Gaud responds to navigation congestion

On October 4, the official micro blog of Qingcheng Mountain Dujiangyan scenic area, a famous tourist attraction in Sichuan Province, said that recently, the Qingcheng Mountain Dujiangyan scenic area has received frequent feedback from tourists. The “Gaode map” is used to navigate to the Qingcheng Mountain Scenic Area, which leads to wrong positioning and leads to serious traffic congestion and great difficulties for tourists and scenic area management Disturbing.
The problem of “Gaode map” in the navigation of Qingcheng Mountain scenic area has existed for many years. The scenic area contacted with “Gaode map” for many times and asked to modify and optimize the navigation route of Qingcheng Mountain Scenic Area, but none of them was successful.
Therefore, it is suggested that self driving tourists should use other navigation platforms to avoid misleading and inconvenient travel.
In response, Gaode said that at present, the navigation arrival point of Qingcheng Mountain scenic area has been optimized from the ticket office to the parking lot, so you can rest assured that you can use the navigation. Thank you for your supervision and feedback. We will continue to improve and provide better navigation services for you. The official account of WeChat public in Dujiangyan, Qingchengshan, and Chengdu.