New crown vaccine or not

In September 16th, novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic was concerned with Zhang Wenhong’s advice on the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation.
The third phase clinical study is of great significance
Both China and the rest of the world are looking forward to the launch of the new cap vaccine by the end of this year. Zhang Wenhong said that people hope to gain global group immunity through vaccines, so as to realize world intercommunication. Moreover, with the introduction of vaccines, many problems may be solved gradually. For example, the mortality caused by new coronavirus will be greatly reduced.
Is the vaccine safe and effective enough? Zhang Wenhong believes that the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine will need to be evaluated for a whole year next year. On the issue of new coronal vaccine marketing, Zhang Wenhong emphasized the importance of phase III clinical research. He explained that the vaccine that can be injected has not completed the phase III clinical trial study, which belongs to the emergency vaccination of vaccine.
“The phase III clinical study is of great significance. It is necessary to conduct a comparative study on two populations (who have been vaccinated and who have not been vaccinated). For example, every adverse reaction of people who have been vaccinated needs to be compared with those who have not been vaccinated to find out which adverse reactions are related to the vaccine. “Zhang Wenhong said that the results of the phase III vaccine clinical study will also provide a key data – vaccine protection rate and incidence of adverse reactions.
On the issue of whether or not to fight the vaccine, Zhang Wenhong suggested that ordinary people should wait for the vaccine to be officially approved for marketing, and then measure it from three aspects: the risk of epidemic situation import in China, the vaccine protection rate and adverse reaction rate given by the results of the third phase clinical Research of vaccine, and the vaccine price.
The identification of secondary infection needs strict scientific process
“Novel coronavirus pneumonia is cured after the virus is detected again, does not mean that it is infectious, or there are living viruses in vivo. “Zhang Wenhong said that the identification of secondary infection requires a very strict scientific process. In other words, there must be enough evidence to prove that the same patient was infected with the new coronavirus twice.
“So far, I know that only two cases of secondary infection have been reported from an academic point of view. “Zhang Wenhong said that there are nearly 30 million infected people in the world, and only two cases of secondary infection among 30 million people. Therefore, further evidence is needed to prove the ability of the new coronavirus to have secondary infection. “I don’t think it’s an established scientific judgment. “
From another perspective, Iceland has carried out antibody tracking tests on more than 1000 infected people for four months. The results showed that the antibody level of these people remained at a very stable level after 4 months. China has also monitored the antibody levels of participants in inactivated vaccine trials for several months. The monitoring results also show that the neutralization antibody level induced by inactivated vaccine has always maintained a high and stable level.
“These results are good signs that both natural infection and vaccination can provide effective and stable antibodies. “Zhang Wenhong said that so far, the performance of the new coronavirus is still normal, and there is no rapid change, or the rapid decline of human immunity to the new coronavirus.