Ancient tomb with nine story demon pagoda

Recently, a new discovery has been made on the prototype Tomb of the nine story demon pagoda. Archaeologists said that a large number of funerary objects appeared in the corridor, which could show the dignity of the tomb owner, but the specific identity could not be determined. It is found that the funerary objects include turquoise, gold foil and golden elephant. The gold medal ornaments of sun and moon to lion and the Golden Phoenix hairpin inlaid with turquoise are very exquisite. Archaeologists also found a seal with camel like marks on it.
In 1982, an ancient tomb was found in Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province. Later, archaeologists found hundreds of ancient tombs nearby. This group of ancient tombs is named “hot water tombs”. Among them, “Xuewei No.1 tomb” is a large-scale one, which is said to be the prototype of the “nine story demon tower” in the novel. Since 2018, more than 1000 cultural relics of various types have been unearthed in the “Xuewei No.1 tomb”.

Master’s online love transfer: 1.6 million

In the summer of 2019, a 58 year old Beijing man found a 46 year old “Ping He Xian Shu” woman through the love and marriage network. He ran for the purpose of marriage and transferred 1.6 million yuan to the other party within 10 days of meeting.
In the autumn of 2019, the two people broke up and the other party returned 725000 yuan, but the remaining money was not paid back. The two people went to court, and the money was judged as “gift” in both cases. After struggling for most of his life’s money, he turned into a stranger because of an emotional entanglement. His breath would not be smooth in anyone’s heart. At present, he has appointed a lawyer to apply for retrial.
According to the lawyer’s analysis, the focus of the dispute in this case is whether the property involved is free gift or unjust enrichment. At present, both the plaintiff and the defendant hold their own opinions, and it is really difficult to reach a unified conclusion. However, in terms of legal procedures, if one party is not satisfied with the judgment of the court of first and second instance, it may apply for a retrial according to law and request the court to try the case again by another combined panel.

[South + November 27] according to Russian and British media reports, the Kremlin threw cold water on a Russian media report that Russian President Vladimir Putin had a secret (third) daughter, and the Kremlin said the evidence was “untrustworthy” and “groundless”. This report was then magnified and widely reported by Western media.
As we all know, Putin is very tight lipped about his family situation, and he did not respond to the report. However, Putin’s spokesman Peskov told the media on November 26 that he had “personally seen the materials” and labeled them “yellow news”. “Nothing special, nothing to comment on,” he insisted
The day before, Peskov told reporters that he knew nothing about the plot, claiming that it was “the first time he had heard of such a woman.”.

Integration of health code and elderly card

At today’s policy briefing of the State Council on the implementation plan for effectively solving the difficulties of the elderly in using intelligent technology, Wang Haidong, director of the Department of aging health of the National Health Commission, said in response to a reporter’s question that he would integrate the health code with various public transport cards, citizen cards and old-age cards through technical means, and strive to make other alternative ways as one of the travel modes Voucher.
On November 24, the general office of the State Council issued a notice on the implementation plan for effectively solving the difficulties of the elderly in using intelligent technology, requiring all departments to focus on high-frequency matters and service scenarios involving the elderly, adhere to the parallel innovation of traditional service mode and intelligent service, and effectively solve the outstanding difficulties encountered by the elderly in the application of intelligent technology.

Maradona rescue details

In the early morning of November 26, Beijing time, Maradona, a legend of Argentina, passed away, and many foreign media timely followed up the final details before the king left. According to TYC, a well-known media in Argentina, Maradona only had 12 minutes from coma to death.
Previously, Maradona, 60, has been in poor physical condition. He also underwent head surgery in early November. It can be said that the Argentine player has been in a rather bad situation both physically and psychologically.
At 12:50 p.m. local time on November 25 in Argentina (23:50 Beijing time), Maradona suddenly lost consciousness and suffered cardiac arrest at his home in San Andr é s. Because of the “old horse” health concerns, his family had arranged for a number of ambulances nearby, and the hospital was the first time to enter the Maradona residence for rescue.
But despite the help of up to nine ambulances at the scene, there was still no way to stop Maradona from leaving. At 13:02 p.m. local time on November 25, Argentina, Maradona failed to rescue and died. A generation of football King left his last life.
After Maradona left, Portuguese superstar Ronaldo also sent his blessing to the legendary elder for the first time. Although Maradona is the compatriots of Messi, the “enemy of life” of President Ronaldo, it can not hide the respect of the Portuguese superstar to Maradona. “Today, I say goodbye to a friend, and the world says goodbye to the eternal genius. One of the best in history. An incomparable magician. You leave too early, but leave an endless legacy and gaps that will never be filled. Rest in peace, you will never be forgotten. “
The Brazilian legend Pele, also known as the king of the ball together with Maradona, wrote for the first time: “it is sad news that I have lost a good friend and the world has lost a legend. I have a lot to say, but for now, may God give strength to his family. I hope we can play together in the sky one day

Wrong abortion medicine nurse suspended

On November 4, Mr. Shi accompanied his wife, Ms. Cheng, to stay in Feidong Anzhen Hospital to protect the fetus. At about 6:30 in the morning of November 6, the nurse took the temperature of Mr. Shi’s wife as usual, and took the medicine to her. Out of their trust in the nurse, Mr. Shi and his wife, Ms. Cheng, did not think much about it. However, after taking the medicine, what they were waiting for was the nurse’s sentence “taking the wrong medicine”.
Abortion medicine was taken as a birth protection medicine. These two drugs made Mr. Shi realize the seriousness of the problem. After three hours, Mr. Shi rushed to the people’s Hospital of Feidong County with his wife who had taken the wrong medicine. But the result of gastric lavage was not ideal.
More than half a month has passed since Ms. Cheng took the wrong medicine. Mr. Shi said that a few days after taking the wrong medicine, the hospital also gave Ms. Cheng B-ultrasound, but now the medical staff only take the temperature and blood pressure every day, and urge them to leave the hospital. The hospital has never given a solution or specific reply.
Mr. Shi said that his wife was a little bit psychologically stimulated by taking the wrong medicine. “The fetus is about 17 weeks old. If you take it by mistake, it becomes an abortion drug. The fetus doesn’t want to take it any more. Now I just want the hospital to give a corresponding statement and compensation.” Mr Shi said.
“The birth protection medicine has been sent into the abortion medicine.” Feidong Anzhen Hospital obstetrics and Gynecology director said that the medical staff serious work errors are deeply regretted.
How can a good birth protection medicine be sent into a abortion drug? The head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the hospital said that due to the large number of inpatients and the shortage of hospital beds, there was no spare bed to be vacated, so the medical staff arranged for patients with abortion and birth protection to live in the same ward.
The misused abortion drug was mifepristone, a total of three pills. On November 6, the nurse who found that the wrong drug was delivered reported to the relevant person in charge of the hospital in time. The hospital doctors also took measures to induce vomiting and dilute the patient. Due to the ineffectiveness, the medical staff of anzhen hospital accompanied Mr. Shi and his wife Ms. Cheng to the people’s Hospital of Feidong County for gastric lavage.
“The hospital did B ultrasound a few days ago, from the imaging point of view, the overall condition of the fetus is good.” Feidong County Anzhen Hospital obstetrics and Gynecology director said, “Mr. Shi and his family members for the amount of economic compensation is slightly higher, the hospital side is still actively coordinating with patients’ families.” For Mr. Shi’s wife, Ms. Cheng’s hospitalization, birth examination, and even if she has a child or abortion later, she can also apply for exemption.
The relevant person in charge of Feidong County Health and Health Commission said that the Feidong Health Commission attached great importance to the problems caused by the work errors of medical staff in Feidong Anzhen Hospital, and the nurses who took the wrong medicine on the day of the incident had been suspended. “We have coordinated with the patients’ families and the relevant responsible persons of Anzhen Hospital for many times. At present, the high compensation proposed by Mr. Shi, the family member of the patient, has not reached an agreement with the hospital, and is still in the process of coordination.”
If it is difficult for both sides to reach an agreement on compensation, Ms. Cheng and her family members can take judicial proceedings and Sue Feidong Anzhen Hospital.

22 newly diagnosed cases in 31 provinces

Among them, there were 24 new cases (2 new cases, 2 new cases) and 1 death case (2 new cases) in Jiangsu Province (2 cases) and 1 case (1 case) in Shanghai Construction Corps Cases were imported from abroad (in Shanghai).
On the same day, 15 cases were cured and discharged, 189 close contacts were relieved from medical observation, and severe cases were the same as the previous day.
There are 303 confirmed cases (including 2 severe cases) and 1 suspected case. A total of 3804 cases were confirmed, 3501 cases were cured, and no death cases were found.
As of 24:00 on November 23, according to the reports of 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, 322 confirmed cases (including 6 severe cases), 81508 cured and discharged cases, 4634 death cases, 86464 confirmed cases and 1 suspected case. A total of 877545 close contacts were traced and 11857 people were still under medical observation.
31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps reported 8 new cases of asymptomatic infection (all imported from abroad); 6 cases were confirmed cases on the same day (5 cases imported from abroad); 11 cases were relieved of medical observation on the same day (all imported from abroad); 348 cases of asymptomatic infection were still under medical observation (345 cases were imported from abroad).
A total of 6365 confirmed cases were received from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Among them, there were 5701 cases in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (5267 cases discharged, 108 cases died), 46 cases (46 cases discharged from hospital) in Macao Special Administrative Region, 618 cases (549 cases discharged and 7 cases died) in Taiwan region.

Trump’s three plans are exposed

The Washington Post quoted people familiar with the situation as saying on Tuesday that President trump has tried to overthrow the election results in public, but in private, he has begun to plan for the future.
According to the Washington Post, a recent presidential adviser to trump said trump said he planned to announce a new campaign in three weeks, in order to quickly repel Republican candidates who might run for the US president in 2024, including Vice President pence, Secretary of state Pompeo and former United States Permanent Representative Haley. But several other advisers said Trump’s view of the issue was changing and that no final decision had been made.
Former trump consultant naberg said it was meaningless to announce that it would run for president four years later at the end of this year, but it was important to control the Republicans and become the leader in the presidential election contest. Steele, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee and senior adviser to the Lincoln program, a Republican group against trump, believes that whether trump is really running for president again, he is likely to try to dominate Republican politics in the coming years. Mr. bubak, a Republican strategist and former senior aide to Congress, who has been critical of trump, said that the US president’s Twitter account, though annoying, is one of his most powerful and “portable” tools. “Trump still has the ability to decide whether or not the primary election will succeed (in the Republican presidential election party) and destroy the agreement on Capitol Hill.”. Trump’s frequently used private twitter account, @realdonaldtrump, has more than 88.91 million fans.
Old friend Rady, who has been in touch with trump, said the president of the United States will “work hard to maintain political and media influence.”. Trump has been telling friends that he wants to open a digital media channel, charge subscription fees monthly and may also give subscribers a hat “make America great again,” according to the American Axios news network. There are also news that trump may start a media company by itself. But some presidential advisers say trump may not open a media company because it is a tough and not necessarily successful one, the Washington Post said.
Whether it’s creating media channels or setting up a company, it will be Trump’s way of retaliating against Fox News. The president of the United States thinks Fox News betrays itself. Fox News has been praised by trump before, but it is the first mainstream media to announce Biden won Arizona after the election, the Washington Post reported. Its subordinates also confirmed that trump once called the military “fool” and “loser”, and that the Fox TV host Wallace, who presided over the first debate in the presidential campaign, also upset trump.
Nearly 74million voters supported trump in the U.S. election, ABC reported. If you build your own media platform, trump can use it to get supporters in and get him back in the election four years later. The U.S. Congress will hold mid-term elections in two years. Trump can also use his media platform to create momentum for Republican candidates who share his own aspirations, while attacking people who disagree with the him.
Trump is also exploring ways to make money in a relatively easy way, such as making paid speeches for business groups or holding rallies to sell tickets, the Washington Post said. Sources say the president may write a memoir about his presidency and appear on TV as a paid or unpaid person. Trump will need to repay more than $400million in loans over the next four years and may pay a huge amount of legal fees for a series of investigations and lawsuits. Since 2019, New York State has conducted two independent surveys of the president’s financial situation. The New York Times reported that the surveys later developed to include advisory fees, which were deducted to reduce the president’s taxable income.
Why is trump a strong contender for the 2024 U.S. election? Trump may want to copy the campaign path of former President Andrew Jackson, Arab News Network said on Monday. Jackson lost in the election in 1824, but won the presidential election four years later. Although trump may leave the white house next year, he has not left the game, and “trumpism” remains a strong presence in the United States. From the two aspects of raising funds and national polls, trump is a strong contender for the 2024 Republican Party primary. But even if trump wins the 2024 Republican primary, he won’t necessarily win the presidency. This depends largely on Biden’s performance during his term and whether he will seek re-election.

Trump responds to the diagnosis of the eldest son

[World Wide Web news] just now, U.S. President trump said on twitter that his son Trump’s new crown test results were positive, saying, “my son Donald has done a good job, thank you!”.
[] according to sources familiar with the situation, trump Jr., the son of President trump, has been tested positive for the new coronavirus earlier this week and is currently in quarantine.
British Sky News, the associated press just reported that a spokesman for little trump confirmed that his new crown test results are positive, and is currently in self isolation, but there are no symptoms.

Man immersed in pig cage

On November 20, a netizen posted that a man in Dianbai County, Guangdong Province, was “soaked in a pig cage” by several men, suspected of emotional disputes. According to the video, a man was tied into a bamboo cage with hemp rope and thrown into the water by people around him. The man was crying for mercy on the spot. On the evening of November 20, the Dianbai branch of Maoming Public Security Bureau issued a police information circular saying that one suspect had been arrested and the others were in full pursuit.
According to the circular, the police immediately investigated and dealt with a short video of a man trapped in a bamboo cage circulated on the Internet. After investigation, the video content reflects a case caused by emotional disputes in lingmen Town, Dianbai District, in the early morning of November 20.
At present, the police have filed a case according to law, and arrested the suspect suspect Lai Ming (male, 41 years old, electric Bai Ling men), and other suspects are in full pursuit.