Stepping into the door of junior high school

In the daily study and life, it is inevitable that something will happen, making you happy, happy, gratified or sad, depressed, disappointed, regret… In my “memoirs” of the soul, there is one thing that makes me feel very happy, it is also A turning point in my life.

叮 铃 铃 – The bell rang, the last exam in elementary school was over, and I should wave goodbye to my childhood. I went back to the classroom, and the classroom was very noisy. Perhaps it was the summer vacation after the students thought of the graduation exam. I am very happy. But I can’t be happy either, because my beloved teacher, the classmates who lived together, the classrooms, the campus, the playground that accompanied me for six years… all of this has to say goodbye to me. I have a saying in my heart. The feeling of coming out. The class teacher called some classmates to send us some seeds and jelly, as a graduation celebration. Then the teacher asked the classmates to calm down and read a tearful farewell testimony. Listening and listening, I found that several female students were crying with their heads down, the class teacher also cried, and my tears flowed involuntarily. How much I can’t bear it all! But I know that the road to life is exactly like this: life is a rare gathering, only parting!

After a sad feeling, it is necessary to pay tribute to the new junior high school life. After entering junior high school, everything is different from the learning life of elementary school. There are more subjects, more difficult, more stressful, more friends, and more lifelong learning… The learning life in junior high school is refreshing.

On the day of the graduation exam, the teacher’s parting speech made me very moved: When you still have tears and no children, the teacher’s appearance is as gentle as your mother. Time flies so fast, a blink of an eye, six years have passed, you have become a sunny, lively, cheerful, strong teenager. And you are about to meet the learning life of junior high school. Junior high school is not like elementary school, the teacher will not be in charge of you all the time, and the difficulty of learning is also increased. However, junior high school life is not as bad as imagined, it also has its fun, which requires your patience, explore it yourself!

I am very pleased to hear this passage. I am no longer afraid of junior high school life. I am even more jealous of it and look forward to my other life.

On the first day of junior high school life, on the day of school, a highly respected teacher became my class teacher. Hey and kindly junior class teacher educates us: junior high school students must rely on their own conscious, independent learning, reasonable arrangements for the time of study, to listen carefully in class, carefully prepare before class, carefully review after class, still have to do a “entry room Junior high school students who are quiet and take a seat. The new class teacher introduced us to many learning methods and the basic principles of being a human being. After listening to it, I felt that I should re-engineer a better and more effective learning method and learning plan. The teacher’s words have benefited me a lot. It’s really “listening to the monarch and winning ten years of books”!

The first semester of junior high school has passed, and my achievements have never reached the ideal goal. I have also summed up many lessons of failure. I know that carelessness is my enemy. I must defeat it. To this end, I have improved my learning methods and strive to achieve my ideal results in the second semester.

Things are not satisfactory! The second semester’s mid-term exam passed. My biggest problem is partiality. The main subject is not bad. It is the deputy subject. I will continue to do so. What should I do with my senior high school entrance examination? Think of a few words that parents and teachers often say – “Our hopes are pinned on you.” “Achievement is the most important thing. Don’t let me down on what I expect from you.” My pressure is even greater.

The driving force of my advancement is for my bright future, and there will be motivation if there is pressure. I have to learn all the eight subjects and learn to be strong. Starting from now, remember every knowledge point, carefully preview, review, and listen carefully in class. I believe that I will always correct my shortcomings and defeat my biggest enemy!

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