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When I was eight years old, my father went to work in other provinces again. In order to relieve my depression, my mother gave me a special gift, two goldfish, and told me to take good care of them. When I listen, my heart is happy! I’m not uncommon with 广州桑拿goldfish, but I haven’t really raised them yet.
Immediately, I scrubbed the round glass fish tank in my house transparently, filled half of the tank with clean water, and carefully put two goldfish into the water. As soon as they were in the water, they ran up and down happily, as if they liked the new home very much.
The two goldfish are the same size, similar in appearance and twin-like. It’s just a different color, one red, one orange. For the first time, I used the right of naming to distinguish between hot peppers and orange oranges. Mother spoke beside her: “You can tell from this that it was the name of food.”
Crouching in front of the fish tank, I quietly enjoyed the performance of these two little guys dragging their big gauze tails in the water. Looking at their big black bean-like eyes in the water without blinking, I recalled the scene of learning to swim, and I was curious: their eyes into the water is not uncomfortable? How can you swim so skillfully with such a big, round belly?
Because of “little pepper” and “little orange”, my life has been enriched a lot. Every time I come back from school, I don’t forget to bathe them – change the water. On one occasion, I accidentally poured out the “little pepper”, causing it to “slap” in深圳桑拿网 the sink, jumping up in pain and killing me.
Goldfish are not only beautiful, but also very selective. They eat almost everything they can see and reach, and they will enjoy it. In order to make them nutritious, in addition to fish feed, I also learned from the Internet that goldfish can eat breadworms, red worms, water worms, rice, bread, vegetables leaves and so on. So I often give them different patterns to eat. But every time I give them a meal, my mother will habitually warn me, “Don’t feed too much, goldfish can’t keep their mouth, they will die.” Hum, I don’t believe it! Every time you eat, don’t you force me to eat more and eat more? I thought. They are often secretly fed more. But in a few days, something unusual happened in the fish tank – only “little pepper” was playing alone, while “little orange” was lying quietly at the bottom of the tank, sleeping, and could not wake up no matter how I knocked on the fish tank.
“Mom, Mom, come and see, 桑拿广州what’s the matter?” I was so anxious that I almost cried out.
Mom took out the “little orange” with her hand and looked at it. She shook her head and said, “Alas, maybe it’s stuffed to death.”
My tears “brush” out, “I killed the orange, whine -“
After “Little Orange” left, I took care of “Little Pepper” more carefully. I decorated it beautifully with colorful stones, plastic aquatic plants and mini toy ducks. What is more important is to strictly control its food intake so as not to repeat the tragedy.
Now recall the experience of goldfish farming, although there have been sad, but more beautiful.

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