Heilongjiang epidemic prevention doggerel

On January 15, loudspeakers in villages of Baoqing County, Heilongjiang Province began to play “epidemic prevention doggerel”. Jingle was created by Liu Chunxiang of Xuma village publicity team in Baoqing county. Baoqing County deputy director of the Propaganda Department told reporters that the village loudspeakers are a way of spreading information inherited from the village. The scope of each village is not large, which is suitable for spreading information in the village. It is also a form of communication that the villagers like. Using this way to carry out propaganda has a good effect.

Inner Mongolia hospital environment positive

Hulun Buir, novel coronavirus pneumonia, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, January 14 (reporter Zhang Wei) 14, the new Hulun Buir crown EQ control group, the new Ewan ki banner, is issued by the circular. The environmental monitoring of the people’s Hospital of Beijing found that the new crown virus nucleic acid test was positive.
According to the announcement, on January 13, the people’s Hospital of Ewenki banner, in accordance with the principle of nucleic acid detection of “should be detected as much as possible”, found that the nucleic acid test of new coronavirus was positive after the nucleic acid monitoring of the hospital environment, and then carried out the second nucleic acid test of new coronavirus, and sent the samples to Hulunbuir Health Commission for review, and the results were all positive.
According to the arrangement of the epidemic prevention and control headquarters of the banner, the people’s Hospital of Ewenki banner was closed for the first time, and nucleic acid examination and flow of personnel in the hospital were carried out.
“Notice” requires that since December 31, 2020, the personnel going to the hospital take the initiative to report and conduct medical observation of home isolation.
At the same time, bayantohai town of Ewenki banner (including some new town areas) will adopt closed-loop management to minimize personnel flow and control traffic flow.
Ensure that the vehicles that must enter and leave the town for epidemic prevention and control, urban operation, production and living, and transportation of epidemic prevention materials can operate in an orderly and fixed way.
According to the announcement, since 8:00 on January 14, 2021, the bus from Hailar to Bayan Tuohai town and the passenger bus passing through or arriving at Bayan Tuohai town in the flag area will be suspended, and the time for resuming operation will be notified separately.

Charged with domestic violence, divorced and killed

Recently, Huangshi, Hubei Province. A 36 year old woman in Yangxin County died after her husband slashed her head with an axe. Ms. Kan’s sister said that her sister was sued for domestic violence, and the relationship between the two sides became increasingly tense after the divorce. Her sister even wrote a suicide note in advance. One week before the crime, Ms. Kan found an axe at home. Unexpectedly, she fell under her husband’s axe.
The reporter learned that Ms. Kan often encountered domestic violence. After every domestic violence, her husband confessed his mistake with a good attitude, wrote a letter of guarantee, and even knelt down.
Ms. Chen is a law enforcement officer in Yangxin County. She recalled that in July 2020, when she was coordinating Ms. Kan’s domestic violence, her husband first bowed his head and did not say a word, then knelt down in front of Ms. Kan and promised not to do it again.
In response to domestic violence, the man’s parents said: “they often fight. My son fought back after she beat him. “
The upstream reporter asked, “Ms. Kan is 1.6110 Jin tall; your son is 1.7130 Jin tall. Can you win?” The man’s parents did not answer.
Perhaps, we have already expected that Ms. Kan will encounter unexpected events. On January 12, Ms. Kan’s family found a suicide note written on May 22, 2020 when they were sorting out Ms. Kan’s relics in Zhulin village. The note said: if something happens to me, all my property belongs to my mother, including half of the property rights of room 2902, accident solace money and personal account property. There is no need to deal with the future affairs. After cremation, the remains can be put into a crematorium box Then put in a big coffin and bury it on the top of the mountain of kaijiachong reservoir. Go up along the stone steps on the left side. The higher, the deeper, the better.

People’s Daily Comments on judge killed

At 7:30 on January 12th, the Hunan Provincial Higher People’s court tried to supervise a deputy chief of the court and Zhou Chunmei, a senior judge of three grade, who was killed by a suspect at the underground garage of his home. He was only 45 years old. After a preliminary investigation by the police, Xiang and Zhou Chunmei were fellow villagers, and they filed a lawsuit to the court for something. They repeatedly asked Zhou Chunmei to say hello to them, but they were refused, so they felt resentment and retaliated.
This is an extreme criminal case, which is distressing and highly concerned. People from all sides expressed their deep sorrow for the tragic death of judge Zhou Chunmei, sincere sympathy for his family, strong condemnation of the criminal act of killing the judge, and demanded that the murderer be severely punished. In a society ruled by law, judicial authority is not allowed to be provoked by violence; violence cannot shake justice, and justice will never bow.
Zhou Chunmei’s deeds of defending principles, justice and the bottom line of the rule of law with her life have aroused strong repercussions. Many police officers of political and legal organs say that the law can’t give way to lawlessness, and killing can’t frighten the determination of justice! He will take judge Zhou Chunmei as an example, not afraid of violence, and firmly pursue judicial justice.
It is the rule of law that harms judges. While holding the mallet and defending the law, judges are often misunderstood, insulted, abused, even slandered, followed and threatened. Those who bring us security also need security; those who protect justice need justice to protect them. The murder of judge Zhou Chunmei once again aroused the attention of the whole society to the security of judicial personnel

Trump recall resolution passed

Foreign media just reported that the house of representatives of the United States voted on 12 local time to pass a resolution in support of the request for vice president burns to use the 25th amendment of the United States Constitution to recall President trump. The result of the vote was 222 people supported and 204 people opposed. Before the resolution was passed, burns had written to House Speaker Pelosi to refuse to use the 25th amendment.
According to previous reports, Burns said before the resolution was passed that he refused to use the 25th amendment. House Speaker Pelosi said on the 10th that House Democrats will propose a resolution to ask vice president burns to use the 25th amendment of the U.S. Constitution to recall President trump. If burns refuses, the house will advance the process of impeachment of trump.
The 25th amendment to the constitution of the United States amends and stipulates the succession procedure of the president and vice president of the United States when there are vacancies for various reasons, and adds a new clause that the vice president and cabinet members judge whether the president can continue to perform his duties. According to the U.S. Constitution, if the impeachment clause against the president is passed by a simple majority in the house of Representatives, it means that the president is impeached. Next, the Senate will hear the impeachment case. If two-thirds of the senators support the impeachment clause, the president will be convicted and step down.

Details of doctor’s death in the United States

Fan Yiran, a 30-year-old Chinese doctor studying in the United States, was shot and killed on January 9, local time. Lars Peter Hansen, a professor of economics at the University of Chicago and Nobel Laureate in economics, lamented the loss of his best student, the world daily reported Monday. In addition, Chicago police also disclosed the details of the crime.
At about 2:00 p.m. local time on January 9, the police received a report about the shooting of fan Yiran’s girlfriend. Her girlfriend said that she went to the dentist, and fan Yiran was waiting for her in the car. After that, she sent a text message to fan Yiran, but she didn’t reply. When she thought it was wrong, she immediately ran to the parking lot and found that fan Yiran had been shot in the car. The large caliber. 45 pistol cartridge used by the killer fell into the driver’s seat.
Police said that according to the cartridge case found at the scene, other information and evidence, as well as the suspect’s use of the gun that killed and wounded six other people, all showed that it was the same. 45 caliber pistol, of which fan Yiran was killed at close range.
On the 11th, the University of Chicago, where fan Yiran studied, issued a memorial letter. Many teachers and students were saddened and shocked by his accidental death. Madhav Rajan, President of Chicago Booth business school, said that fan Yiran was very smart and talented, and loved and respected by everyone.
After hearing the bad news, Lars Peter Hansen, Professor of economics at the University of Chicago and Nobel Laureate in economics, lamented, “fan Yiran is my best graduate student, my best colleague and a very good person.” Hansen said that fan Yiran is a valuable knowledge resource in the field of economy and finance. He has always been committed to helping his students and classmates learn. Moreover, he uses the tools and insights of corporate finance theory and economic dynamics to study the role of financial institutions and market regulation, and is writing an excellent paper.

Pinduoduo staff post resigned

A pinduoduo employee was dismissed because he posted photos of his colleagues being carried to an ambulance in Maimai.
In this regard, @ Maimai issued a statement that in terms of user information management, under the premise of strictly abiding by relevant national laws and regulations, it will not provide any third party with user information posted in the professional speech area in any form, and will provide extremely strict and complete security guarantee for personal information. In order to ensure the security of posting, the user’s publishing identity is strictly encrypted by asymmetric encryption technology. Even the internal staff can not obtain any personal information.

Credit card overdraft rate new deal

The central bank recently released the upper and lower limit management of credit card overdraft interest rates. Some people in the industry believe that the central bank is loosening the interest rate management of bank credit cards, which means that while further promoting the marketization of loan interest rates, the competition in the bank credit card market will intensify, and it may even shake the “quack status” of consumer credit products on Internet platforms such as Huabei and Baitiao.
In fact, the overdraft interest rate of bank credit card is one of the main income sources of bank credit card business, which is mainly the interest generated by the bill amount not being paid in full and on time, and the interest payable by the cash withdrawal of credit card.
According to the notice of the people’s Bank of China on promoting the market-oriented reform of credit card overdraft interest rate, the overdraft interest rate of credit card will be determined by the card issuing institutions and cardholders through independent negotiation from January 1, 2021. The upper limit and lower limit management of credit card overdraft interest rate will be cancelled, that is, the upper limit is 0.5 times of the daily interest rate and the lower limit is 0.7 times of the daily interest rate.
“It is expected that the central bank will abolish this interest rate. In the future, there may be two kinds of differences in the bank’s credit card overdraft interest rate. ” Dong ximiao, chief researcher of Zhaolian finance, told the financial association that first, the pricing of different institutions will be different. Some small and medium-sized banks are likely to adopt lower interest rates to attract more users due to their low popularity; second, different customers may also enjoy different interest rates in the same bank, and some high-quality customers may enjoy lower investment interest rates 。
Different pricing will also bring further competition. In addition to intensified competition among banks, some industry insiders said that banks will also start to fight back against Internet consumer credit products such as Huabei.
Dong Zheng, a senior credit card expert, said that the central bank’s move is equivalent to liberalizing the constraints of bank credit card interest rates. In the future, bank credit cards can use different interest rate strategies to attract customers, which will also strike back at the credit products like credit cards provided by Huabei and other Internet companies.
“Before, the overdraft interest rate of credit card basically had no way to compete with these Internet products, and after releasing the shackles, the bank credit card will seize the development space of these products. “Dong Zheng said that the bank itself has a lower capital advantage.
It is understood that although the overdraft rate of credit card was allowed to float within a certain range before, the overdraft rate was generally 5 / 10000 per day, and only a few individual credit cards of banks had an overdraft rate lower than 5 / 10000. Previously, the content of ant group’s prospectus disclosed that the daily interest rate of Huabei could be as low as 2 / 10000 during the 12-month period ending June 30, 2020, and the daily interest rate of most loans was about 4 / 10000 or less.
Dong ximiao also believes that after the central bank’s deregulation, the overdraft rate of bank credit cards will probably show a downward trend. However, there will be no vicious price competition for bank credit cards. Deregulation does not mean that there is no regulatory constraint. However, China’s consumer credit market is large enough, and the future “small profit but quick turnover” of bank credit cards may further increase the revenue of this business.
In addition, the documents of the central bank also require that card issuers should fully disclose and timely update the overdraft interest rate of credit cards through their official websites and other channels, and prominently prompt the overdraft interest rate and interest settlement method of credit cards in the credit card agreement, so as to ensure that card issuers fully know and confirm their acceptance.

Shijiazhuang Metro bus outage

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has just been released by Shijiazhuang bus General Corporation. To ensure the safety and health of the people, the bus routes of Shijiazhuang bus stop operation since January 9th at 9:40. Meanwhile, novel coronavirus pneumonia has been released in Shijiazhuang to prevent and control the epidemic of new crown pneumonia and ensure the safety and health of the people. Since 9:40 on January 9th, the Shijiazhuang metro lines have been closed. Please follow the official account of micro-blog Metro and WeChat public address of Shijiazhuang metro for your subsequent operation. Please understand.

President Biden is not the king

US President elect Biden strongly condemned trump at an event held in Wilmington, Delaware, on the 7th local time, NPR reported. On the 6th, a group of trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol.
Biden said Wednesday (6th) was one of the darkest days in American history, adding that “no president is the king, and there is no house of Lords in Congress. The judiciary does not serve the will of the president, nor will it protect him or her. “Our president is not above the law. Justice serves the people and does not protect power. The goddess of justice is blind. What we saw yesterday is obviously another violation of the basic principles of this country. “