Seoul mayor’s last 24 hours

What did he experience in his last 24 hours? Why did he suddenly disappear and finally die?
All arrangements were cancelled in the morning of the incident
South Korea’s “Chosun Ilbo” reported on the 10th that park had cancelled all his schedule in the morning of the 9th. A source within the Seoul municipal government said on the 9th that although Park yuan Chun canceled his schedule and did not come to work because of his “physical discomfort”, he still wanted to meet with Prime Minister Ding Shijun for a time and have lunch together.
The source stressed that at that time, it seemed that park Yuanchun would have lunch with the Premier as scheduled, “he also asked us to be ready.” However, park eventually cancelled the arrangement and called Ding Shijun in person, confessing that he was “too tired. I’m very sorry. “
Seoul police revealed that after cancelling the morning schedule, park Yuanchun left the mayor’s residence at jiahuidong, Zhonglu District, Seoul, at 10:44 local time (9:44 Beijing time) on the 9th, got into a taxi, and then arrived at Wolong Park in Chengbei district at about 10:53 am. After getting off, he walked on foot and monitored the Wolong park The last picture of him was taken.
After investigating park’s use of mobile phones, Seoul police found that park had been talking to acquaintances in Wolong park at about 14:42 on the 9th. At about 16:00 on the 9th, park Yuanchun’s mobile phone signal appeared in the Beiyue golf driving range of Beiyue mountain in the Northern District of the city, and then his mobile phone signal disappeared.
Due to the delay in contacting her father, park Yuanchun’s daughter called 112 police call at about 17:17 on the 9th, claiming that her father left a message of suspected last words when she left home four or five hours ago (i.e. around 11:00). She dialed her father’s mobile phone but found that it had been turned off. After receiving the report, the Seoul police and fire department immediately invested more than 770 police forces, and sent UAVs and police dogs to carry out the search work.
According to South Korea’s “Central Daily” on the 10th, as of 8:00 p.m. on the 9th, about three hours after the police received a report that park yuan Chun was missing, most of his personal social accounts had been changed to private accounts. At present, when you click Park yuan Chun’s YouTube channel, it will display “this page cannot be displayed”, click on instagram account will display “private account”, and its kakao channel will directly display “unable to find this page”.
However, park’s Facebook and twitter remain public accounts. Park has been publishing policies and programs of the Seoul municipal government and his personal views on various aspects of society through Facebook. The last post on his Facebook account was about “Seoul’s Green New Deal” at 11 a.m. on the 8th.
There is no apparent suspicion of homicide
At about 0:20 am on the 10th, Seoul police found Park Yuanchun’s body near sujingmen in the Northern District of Seoul. According to an article in the Korean daily, if you walk all the way from the place where Pu Yuanchun was last monitored and photographed to the place where his body was found, it will take at least 5.9 kilometers, 1 hour and 29 minutes, and at most 8.6 kilometers, which will take 2 hours and 9 minutes.
Police in Seoul pointed out that the first person to find park’s body was the fire rescue dog. After that, firefighters and police found the body. At the scene, Pu Yuanchun’s purse, business card, kettle and some money were also found. After the body was found, Seoul police held a press conference near Wolong park at 2 a.m. on the 10th, announcing the above information. At about 3:20 am on the 10th, park Yuanchun’s body arrived at Seoul University Hospital in Chung Lu district.
When talking about the specific cause of death of Park yuan Chun, the police said that considering the reputation of the deceased and his family members, they could not specify the situation at the scene for the time being, “but we think that the cause of death can be confirmed by the appearance of the body.” Police pointed out that as of the early morning of the 10th, no suicide note was found at the scene. “In the future, we will investigate the death of Pu Yuanchun by analyzing the route and other information captured in the surveillance video.” “For his last call and the information on his mobile phone, we will also release it in the subsequent investigation,” police said “So far, there is no apparent suspicion of homicide in park yuan Chun’s death.” Seoul police said.