Dad’s gone. Mom has heart failure and needs heart replacement surgery. It was difficult to find a supporter, but not enough money for surgery. My sister Xiaoqian and I were very helpless. Xiaoqian hadn’t eaten for two days.
I was forced to come up with this solution. A few nights ago, I saw a disaster relief performance on TV in Hunan Taiwan. Southern Hunan suffered the unprecedented floods in a century, tens of thousands of people lost their lives and countless people were homeless. I offered my sister an excuse for a fund-raising campaign to operate on her mother’s money. At first Xiaoqian had some misgivings and did not promise. I said we could make it smaller, nobody would know. But Xiaoqian did not seem to worry about this, but in order to make her mother recover soon, she agreed.
I borrowed my second uncle’s van on the pretext of doing business. We also made a banner, not big, which read: Love is a disaster relief fund-raising activity in southern Hunan. There is also a “donation box”.
On the first day, we came to a community near the suburbs. Anyone who comes to donate money, the old, the young, the students, the boss. The amount of donation is not used, up to five or six hundred, down to a few dollars. Most people leave with their money, but some people declare that they want to leave their names, so they just make a form for him to fill in. At the disaster relief show in Hunan Taiwanese, donations were made under the screen, and some were given their names. The next day we changed places, fearing that the next time we recorded the program, he would not find his donation amount and precious value to trouble us.
The first two days passed safely, and we paid our mother one-third of the money needed for the operation. On the one hand, our brothers and sisters are happy about this, on the other hand, they are not at ease. It’s not just about being exposed.
On the third day, we drove to the lakeside square far from the city centre. There’s a fancy hotel nearby where the rich come. But I didn’t give much hope. “Rich people” and “people” are two different things. Sure enough, most of the donations come from villagers in nearby villages. Although there are not many trees donated at one time, I know that each of them is sincere and sincere, hoping that the people in the disaster area will rebuild their homes as soon as possible. But I…
It was not easy to get out of that hotel and donate a large sum of money. One donation is 400. I deliberately asked: Do you want to leave a name? Next, his reply, talking about urgency, excitement, complacency, harsh.
More than 5 p.m., when we were about to go back, a little girl of 8 or 9 years old returned. Her skin was slightly dark, with a ponytail tied, faded shirts and shirts, very old but clean. She held a rusty pencil box in her hand and said to me in a shy, low voice, but with a tremendous amount of voice: “Books, I donate money.” Then pass me the pencil-box. I opened it and was surprised to find that it was full of 1 yuan, 5 cents and 1 cents coins. I concentrate on counting these heavy coins, which totals 54 yuan and 30 cents. But it’s more than 400 yuan for that big donation.
Later, she learned that she wanted to use the money to buy some books. I looked at the pile of coins without feeling a little wet in my eyes. Turning around, I saw Xiaoqian’s tears flowing. I stopped my little girl and paused, still saying, “Sister, do you want to leave your name?” “The teacher said, do good things without leaving your name.” Then he turned and walked away.
Mother’s operation cost is still lower. The next day, I returned the car to my uncle and borrowed the bad money from him.
Mother’s operation was successful. She asked us for the cost of the operation. I said, well-intentioned people donated.

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