Those hands

The blossom of this flower means the fall of that flower. I don’t know if anyone thinks that time is really like a god of death. Although it won’t kill people, it is killing everyone’s good youth all 桑拿佛山 the time. Isn’t this a chronic poison?
Memory fragments emerge in front of the eyes, gradually piecing together a complete picture. There are too many things to think of, but they are still in my heart and will never be forgotten. It’s the hands in memory.
Those hands, after years of erosion, have not been as smooth and tender as before when she held me. And you can see the obvious wrinkles, and the hand in my memory is so generous, warm, with it, as if it had the whole world.
It was still a rainy night. I was sick and very sick. I couldn’t breathe. I lay there, obviously covered with three thick quilts, but I still felt cold and cold. Even if my body is hot.
Just as I was out of breath, my hands covered my head.
Good comfortable temperature, that hands are not small, just covered my forehead. I gradually quiet, consciousness slowly blurred, but not clear to hear: “Still very hot… Must go to the hospital… Efforts to open their eyes, want to hear the words behind, but, sleeping in the past.
When I woke up again, I found myself out in the street. It’s more like being frozen up than waking up naturally. Her body was thin and she seemed to have some difficulty carrying me 桑拿广州 on her back. Suddenly found that my body was attached with a thick layer of cold-proof clothes, and her body, only a few poor autumn clothes.
Unfortunately, I was too young at that time. Don’t you understand?
When I woke up, she asked anxiously, “What’s the matter? Is it cold? It doesn’t matter. It’ll be there in a minute. I thanked, mother’s hand, why so cold!
Because of my illness, I soon 深圳桑拿网 fell asleep again.
I had a dream: a pair of hands from delicate white tender gradually to full of folds, experienced a process. In my dream, I wayward quarreled with her, but she just smiled and tolerated me, because she knew that this was her child. I fell off the bowl in anger. Yes, the culprit was just a meal. Mother bent down and picked up the bowl and the dishes I threw away.
Why is it so painful? I opened my eyes and found myself lying on a white bed. The doctor is giving me an infusion. To be exact, it’s looking for blood vessels. The other person who was supposed to be sitting next to the bed disappeared.
Where is she?
After a while, Mom took the infusion bottle and looked carefully. Her hands were also pricked with needles.
I didn’t understand why my mother did the same.
She came over and sat next to me, pleading with the doctor, “Doctor, can you take it lighter? She’s too young to bear it.” I just fixed on looking at her hands, when, there are so many wrinkles.
After recalling, I had some kind 广州桑拿 of unknown liquid on my face. It flows slowly, but it can’t stop at all.
When I was young, my hands seemed to be my world.
Big, I will use my own hands to let her rely on.
Some words, I am embarrassed to really say. The cruelty of reality often makes us hide our most real thoughts in the deepest part of our hearts. But now, I have to muster up the courage to say: Mom! I love you! Forever!

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