Sigh once again

As a student, writing homework is essential. Although I have written six years of homework, I can’t say that I like it, even a little annoying.

Like our current age, the score is the only standard to measure us. The scores are good. If you speak in class, you will be distracted, and the teacher will not see it. If the grades are not good, there will be no special treatment.

During the May Day holiday, three days off, but the school was ingeniously putting the courses on Monday and Tuesday ahead of schedule, and the actual leave was only the day of May Day. (This incident was occasionally talked about on the eve of our room.) I can’t help but admire the wisdom of the principal and the teachers.

It’s hard to have a holiday. The so-called holiday is just a change of place to write homework. I am not a diligent student, and I will not finish my homework on the first day of my vacation. I only look at a piece of paper and the content that needs to be memorized, and I sigh.

In the sixth grade, the science that was not the main class was added at once, and we were caught unprepared, but it was our students. It was a miserable thing to pick up this hot mountain. The school was vigorous and vigorous, and the physical education class was handed over to the science teacher. The intention was obvious, but the teachers also showed their tossing thirty-six.

Our science teacher, in general, people are very good. Physical education class, the upper part of the class. It’s not as hard as I imagined. However, my memory is not good, this is a bit strange. When listening to the songs I like, I listened to the songs three or four times, and the lyrics were almost the same, but when I read the texts, it is hard to be as good as the sky, and I have more than enough power!

I immediately graduated from the exam, and this week is also the mid-term exam. Our papers, information, and all of them have come over. I will not mention the homework assigned by the teacher. I mentioned it earlier. I am not a diligent student. Therefore, some of the materials I bought have also fallen, and I have not learned the place.

My task is also a bit heavier. But fortunately, as long as I use my heart, the speed is also a lever. In less than a day, all the papers that I have dropped are filled. I have to do my homework now.

Not only written, but also back. It’s okay to write, memorize, I’m broken. For example, just one thing in the last second, the next second, I also forgot about it. Even worse, even if I have passed it, I will forget it every few days, just in vain to make a bamboo basket to fetch water.

For this reason, I have forgotten my back, and it is finally remembered. Next is the paper, look at a plain and plain paper, you have to look carefully: look at this font size, look at the gap left in this question, look at this super-level topic, I Can not help but burst into a big head. The mathematics papers are not so smooth, awkward, but still finished. I thought that I was regressing. I asked my classmates on QQ to know that everyone is the same. Some students even don’t do those additional questions.

In the face of the upcoming midterm exam, I have some fears, just because I have recently felt that I have regressed, and the test scores have actually dropped to below 115 points. Of course, I can’t go down to 110. Silently prayed that the exam can be tested.

Looked at the homework, sighed, these days of vacation, doing homework, backing information, going to the dance class, going to the English class, don’t say go out to play, just staying at home for a while I am content.

Get up and continue to face the confused future. Come on, work hard for your dreams, I always believe that as long as there is a pay, there will be gains!

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