I cried

Whenever I saw the pink little envelope, my tears could not help but blur my eyes. The small envelope that was placed in the most prominent position on the shelf, took me into the whirlpool of memories again and again, punishing me. A soul that carries too much regret.

If time can go backwards, if everything can be reversed, please let me go back to the summer of that year – the hottest, hardest, but sad summer, the summer that filled me with memories –

Your name is summer, summer summer, summer day, remember that when you just turned around, you introduced yourself, a hair and a waist, you are not at all with this passionate summer. This is me. First impression of you. In the face of the classmates laughing, you seem so uneasy, tears in the big eyes of tenderness are spinning. I really couldn’t stand it anymore. I was helpless and stunned the short hair. I stood up and shouted loudly: “Summer classmates, your name is very beautiful. You are welcome to be a member of the class. Everyone applauds!” I am almost I robbed the teacher’s and the squad’s lines, and I don’t know where it’s the courage. Maybe for such a weak, helpless little girl, anyone with a sense of justice will protect it! I’m sure she was Then think. Since then, she has been entangled in me, and the two of us began to know each other, knowing each other to understand, and half a friend.

However, I am not as good as you think, as good as yourself. My inferiority began to be exposed – like spoofing, like messing up, like to tease people, like jokes of all sizes, although not everyone, but you are my favorite one. The old tricks that can’t be done, the tricks that others can see at a glance, are absolutely useful in you, a small caterpillar can scare you, even though you are already familiar with them, every time I still cry red eyes, just don’t call, because the prankster is me, the fake kid who protects you on the first day of school, you are afraid that I will be criticized by the teacher, I am afraid that I will be jealous, of course, these are Later, you told me in the letter.

The day you left, suddenly, my nose was sour, but it was not sour to my heart, not to tears, and when you said goodbye to the class, the tears of the beans were one, not The money goes down, I know, it is because of me. This time, the nose was sour enough, the tear gland was closed for several years, and for the first time, there was an urge to release water. You ran over and handed me the little pink envelope with the letter that made my heart suffocate –

The delicate plum blossoms show your aura, like your people, beautiful and flawless. In the letter, you said in a half-joking half-naughty tone that every time I had a mischief, she always wanted to retaliate back. I smiled and was broken by me. However, the following content, but my tears can not stop, like a rainstorm on the letter paper, you do not have a sentence is to say my shortcomings, the sentence is a good word that I usually can not think of, you did not blame me Three days and a big time, two days and a small prank, my waywardness and hate are so beautiful in your pen. Your departure must have something to do with me, although that may not be your wish.

Your departure, let me understand that there will never be a friend like you in the world, and there will be no more tolerance and forgiveness for you. Your tolerance once and for all represents my mistakes again and again. This makes me so sad.

If I can meet you again, I will hold you tight, and I want you to say the sentence that I didn’t have time to say before you left. The pink envelope didn’t know when I was in my hand, it was covered again, and I was soaked in tears many times.

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