Wrong abortion medicine nurse suspended

On November 4, Mr. Shi accompanied his wife, Ms. Cheng, to stay in Feidong Anzhen Hospital to protect the fetus. At about 6:30 in the morning of November 6, the nurse took the temperature of Mr. Shi’s wife as usual, and took the medicine to her. Out of their trust in the nurse, Mr. Shi and his wife, Ms. Cheng, did not think much about it. However, after taking the medicine, what they were waiting for was the nurse’s sentence “taking the wrong medicine”.
Abortion medicine was taken as a birth protection medicine. These two drugs made Mr. Shi realize the seriousness of the problem. After three hours, Mr. Shi rushed to the people’s Hospital of Feidong County with his wife who had taken the wrong medicine. But the result of gastric lavage was not ideal.
More than half a month has passed since Ms. Cheng took the wrong medicine. Mr. Shi said that a few days after taking the wrong medicine, the hospital also gave Ms. Cheng B-ultrasound, but now the medical staff only take the temperature and blood pressure every day, and urge them to leave the hospital. The hospital has never given a solution or specific reply.
Mr. Shi said that his wife was a little bit psychologically stimulated by taking the wrong medicine. “The fetus is about 17 weeks old. If you take it by mistake, it becomes an abortion drug. The fetus doesn’t want to take it any more. Now I just want the hospital to give a corresponding statement and compensation.” Mr Shi said.
“The birth protection medicine has been sent into the abortion medicine.” Feidong Anzhen Hospital obstetrics and Gynecology director said that the medical staff serious work errors are deeply regretted.
How can a good birth protection medicine be sent into a abortion drug? The head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the hospital said that due to the large number of inpatients and the shortage of hospital beds, there was no spare bed to be vacated, so the medical staff arranged for patients with abortion and birth protection to live in the same ward.
The misused abortion drug was mifepristone, a total of three pills. On November 6, the nurse who found that the wrong drug was delivered reported to the relevant person in charge of the hospital in time. The hospital doctors also took measures to induce vomiting and dilute the patient. Due to the ineffectiveness, the medical staff of anzhen hospital accompanied Mr. Shi and his wife Ms. Cheng to the people’s Hospital of Feidong County for gastric lavage.
“The hospital did B ultrasound a few days ago, from the imaging point of view, the overall condition of the fetus is good.” Feidong County Anzhen Hospital obstetrics and Gynecology director said, “Mr. Shi and his family members for the amount of economic compensation is slightly higher, the hospital side is still actively coordinating with patients’ families.” For Mr. Shi’s wife, Ms. Cheng’s hospitalization, birth examination, and even if she has a child or abortion later, she can also apply for exemption.
The relevant person in charge of Feidong County Health and Health Commission said that the Feidong Health Commission attached great importance to the problems caused by the work errors of medical staff in Feidong Anzhen Hospital, and the nurses who took the wrong medicine on the day of the incident had been suspended. “We have coordinated with the patients’ families and the relevant responsible persons of Anzhen Hospital for many times. At present, the high compensation proposed by Mr. Shi, the family member of the patient, has not reached an agreement with the hospital, and is still in the process of coordination.”
If it is difficult for both sides to reach an agreement on compensation, Ms. Cheng and her family members can take judicial proceedings and Sue Feidong Anzhen Hospital.