New Year’s Notes

I don’t know when, the red lantern jumped onto the balcony of every household, waving fat body in the wind, glittering golden couplets in the fight who is more talented… Inadvertently, the Spring Festival is nearer and nearer to us, and she comes.
The New Year’s Eve begins with the flick of one’s finger. According to the old rules of my hometown, the New Year begins on the 23rd of December. From this day on, people are busy preparing all kinds of New Year’s goods. People come and go in the streets, filled with festive atmosphere.
Our family began to be busy. A family of three bought cigarettes, drinks, candies, vegetables, live chickens, live fish and pork from the street and supermarket. Things are bought back. Fish kills, but chickens… I looked at my dad and thought that this time it would be hard for your omnipotent dad. He seemed to see my idea and said, “No, no, we can’t just dress up and ask for help.” Then Dad called me and said, “Go, kill chickens with me.”
My father mentioned the fat big cock and I came to Uncle Li’s house. Uncle Li had boiled water ready. Uncle Li stepped on the chicken’s wings with his hand, grabbed the chicken’s head with his left hand, and pulled it around the chicken’s neck with his knife with his right hand. The cock struggled hard to get rid of the “magic claw”, but all the struggles were in vain. The chicken’s blood was pouring out of the knife’s neck. I Suddenly a little sad, but my father and Uncle Li were talking about how to kill chickens. When the chickens bleed, the chickens were still motionless. This was the food chain that the teacher talked about in class. Put the chickens in the pot and pour hot water on the chickens. Suddenly, the cock seemed to be alive and struggling to jump out of the pot, which frightened me. My father and Uncle Li plucked the feathers skillfully. After plucking the feathers, Uncle Li cut a hole under the neck of the chicken with a knife and took out the chicken’s internal organs with his hand. After washing, he could make all kinds of delicious dishes.
On the 30th day of the Spring Festival, it was really lively. Every family rushed to cook New Year’s Eve dinner, and the fragrance of wine and meat was floating everywhere. Red couplets were pasted outside the gate and beautiful New Year pictures were pasted inside. Every family was sitting around with bright lights and joy. They talked about the changes of their families in this year and their respective gains and shortcomings in one year. The firecrackers outside the door fluctuate constantly, the laughter in the room and the sound outside form a wonderful symphony…
Early in the morning outside the window firecrackers sounded, it seems that the people who got up earlier than me are everywhere. The first firecrackers in the community were not me, and the clothes were not worn, and they rushed out from the window to set fire. My firecrackers sounded like the command of the captain. Then the whole community firecracked continuously… I’m very happy. I hope I can be among the top performers in the coming year.
According to our traditional festival, the Spring Festival can not be short of dumplings. Dumpling stuffing was prepared by my mother last night. Fresh minced meat, green leek, glutinous and soft fans, thin dumpling skin. Thanks to Dad and Mom’s usual words and deeds, I picked up the dumpling skin in my left hand and picked up the dumpling stuffing with chopsticks in my right hand. I put the dumpling stuffing on the dumpling skin skillfully. With the thumb and forefinger of both hands, a dumpling succeeded. Mother smiled and said, “What a competent person! I hope that next year, whether it is learning, life will improve.”

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