Shocking the soul

When I saw my cousin again, it was a weekend at the end of May. He was wearing a crumpled T-shirt with a big bag on his shoulder and a big black plastic bag in his hand. The dust was so full that I could hardly recognize him.

My cousin is one year younger than me and lives in a town in Mianzhu. During the summer vacation, my father often took me to my uncle for a while. The cousin, his classmate, Mao Zi and me, our three people often take the name of reviewing their homework, ran to the quiet of Berlin, sitting on the wide lawn and pretending to wow, and then throwing the book to heaven, 掏The poker that was hidden in the trouser pockets began to fall into poker. Berlin is really quiet, tired of playing, when we are lying on the lawn, we can hear the sound of the wind passing through Berlin. After dinner, we often go to the Mianshui River to rest cool, the river dam is very big, we barefoot into the cold water, chasing each other, the mountain wind blowing from the foot of the Longmen Mountain, blowing our clothes and hair.

The cousin was very cheerful at that time. His performance was not as good as his hair. His aunt often criticized him and compared him with Mao. Whenever he was, he glared at me. So when I saw the hairy boy the next day, I used yesterday’s criticism to ask the man to buy him a box of ice cream. The hairs will spread their hands and pains. It’s also a crime, and then they are helpless. Each person loses an “Ilizi”.

That was almost the happiest time of my summer vacation.

But I haven’t seen my cousin for two years. Because of the senior high school entrance examination, the summer vacation of the second day, at the request of my father, I began to shuttle in various tutoring classes, and the shadow of my cousin was gradually forgotten by the heavy learning pressure.

The “May 12” earthquake, Mianzhu was the hardest hit. At the beginning, the phone was unable to beat. Our family was very anxious. Later, they finally got in touch with their uncle and learned that their family had no staff except the house collapsed. It’s a big problem, it’s just a matter of letting go. Uncle and aunt are going to participate in the earthquake relief, and they have no time to take care of their cousin. The cousin’s school has also collapsed. Therefore, the cousin must take a bus to Chengdu and hope that his father can arrange his cousin to be temporarily in Chengdu.

My father didn’t have to work hard, and soon I contacted my cousin in a school near my home, and my cousin lived in my room. When I go home from boarding school every weekend, I often see my cousin sitting under the lamp. I told him how our school donated money for the disaster area. He only responded faintly, but his eyes looked blurred. On the weekend, I took him to the amusement park, went to KFC, and sat in the spacious and bright hall of KFC. I saw him go over the TV show that broadcasted the news of the disaster area.

I think there must be something deeply pressed into the cousin’s heart. At that weekend, we went back late. When I passed the Funan River, he suddenly asked me: “Brother, do you still remember Maozi?” I certainly remember that the hairs of Mao’s head are always combing and he That silly smile. “Brother, do you know? Maozi is dead!” I suddenly shook there. “He had already rushed to the stairs, and suddenly ran back. I knew he was looking for me, but he didn’t know me. I have already rushed to him. When Mao Zi went in, he never came back…” I stood there, I couldn’t hear the words behind my cousin, I just felt that the night wind of Funan River was very cold. Very cold.

In mid-June, my cousin will go back to Mianzhu. I have already told him well. When I finish the exam, I will go to see him with him.

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