Bribery 240 million sentenced to reprieve

On December 31, 2020, Qingyang intermediate people’s court declared in accordance with the law that Lei Zhiqiang, director of Gansu Rural Credit Union, had accepted bribes and had an unidentified source of huge amount of property. The defendant, Lei Zhiqiang, was sentenced to death, suspended for two years, deprived of political rights for life, and confiscated of all his personal property. After his death sentence was reduced to life imprisonment after two years of suspension, he was sentenced to life imprisonment without commutation or parole. The seized and seized stolen money, booty and fruits were confiscated according to law and sentenced to death Property that has not yet been recovered shall continue to be recovered and turned over to the state treasury.
According to the trial, from 2000 to 2017, Lei Zhiqiang, the defendant, took advantage of his position as vice mayor of Tianshui City in Gansu Province and director general of Gansu Rural Credit Cooperatives Union to seek benefits for others and close relatives in the process of loan approval, bill acceptance, credit business, cadre selection, etc., and illegally accepted the property given by others alone or in collaboration with his son, which amounted to 20% More than 241 million yuan, and more than 82 million yuan of property can not be accounted for.
Qingyang intermediate people’s court held that the defendant Lei Zhiqiang, as a state functionary, took advantage of his position to illegally accept other people’s property alone or with his son for many times to seek benefits for others, and his behavior constituted the crime of bribery, with a huge amount, causing a particularly heavy loss to the interests of the state and the people; the defendant Lei Zhiqiang’s property obviously exceeded his legal income, with a huge difference As a result, his behavior constitutes the crime of unidentified source of huge amount of property. In view of the fact that the defendant Lei Zhiqiang truthfully confessed part of the criminal facts that the case handling organ had not yet mastered after he arrived at the case, and there was a confession plot. The whereabouts of the stolen money and goods confessed have been verified, and some of the stolen money and goods have been recovered. He pleaded guilty and repented in court. The above judgment was made.

Traffic accident of Hunan Expressway

The reporter learned from the Xiangxi detachment of Hunan Provincial High police bureau that a series of traffic accidents occurred in the early morning of the 29th morning near Fenghuang hub of Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture section of Baotou Maoming expressway, that is, the direction from Fenghuang county to Jishou City. So far, nine people have been killed in the accident.
From 19:00 on the 29th, traffic control was imposed on passenger vehicles with “two passengers and one danger” and more than seven seats (including seven seat minibuses) at all toll gates in Xiangxi District due to bad weather.
Previously reported:
[traffic accident leading to casualties occurred in Xiangxi section of Baotou Maoming Expressway] the reporter learned from the Propaganda Department of Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture Party committee of Hunan Province that in the early morning of the 29th, a truck rear end collision accident occurred in the direction of Fenghuang county leading to Jishou City, north of Fenghuang hub in Xiangxi section of Baotou Maoming expressway, leading to a fire. Traffic control has been implemented on the accident section. There were casualties in the accident.
At present, Xiangxi Prefecture has set up an accident rescue leading group. The reporter saw in the video shot by netizens that many cars were seriously damaged after the collision, and the scene of the accident was full of fire and smoke.

Lose weight by liposuction

In August 2008, Zhang Jinhua, a businessman who had just returned from Hungary, fell on the operating table of Wang Liangfa, the chief surgeon of Beijing minghuihong International Medical Beauty Clinic (hereinafter referred to as minghuihong Beauty Clinic). He suffered brain damage due to excessive anesthesia and became a vegetable. On October 6, 2018, after 10 years of coma, Zhang Jinhua finally died of hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy.
For 12 years, Wang huankai, Zhang Jinhua’s husband, has been hoping to investigate the criminal responsibility of the parties concerned, but to no avail. On December 27, 2020, Red Star News reporter learned from Wang huankai that the chief surgeon Wang Liangfa had been arrested in September this year on the basis of the crime of medical malpractice.
Beijing Chaoyang District People’s Court confirmed to Red Star news that the court has officially accepted the case and will hold a court session on another day.
Businesswoman is fooled into “serious obesity” and fails to become a vegetable after liposuction
Before the accident, Zhang Jinhua was a businessman. She and her husband Wang huankai lived in Hungary. After years of hard work in a foreign country, “they are still successful, and the family has no worries about food and clothing.” In July 2008, Zhang Jinhua returned to China. Before long, Zhang Jinhua went to minghuihong beauty clinic for consultation.
Height 170cm, weight 61.6kg Zhang Jinhua, who is not fat in the eyes of ordinary people, in the analysis report of human body composition issued by minghuihong Beauty Clinic at that time, the percentage of body fat is “fat”, and the ratio of waist hip fat is “serious obesity”. Therefore, under the advice of the “experts” in the clinic, Zhang Jinhua agreed to the operation: no trace compact lifting, hyaluronic acid, liposuction (8 parts around the waist and abdomen)
At 7:00 p.m. on August 4, 2008, Zhang Jinhua came to minghuihong beauty clinic again. After paying more than 120000 yuan, he went into the operating room alone under the rule that “no family members are allowed to accompany him”. At 11:00 p.m., the chief surgeon Wang Liangfa performed liposuction and other operations. However, an accident occurred during the operation: Zhang Jinhua fell into a coma. Since then, they have been in a vegetative state.
According to the materials provided by Ming Huihong, Zhang Jinhua suddenly developed dyspnea at about 4:03 (August 5, 2008), which became shallow and slow, and the blood oxygen continued to drop, but it still remained unchanged at 4:06. Four minutes later, the clinic called the police. However, “Zhang Jinhua called 120 at 3:56 on August 5, 2008 because he was unconscious for one hour,” according to the summary of prehospital treatment records of Beijing Emergency Center. One hour ago, during the cosmetic surgery in the beauty clinic, the patient suddenly lost consciousness and stopped breathing. The dosage of epinephrine was unknown. After the diagnosis and treatment of ventilator assisted breathing, the patient’s condition did not improve. He called a car to transfer to the hospital, and the ambulance arrived at the scene at 4:22…. “
In addition, the Beijing Chaoyang Hospital “admission record at 10:00 on August 5, 2008” records: (Zhang Jinhua) 7 hours coma after cosmetic surgery (that is, coma around 3 am).
After forensic identification by Beijing Huaxia material evidence identification center, the total amount of swelling liquid used in the operation of minghuihong beauty clinic was about 4000ml, the total dose of lidocaine hydrochloride was 2.4G, and the total dose of epinephrine hydrochloride was 4mg. According to the appraisal agency, there is a direct causal relationship between the fault of minghuihong beauty clinic and the damage consequence. The fault participation rate is 100%. Zhang Jinhua is now a first-class disability and full nursing dependence.
At that time, Beijing Chaoyang District Health Bureau (now Beijing Chaoyang District Health Committee) found that the chief surgeon Wang Liangfa and anesthesiologist Yu qiguang’s lidocaine for anesthesia exceeded the limit of 6.0mg/kg in the Pharmacopoeia of the people’s Republic of China (2005 Edition), resulting in Zhang Jinhua’s first-class disability and complete nursing dependence.
At the end of December 2009, Chaoyang District Health Bureau of Beijing issued a decision on administrative punishment with the serial number of “chaoweiyifenzi (2009) No. 828”, which determined that Beijing minghuihong international medical beauty clinic had no anesthesia qualification, so its “medical institution occupation license” was revoked and 3000 yuan was fined. The following year, the Chaoyang District Health Bureau of Beijing issued two “decisions on administrative punishment” in succession, and the “doctor’s practice certificate” of chief surgeon Wang Liangfa and anesthesiologist Yu qiguang were revoked.
The chief surgeon was arrested for medical malpractice and accepted by the court
Wang huankai, Zhang Jinhua’s husband, believes that Wang Liangfa is suspected of medical malpractice and “must be investigated for criminal responsibility.” Wang huankai also told reporters that after Wang Liangfa’s “medical practice certificate” was revoked, he publicized his professional skills on major websites and carried out cosmetic surgery openly. “We reported Wang Liangfa’s” illegal medical practice “to the District Health Bureau twice in writing.”
In 2014, Wang huankai filed a civil lawsuit. Beijing Chaoyang District People’s court once entrusted Beijing Tongda Shoucheng forensic appraisal institute, a third-party appraisal organization, to make another appraisal. The result is consistent with the conclusion of Huaxia material evidence appraisal center: there is a direct causal relationship between Zhang Jinhua’s damage consequences and the medical behavior of the medical party, and the medical party (Minghui hongmeirong hospital) should bear all the responsibilities.
Although the clinic and relevant doctors were punished, Wang huankai believed that in this incident, the relevant responsible party had caused intentional injury, so many parties rushed to investigate the criminal responsibility of the other party, and withdrew the civil action in that year.
Zhang Jinhua’s former lawyer told Red Star news that in 2015, under the supervision of the procuratorate, Chaoyang District Health and Family Planning Commission of Beijing transferred the case to the public security organ, “the public security bureau put the criminal case on file in January 2016. In November 2016, Wang Liangfa, the chief surgeon, was detained in criminal custody. However, when the public security organ reported to the procuratorate for arrest, it was not approved. Therefore, Wang Liangfa was released on bail pending trial. “
61.6kg female businessman lost weight by liposuction and became a vegetable. She died after 10 years of coma. The chief surgeon was arrested
Shortly after the incident, anesthesiologist Yu qiguang died. Ni Weiwei, founder of minghuihong beauty clinic, once said in an interview with CCTV that Yu qiguang did commit suicide because of the incident. CCTV had previously reported a screenshot
At that time, the Chaoyang District Procuratorate of Beijing issued a “statement of reasons for not approving arrest” to the police, which said, “this case is lack of special” technical identification of medical malpractice “commissioned by the public security organ and key evidence.”
On October 6, 2018, Zhang Jinhua, who had been in a coma for 10 years, was finally declared dead due to hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy. In order to find an explanation for his wife, Wang huankai constantly reflected the matter to the relevant departments. After a long wait, recently, the matter has finally made new progress.
“The chief surgeon Wang Liangfa was finally arrested in September this year on the charge of medical malpractice.” On December 27, 2020, Wang huankai told Red Star news that the people’s Court of Chaoyang District of Beijing contacted him not long ago and said that the case could be heard in January next year. “At that time, we will appeal for criminal incidental civil cases. In addition to compensation, we also hope that the court will impose heavier punishment according to law.”
On December 28, a staff member of the people’s Court of Chaoyang District of Beijing confirmed to the Red Star News reporter that the court had accepted the case and “there is no specific date for the hearing yet.”
Wang Liangxing told reporters that after 12 years of severe punishment for the victims, he hopes to avoid the injury of the news industry

Driver strangles lover

A driver of Shandong Zibo Xicheng sub branch of China Construction Bank, a divorced woman, strangled her to death, tied her barbell with a chain, sank into the water with her body, and stole 200000 yuan with her bank card. Later, her body surfaced and was found and called the police. During the trial, he argued that playing sexual asphyxiation game caused his death, and was sentenced to a reprieve in the first trial. On December 26, the reporter learned that the family members of the deceased were not satisfied with this and demanded that the other party be sentenced to death immediately. At present, they have applied for the prosecution to protest.
Photos of Wang Xiang before he was born. Photo provided by family members
Parents receive abnormal text messages to learn the bad news
The murderer, Feng champion, 38, lives in Zhoucun District, Zibo City, Shandong Province. He is a driver of Zibo Xicheng Branch of China Construction Bank.
On December 26, Mr. Wang, the younger brother of the deceased Wang Xiang (not his real name), told reporters that her sister was born in 1986 and married at the end of 2009. Her son is 7 years old. She works in a real estate development company in Zibo. “The company is in the same community with her family and ours. It only takes her 5 minutes to walk from our home.”
He said that at the end of 2015, her sister divorced her brother-in-law and later rented a house outside on her own.
“Zibo Xicheng Branch of China Construction Bank rented the house of that real estate company, and my sister was responsible for collecting the rent.” Mr. Wang said that because of his work, his sister met Feng Quan, a driver who drove for the leaders in the bank. “He knew that my sister was divorced and began to pursue her. He lied that their relationship was not good and wanted to divorce. He also used a fake divorce certificate to deceive my sister and gain her trust.”
He said that his sister felt very painful after she saw through the fake divorce certificate. She once told her family that she had been cheated, saying that Feng had borrowed a lot of money from her, cheated her feelings, and that she had lost both money and people.
Mr. Wang recalled to reporters that on July 26, 2018, his parents felt a little abnormal that his sister, who used to come to their home for lunch or dinner after work every day, had not been there for several days, and her parents also received a text message from her saying, “I’m going to travel, I may have to turn off or I can’t get in touch.” “What makes my parents even more strange is that one day they received a text message from their sister saying,” Mom and Dad, I love you. “
Just when they were puzzled, the bad news came suddenly.
Mr. Wang said that on the morning of July 27 of the same year, the whole family went to the aunt’s house to visit his grandmother. After lunch at the aunt’s house, he took his child to a supermarket playground downstairs. He received a call from a policeman who claimed to be a policeman and told him to go immediately. He said he couldn’t leave. Later, the police rushed to his aunt’s place, called him and his mother and aunt downstairs, asked about their home situation in a storage room, and told them euphemistically that Wang Xiang was in the hospital for rescue and wanted to have her mother’s blood tested. Later, the police took him to the car to tell the truth, saying that her sister had an accident and that he must hold on in the funeral home.
When Mr. Wang heard of his sister’s death, he felt very sad. He wiped away his tears, hid his sadness in his heart, forced a smile on the surface, comforted his parents, and said that his sister was still in the rescue, but he hoped that they would prepare for the worst.
The next day, he drove his parents to the funeral home. When they saw that something was wrong, they blamed him and said, “it was clearly agreed that I would go to the hospital. How did I get to the funeral home?”
At this time, he had no choice but to tell the truth. When his parents heard this, they burst into tears.
Mr. Wang said that after her sister was cremated, she was buried in her rural hometown according to their local customs.
Chain binding barbell piece binding corpse floating on the water
Mr. Wang’s story brought the matter to the sultry summer of July 2018.
At about 7 pm on July 26 that year, a villager in Xima village, a businessman in wenchanghu District, Zibo City, called 110 to report that a female corpse was found on the water surface of Mengshan reservoir.
After receiving the police, the police of Wenchang Lake public security branch quickly rushed to the scene and salvaged the body. They found that the barbell pieces were tied with iron chains on the body.
Body throwing reservoir.
According to the forensic identification, the female corpse died of mechanical asphyxia caused by strangulation on her neck. Fluoroacetate ion was detected in the contents of her liver and stomach, and ethanol was detected in the contents of her stomach.
After the police further investigation, a suspicious car with Lu C license plate entered the sight of the police.
The police followed the line and found that when the car passed Dongguan village at 0:34 on July 25 of the same year, the driver covered his face with a sun visor, and there was a light colored cloth on the co driver’s seat, which was similar to the summer quilt wrapping the body at the scene.
The police found that at 5:52 p.m. on July 24, the car with Lu C license plate went from the intersection of Chongqing Road and Huaguang road in Zhangdian District along Zhangzhou road to Zhoucun District, and entered Wenchang Lake District at 7:15 p.m. that night. The driver was a young woman, and there was a man on the co driver. In the early morning of the next day, the driver became the man, and the woman on the car disappeared.
At about 12:00 noon on July 25, when the car reappeared, the driver was still the man. At 12:52 on the same day, after many times of observation, he used a small cart to transport the suspected body to the bridge.
Accordingly, the police initially judged that the man was suspected of committing a major crime.
Police investigation found that the car owner Wang Xiang, missing for many days, she and a man named Feng champion close relationship.
As a result, Feng began to emerge slowly.
Through the portrait comparison, Feng champion was highly similar to the man who had driven the Lu C license car, and the police confirmed that he was suspected of committing a major crime.
At about 2 pm on July 29 of the same year, the police arrested him in Jiuji village of Zhangdian District.
After trial, he confessed to the crime of killing Wang Xiang and throwing his body in the reservoir.
Killing lovers and throwing corpses

Hottest year on record

At the end of 2020, the end of 2020 marks the end of the warmest decade on record, according to the World Meteorological Organization. This year is still likely to be one of the three hottest years on record, even as hot as 2016.
World Meteorological Organization: 2020 may be one of the hottest years on record
The World Meteorological Organization points out that although La Nina phenomenon has a cooling effect on the global climate as a whole, it will still be extremely hot in 2020 and affect weather patterns in many parts of the world. Most models show that the intensity of La Nina is expected to peak in December or next January.
World Meteorological Organization Secretary General Talas said record breaking high temperature years usually occur during El Nino events, as in 2016. We are now experiencing La Nina phenomenon. It has a cooling effect on global temperature, but it is not enough to stop the temperature rise this year. This year’s high temperature is close to the record level of 2016.
Based on five global temperature databases, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) will release comprehensive temperature data for 2020 in January next year. This information will be included in the final report of the state of global climate 2020, which will be released in March next year, including climate impacts. According to the interim report of the state of global climate in 2020 issued by the World Meteorological Organization in early December, the data of the first 10 months of this year set 2020 as the year with the second highest temperature so far, second only to 2016 and higher than 2019.
The WMO also said long-term trends are more important than annual temperature rankings. Since the 1980s, every decade has been warmer than the previous one. This trend is likely to continue as greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere reach record levels. Carbon dioxide, in particular, will be in the atmosphere for decades, leading to a warmer planet in the future.

50 years of marriage

  1. In the impression of Zhang Jianguo, the eldest son, on December 17, 2019, Han Fang and her mother discussed how to escape from home through a video phone call? There is no one in my mother’s family, so I can’t be picked up. ” At that time, it was near the end of the new year, and Zhang Jianguo wanted to talk about it after the new year. But Han Fang hung up without a few words, “the madman is back.”. Later, Zhang Jianguo recalled that this was his mother’s last call for help. Only three days later, the tragedy happened.
    “My elder sister said that she wanted to get a divorce, but later she was soft hearted. How could there be a divorce in the village at that time?” Han Qin said that her parents also advised her sister not to leave. She said that “if a woman marries her child again, her child will be aggrieved.” moreover, my father thinks that Zhang Maorong is my sister’s favorite, so he can’t live a happy life after divorce
    In the former home, the two brothers and two daughters in law advised their father not to fight against their mother, and sometimes they would stop him. However, whoever advised Zhang Maorong would hit him, slapping him in the face or kicking him with his feet. Once, he chased Zhang Jianjun with an axe. Zhang Jianguo said, “for so many years, one is afraid of him, afraid of him; the other is our old man, I can’t beat him.”
    According to local customs in Heilongjiang Province, the dead can only enter the earth after five years. Zhang Maorong’s ashes are still in the brown red box of the funeral home in Nenjiang city. Zhang Jianguo came to the funeral home and put steamed bread, meat, cigarettes and apples on the memorial platform. He also brought a bottle of wine for his father who didn’t drink before he died, but he didn’t kneel down. Instead of going to the funeral home, Zhang Jianjun burned some paper money at the crossroads of the village.
    Han Maofang, who had just served a year in Heilongjiang Province, was convicted of intentional killing her father and brother.

Global vigilance on the new crown of variation

“This new strain is very worrying because it’s more infectious.” On the 23rd local time, British health secretary Hancock said that two patients with new coronavirus in the country were infected with the mutated strain in South Africa. “Compared with the new strain in the UK, its degree of variation seems to be higher.”. The Financial Times said on the 24th that more than 20 mutations have been found in the UK and South Africa, and the number is “extraordinary”, which has aroused the vigilance of the scientific community. On the same day, the African Center for Disease Control and prevention also said that new coronavirus variants different from those in Britain and South Africa may appear in Nigeria. This week, Switzerland, Mexico, Germany, Italy and a number of other countries have started or plan to start large-scale vaccination. In this context, whether the existing new crown vaccine can “resist” the mutated virus has attracted much attention. The British government and relevant enterprises are quite confident, but some analysts believe that it is too early to make a judgment, “the core of the problem is not whether the vaccine is effective, but how effective they can be.”. The epidemic is still spreading in many countries in the world. In addition to the risks brought by the mutated virus, international public opinion also focuses on the situation of vaccines in China. On the 23rd local time, the state government of Sao Paulo, Brazil announced that the new coronal vaccine developed by Beijing Kexing Zhongwei Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is effective. However, due to the delay in the release of specific data, Western media began to hype “China is not transparent”. The director of Brazil’s Butantan Research Institute said that the delay had nothing to do with the effectiveness of the vaccine. Kexing hopes to integrate the test data of Brazil, Indonesia and Turkey. After all, “the same vaccine can not get three effectiveness results.”.
British health secretary Hancock said at a press conference on the 23rd that two patients in the country were infected with a new strain of coronavirus that appeared in South Africa. They were contacts of cases recently returned from a trip to South Africa. Britain decided to suspend flights with South Africa from 9:00 on the 24th.
The new strains in the UK and South Africa are known as “b.1.1.7” and “501.v2”, respectively, which are believed to be related to the recent surge in confirmed cases in South Africa – the number of new cases in a single day rose from less than 3000 to more than 10000 in less than a month, Deutsche Welle said on the 24th. A record of 231000 new cases were reported in South Africa on a single day. The new coronavirus belongs to the virus that mutates slowly and appears once or twice a month on average. However, genetic analysis showed that there were more than 20 mutations in the varieties found in the UK and South Africa, the Financial Times said on the 24th. Susan Hopkins, executive director of the UK public health agency, said on the 23rd that the mutated viruses in South Africa and the UK are very different and belong to different mutations.
“The virus seems to be spreading faster in the first wave than in the second.” Karim, CO chairman of South Africa’s new coronavirus task force, said on the 24th that the severity of the second wave of the epidemic “is not yet clear.”. “We are entering a particularly dangerous stage in this pandemic.” Andrew Preston, a microbiologist at the University of bath in the UK, said, “a large number of unusual mutations appear in both new varieties almost at the same time, which makes the effective implementation of vaccination more urgent.”
On the 23rd, the number of new cases and deaths in a single day in the UK reached a new high of 39237 and 744 respectively. On the same day, Hancock announced that from the 26th, Sussex, Oxfordshire, Cambridge and other places will be upgraded to the fourth level of prevention and control, and the number of residents affected by the “closure” is expected to increase to 24 million. Hancock said the number of new cases in the UK rose by 57% last week, with nearly 19000 new crown patients hospitalized. “We can’t have the Christmas we all want.”.
And University College London Professor Christina Pagel told the times that it was too late to start putting more areas into level 4 prevention and control on the 26th. “We are in a very dangerous situation. If we just wait for the virus to spread to the north, the whole country will be caught in a sea of epidemic. We are always behind Why let people have big parties at Christmas? It’s asking for trouble. “
British housing, community and Local Government Secretary Patrick told the BBC on the 23rd that the government is evaluating the epidemic prevention measures to determine whether more stringent measures need to be taken in more parts of England. He said there were no plans for a full blockade in England, but the government wanted to ensure that the grading system was “sufficiently robust.”. However, the British “Manchester Evening News” disclosed on 23 that government officials discussed the plan to implement the national blockade from 26 at a senior meeting on 22. “The situation is developing very fast, we need to deal with it at the same speed.” The source said.
At the end of last week, the British government said that after the 70% increase in the infectivity of the mutated new coronavirus in the country, European countries first responded by introducing measures such as restricting flight entry, followed by countries from other continents. Now, “b.1.1.7” has “invaded” Asian countries and regions. Israel’s Ministry of Health said on the 23rd that four cases in the country were infected with the new strain. On the same day, a 17-year-old Singaporean girl who had studied in the UK was confirmed to be infected with the mutated virus, while Malaysia’s health director, nohishan, also said that a new strain appeared in the new crown samples collected in Sabah. On the 23rd, the Hong Kong Centre for health protection said that the viral gene sequencing of two patients was consistent with that of “b.1.1.7”. They were all returned students from the UK.
In the case of the United States, the head of the Department of ecology and evolutionary biology at Arizona State University

Armed exchange of fire in Central Africa

On December 3, 2020, the Constitutional Court of the Central African Republic made a ruling to cancel the candidacy of former president Bozize. Boyn was dissatisfied with this and attracted some armed groups to confront the government. Since December 15, armed confrontation broke out between Chinese and African armed groups and government forces in yaloke area. In the chaos, eight cars and other properties of four Chinese private mining enterprises were robbed. Fortunately, no casualties were found. After that, Chinese citizens began to leave the area. On December 16, after receiving a report from a Chinese citizen, our library immediately negotiated with the commander of the Chinese and African gendarmerie, asking him to carry out an investigation immediately to protect the safety of the local and Chinese citizens on the way out. On December 17, due to the increasingly tense situation, most of the 250 local Chinese citizens had withdrawn to the safe area by themselves. Therefore, we contacted some Chinese citizens staying in the area to withdraw as soon as possible, and contacted relevant protection forces for their evacuation. In the early morning of December 18, the armed groups exchanged fire with the Central African defense forces, and the evacuation of stranded personnel was hindered. The museum made urgent representations to the Central African Ministry of defense, the Ministry of the interior, the United Nations multidimensional integrated Stabilization Mission in Central Africa and other relevant parties, asking them to take immediate action to properly settle down our stranded citizens, send forces to protect them, and assist them to evacuate from the local areas. Due to the intervention of UN peacekeeping forces, the exchange of fire between the two sides gradually subsided on the same day. Although there were still sporadic exchanges of fire between the two sides on December 19, the situation was under control. At present, the stranded personnel have been safely evacuated.
China and Africa are suffering from poverty and war, and illegal armed groups have been operating in other provinces. Since 2018, our consulate has repeatedly issued consular reminders asking our citizens not to go to areas outside Bangui, the capital of Central Africa, and the Pk5 area of Bangui. The Chinese Embassy in Central Africa once again reminds Chinese institutions and citizens in Central Africa that the presidential and parliamentary elections in Central Africa will be held on December 27, and factors of social instability are on the rise. In the future, the possibility of armed exchange of fire between some armed groups and government forces and attacks on polling places cannot be ruled out. Chinese citizens in China and Africa should pay close attention to the local security situation and strengthen prevention. Citizens in Bangui area should avoid going out as far as possible, stay away from the crowd gathering site, and store necessary living materials and emergency supplies in the residence. In areas outside Bangui, Chinese citizens are requested to evacuate as soon as possible to ensure personal safety. In case of armed robbery and other emergencies, be sure to keep calm, life safety first, report to the police in time and contact the Chinese Embassy in Central Africa for consular protection.
Central African Republic bandit police emergency call: 117
Ministry of foreign affairs global consular protection and service emergency call center Tel. + 86-10-12308 or + 86-10-59913991
Tel. + 23675248688

The prosecutor Lao Rongzhi has not repented

On December 22, after two days of trial, Lao Rongzhi was suspected of intentional homicide, kidnapping and robbery. Part of the trial ended, and the case will be sentenced at an optional time.
At the stage of court debate, the procuratorial organ held that the main culprits of the series of crimes of Lao Rongzhi were robbery, kidnapping and intentional homicide. Lao Rongzhi refused to plead guilty in court, and his subjective evil was very deep. In order to protect himself, he did not sincerely repent and break through the bottom line of human nature and law.
Lao Rongzhi’s defender also said that he did not accept the prosecution’s accusation of intentional homicide, recognized robbery, kidnapping and facts, but believed that Lao Rongzhi played a minor role in these crimes and did not recognize the aggravating circumstances of causing death.

Ordering is wasted or will be charged

Ordered a table of dishes, left more than half, the results were thrown away. Diners, please don’t be too self willed in the future! On November 22, the draft of the anti food waste law appeared at the Standing Committee meeting of the National People’s Congress for the first time. It is clear in the draft that catering service providers can charge consumers who cause obvious waste the corresponding fees for the treatment of kitchen waste. The draft also stipulates that catering service providers should take the initiative to remind consumers to prevent food waste, provide different specifications such as small meals, and shall not induce or mislead consumers to order in excess.