 广州桑拿 The speedboat was bumping up and down with the waves. The waves lifted the speedboat up and down sharply. My heart was thumping and jumping with the speed boat’s bumping process. It was so exciting. At this time, many people on the speedboat were a little uncomfortable, especially my sister was so dizzy that she even vomited. My mother let me see the distance, so it would be more comfortable.
After more than half an hour of suffering, we finally arrived at the destination of Emperor Island. After a delicious buffet dinner, we took a tractor to a surfing beach, looking at the sea water from light blue to dark blue, like the paint I used to paint. I rushed quickly into the sea. The water of the Emperor’s Island was clear and bottomless. I had never seen such a clear water without any pollution. 桑拿佛山 I was startled to see it. The sand on the seashore was very soft. It was so comfortable to step on it without any footrest.
My mother and my second aunt rented two surfboards. My father said, “There is a small rope on the surfboard. The hand should be put on it, and then the wave will push you forward.” I put on my life jacket, put a rope on my hand, hold both sides of the board tightly, and lie on the board. I must pay attention to my posture and keep the balance of the board. Otherwise, the board will tilt left and right, and if it is serious, it will fall into the sea. My father shouted, “Wen, the waves are coming, hold on!” I was so nervous that I was afraid I would roll into the sea. Then I felt a strong force pushing me behind my back. I closed my eyes and screamed. When I opened my eyes, I found that I was pushed onto the beach. It was so cool! I stood up and dragged. Surfing boards continue to play in the sea.
After surfing for a while, my sister and I went to tread on the sea water. When a row of white waves came towards us, we jumped hard. With good luck, we could tread on the rolling waves. It was fun! So we were treading on the sea water all the time. My sister suddenly said, “My face is a little sad.” I immediately said, “Sister, let’s show Mom soon.” Coming to the beach chair rented by my mother and my second aunt, we told my mother what had happened. After listening, my second aunt and my mother looked at my sister’s face. Sure enough, the face and nose were all sunburned by the hot sun. My sister said it still hurt a little. Mother said, “It must have been in the sun for too long, sunburn, I will buy you a bottle of ice water to apply it.” Mother quickly bought back a bottle of ice water and let her sister put it on her face for a while. She said that she was much more comfortable and did not hurt much. We were relieved. My 深圳桑拿网 second aunt let my sister rest under the umbrella, and I had to play. My mother put on another layer of sunscreen for me, and I rushed towards the boundless sea like a lively bird flying.
In the afternoon, when I returned to the hotel by speedboat, my mother looked at me and said, “Wen, you are crazy to have a good time today. Grandpa Sun has filled up the calcium for you, but your face has also been sunburned a circle.” The second aunt said, “Wen, tell your mother that your hair is tanned.” My mother and I laughed so hard that we couldn’t close our mouths.
With laughter and laughter, we concluded our trip to the Emperor’s Island today. I hope I will have a chance to play here in the future.

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