Beautiful and lovely Zhanjiang

I’ve seen the level of the West Lake as a mirror; I’ve seen the magnificent sea, but I’ve never seen Zhanjiang as beautiful as a fairy tale.
Zhanjiang, it is beautiful so unique; beautiful so lovely; beautiful so attractive; beautiful so naive; that kind of beauty is indescribable.
Zhanjiang is located in the southernmost part of the mainland of China, including Leizhou Peninsula and part of the northern part of the Peninsula, where the scenery is beautiful and pleasant.
Coral reefs are distributed along the coast of Leizhou Peninsula. It has a variety of coral reefs in the sea areas of Doolong Cape, Xuwen Cape Tail, Wushi, Liusha, Laizhou Island. There are more than 50 species of coral reefs in the shallow sea west of the lantern tower corner of Jiaowei Township, Xuwen County, covering an area of more than 50,000 mu. These coral reefs are colorful, red like fire, pink like clouds; white like snow; those coral reefs flash like eyes, like stars, and blink again and again; like hide-and-seek, but also like the charming girl’s electric colored clothes dancing; and like the contending flowers fighting brilliantly; more like camellias blooming all over the mountains and wilderness laughing, each other more beautiful than their own… Ah! What a beautiful coral! I have entered the realm of infinite yearning, and I am closely following the charming coral. Look! In front of us, these corals are mostly shaped like a “big fish”. Their heads stretch south, their heads are red and shining, and they emit a bunch of dazzling light, while their bodies are a touch of light pink, so dignified and elegant. These “big fish” gently shuttle in the water, playing and wandering freely. The sunset was setting, and the waves of the sea were roaring merrily and rhythmically against the black rocks, making loud noises. Corals move slowly in the sea and play games with the waves. These corals have unique beauty and infinite charm. This charm is like a fairy tale. In front of this beautiful coral reef, all people are like children who are infatuated with fairy tales.
Ah! What are those? They stand tall, red so lovely, red so eye-catching. It’s a big tree that makes up an attractive mangrove. These mangroves cover more than 180,000 coastal areas, accounting for 50% of the mangroves in China. They are the largest, most species and richest natural distribution areas of mangroves along the coast of the mainland of China. There are 70,000 mu of mangroves in Gaoqiao, Lianjiang, with a coastal distribution of 27 kilometers. They not only protect many egrets, seagulls and insects, but also are novel. A gust of wind blows, and you see all the trees are swaying. From a distance, it looks like a rough sea, rising and falling from time to time. As if playing, it’s like “trees take mountains as their body, mountains take trees as their clothes.” Sure enough. Ah! That’s one of the great sights – mangroves. Standing high, overlooking the red forest, the red forest like waves, sometimes turbulent, boundless, erratic. It’s really “wonderful not in the sea, but like the sea.” The towering trees break through the clouds like islands, rolling with the wind and shaking; and like warships waiting to be launched, as long as ordered, they set anchor and sail. Suddenly, the mountain wind whistled, the forest became angry, and in a twinkling of an eye, the waves were rough and the snow was empty. Na Lin Tao’s voice, like a giant shouting, seems to lead thousands of troops to the east of the world. When I saw this scene, I couldn’t help exclaiming, “It’s better to change rapidly and fluctuate suddenly than to be lost in dreams.”
There are many beautiful sceneries in Zhanjiang, the most attractive of which is Huguangyan, which is in the western Huguangyan scenic spot. There, the green mountains surround the green lake. The lake is surrounded by continuous peaks. When the lake is green and clear, the level of the lake is like a mirror, white clouds, green mountains and shadows, which are reflected on the lake surface, and the landscape color merges into one. Fish, big and small, swim through the water like clouds in Chongshan, making people feel like they are in fairyland. The lake is rippling with blue water. There are many fish in the lake, which is very lively. Many people come here deeply attracted by the scenery and stop to enjoy the unique scenery and rich colors. How many people praised Huguangyan and how many people forgot to return; how many people were intoxicated and did not know how to return is really countless.
Zhanjiang, our beautiful and lovely hometown, has changed from a cold and clear sea to a lively coral reef; from bare peaks to attractive red forests; from dried rivers to beautiful lake-light rocks. I am confident that the future of Zhanjiang will be more beautiful. Its today is infinitely beautiful, and its tomorrow will be more brilliant.
Ah! Dear friends, let’s start composing songs to praise the beautiful and lovely Zhanjiang and let the colorful writing spreads its wings.

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