Details of doctor’s death in the United States

Fan Yiran, a 30-year-old Chinese doctor studying in the United States, was shot and killed on January 9, local time. Lars Peter Hansen, a professor of economics at the University of Chicago and Nobel Laureate in economics, lamented the loss of his best student, the world daily reported Monday. In addition, Chicago police also disclosed the details of the crime.
At about 2:00 p.m. local time on January 9, the police received a report about the shooting of fan Yiran’s girlfriend. Her girlfriend said that she went to the dentist, and fan Yiran was waiting for her in the car. After that, she sent a text message to fan Yiran, but she didn’t reply. When she thought it was wrong, she immediately ran to the parking lot and found that fan Yiran had been shot in the car. The large caliber. 45 pistol cartridge used by the killer fell into the driver’s seat.
Police said that according to the cartridge case found at the scene, other information and evidence, as well as the suspect’s use of the gun that killed and wounded six other people, all showed that it was the same. 45 caliber pistol, of which fan Yiran was killed at close range.
On the 11th, the University of Chicago, where fan Yiran studied, issued a memorial letter. Many teachers and students were saddened and shocked by his accidental death. Madhav Rajan, President of Chicago Booth business school, said that fan Yiran was very smart and talented, and loved and respected by everyone.
After hearing the bad news, Lars Peter Hansen, Professor of economics at the University of Chicago and Nobel Laureate in economics, lamented, “fan Yiran is my best graduate student, my best colleague and a very good person.” Hansen said that fan Yiran is a valuable knowledge resource in the field of economy and finance. He has always been committed to helping his students and classmates learn. Moreover, he uses the tools and insights of corporate finance theory and economic dynamics to study the role of financial institutions and market regulation, and is writing an excellent paper.