My lost pet

So far, I still remember the little gray rabbit, the pet gray rabbit that was very cute, but finally lost by me.
The little gray rabbit was caught by Grandpa when he was weeding in the wheat field. When Grandpa saw it, he was eating the wheat in the field with relish. Grandpa saw that it was lovely, so he took it home and cut a handful of green wheat to make food for it.
The little grey rabbit’s eyes were red as if I had cried; its tail was short, I checked, and it did not break the wound, so it should be born; its ears were long, like two tall saplings; its hair was gray and soft, and it could be used as a hand warmer in winter.
The first time I saw it, I liked it very much and begged Grandpa to let me take it home. Grandpa not only agreed, but also made a warm home for Little Grey Rabbit with small cardboard boxes. And repeatedly told me that we must treat the little gray rabbit kindly. If I do not want to raise it, I must take it back to my grandfather’s home, and then let it go back to the embrace of nature.
I happily brought the little gray rabbit home and bought carrots and vegetables from the supermarket. I decided to treat it as my pet and named it Ash Tuan.
Ash dump is very good. Every day after eating carrots, he squats in the cardboard box house and thinks about things. He doesn’t jump around or run around. Maybe he feels a little lonely and homesick. So I contributed my favorite Plush Puppy doll and put it in the dusty house as a companion.
One day when I came home from school, I smelled green pepper and beef in the corridor, which was my mother’s specialty. I opened the door and ran to the kitchen before I could change my shoes. After I had eaten a full meal, I remembered the hungry dumplings. I rushed to the dumplings house and reached for it. But there was only my Plush Puppy doll in the house. The dumplings were gone. I’m in a hurry. I’m looking all over the house. Under the bed, on the balcony and in the cabinet, there was no dust mass. I looked back and found the open door. It must be that I came back in a hurry to eat and forgot to close it. The ash mass ran out. I regret so much that I shouldn’t be greedy.
But where will it go? It’s more than sixty kilometers away from Grandpa’s wheat field. Does it want to travel long distances back to its hometown? I heard that the little tortoise raised by the neighbor Xiaoming’s brother has disappeared. Are they going to have another tortoise-rabbit race? They want to rewrite history? Or did the duster see the little white-haired dog doll I was looking for, and think the white hair of the doll is more beautiful than its own. Did he go to the barber’s and dye it? Or did he see me come back and leave home angrily, ignoring my meal? Alas, it’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have eaten when I came back and forgot to close the door.
I never dared to tell Grandpa about this. I was afraid that Grandpa would never trust me to keep his lovely pet after he knew it. I was also afraid that Grandpa would blame himself for bringing back the ashes from the wheat fields.
Now, I can only pray that this pet dump that I have lost will find a suitable environment for its survival. The best place is a rich vegetable garden, with its favorite carrots and vegetables, as well as the little white rabbit that can become good friends with it, and the little turtle that can run with it. I hope my pet dump will have a good life!

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