China responds to trump’s tax payment

Trump’s bank account for doing business in China has been found
(observer’s online news) as the U.S. presidential election entered the final two weeks of sprint, the New York Times, which had exposed that trump had not paid taxes for 10 years, suddenly revealed that trump had a “never disclosed personal bank account” in China.
Trump’s lawyers immediately responded that the account was set up for local tax payment when trump group planned to develop its hotel business in China in the early years. As the related business transactions never landed, the account was idle after 2015 and has never been used for other purposes.
The New York Times said on the 20th that they found a personal account opened by the latter in Chinese banking institutions through the analysis of Trump’s tax records. It was the first time that the account was made public because it was affiliated with Trump International Hotel Management Co., Ltd., and therefore did not appear in the public financial information of the president of the United States.
The article said it was not clear which Chinese bank the account was located in or the details of the funds.
It is worth mentioning that trump has only opened overseas accounts in China, the UK and Ireland. The latter two accounts are held by companies that operate Trump’s local golf course. According to the IRS, they make millions of dollars a year in Britain and Ireland.
The above-mentioned “Trump International Hotel Management Co., Ltd.” has annual revenue of only several thousand dollars in China. However, from 2013 to 2015, the company paid a total of US $188561 (about 1.41 million RMB) in China for business license related agreements.
In response to the report, trump group lawyer Alan Garten said that the group had set up an office in China to “investigate the potential of developing Asian hotel business”, and then opened an account in a Chinese bank with a U.S. branch to expand its business in China for tax payment in China.
However, “the relevant contracts, transactions and other business activities never took shape. After 2015, the office is no longer operational. ” Golden stressed that the bank account still exists, but “has never been used for any other purpose.”.
With this report, the New York Times continued to hype the popularity of the “China issue” of the U.S. election, and examined with a magnifying glass the trump group’s business in China and its overseas and domestic business contacts with China in the United States. And this is not the first time American media have done so.
In April this year, US “politician” news network once published an article saying that trump owes Bank of China tens of millions of dollars of loans, which will mature in 2022. The article claims that trump accused Biden of “weakness in China” during the election, but he was found to have business relations with China, thus questioning Trump’s position.
Bank of China immediately clarified that it sold the debt after the 2012 deal and is not currently interested in any of Trump’s assets. “Politicians” eventually corrected the report.
Some U.S. netizens questioned that while the Republican Party attacked Biden’s relations with China, the New York Times article on Trump’s bank account in China was “very interesting” and seemed to divert attention.
Others make complaints about Trump’s “taxes paid in China more than in the US”.
At the end of September, the New York Times revealed that trump had exploited the loophole in the tax law and had not paid any income tax for 10 years. In his first two years as president, he only paid $750 in taxes each year. Trump denied it as “false news”.

Scalded by boiling water, the female cat died

Recently, a netizen in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, revealed that four of her kittens died after being scalded with boiling water. After the event, a number of experts from the province were invited for consultation. Because the burned area of the scalded cat reached 70%, the blood vessels were clearly visible, the cat had stopped heartbeat, and the pupil had no reflexes. The cat eventually died of the injury.

Drunken ride harassment male driver

Sina science and technology news on the afternoon of August 27, Didi released the “drunk passenger safety transparency report” in the second quarter of 2020, and actively publicized the in car conflicts and data caused by drunken car Hailing passengers on the Internet, and reminded users to use safety functions and enhance safety awareness in view of drunk riding scenes.
This is the sixth safety transparency report released by Didi. In the second quarter of 2020, Didi received a total of 10130 complaints related to drunkenness, which is equivalent to one complaint received by customer service every 12 minutes.
Among them, 364 complaints (quarrel, fight, fight, etc.) caused by drunk passengers; 477 complaints about verbal harassment or physical harassment caused by drunk passengers (asking for wechat, vulgar language, physical touch, etc.).
The complaint rate of physical conflict caused by drunk passengers decreased by 66.4% year on year
The management of drunken scene of online car Hailing is complex, which may lead to conflicts between drivers and passengers, as well as potential safety hazards such as drivers or passengers being injured.
In 2019, the platform received more than 12 million complaints about uncivilized behavior, 19% of which were caused by drunkenness. In July 2020, Didi public Council invited netizens to vote on the “top 10 uncivilized behaviors of online car Hailing”, and drunken trouble making ranked first among the uncivilized behaviors of passengers.
According to the report, in the second quarter of 2020, there were 364 complaints about physical conflicts caused by drunkenness, accounting for 17.6% of the total number of complaints.

Survivors of acid soup poisoning

Recently, a family dinner party in Jidong County, Jixi City, Heilongjiang Province caused poisoning, killing eight people. Today (October 19), the Red Star News reporter learned from Mr. Zhang, the son of Ms. Li, the only survivor of “sour soup” poisoning in Jixi, Heilongjiang Province, that her mother had died at noon today. So far, all the 9 poisoned people in Jixi “sour soup” poisoning event have died.
On October 5, Wang Mou, a community resident in Xingnong Town, Jidong County, Jixi City, Heilongjiang Province, and nine of his relatives had a dinner at home. They ate homemade sour soup (a kind of coarse noodle staple food fermented by corn mill), which caused food poisoning.
It is reported that after local police investigation, it was found that the sour soup was made by the family members and had been frozen in the refrigerator for nearly a year. It was suspected that the food had caused food poisoning. After the local public security organs Criminal Technology Department on-site extract detection, ruled out the possibility of artificial poisoning.
Eight of the nine people who had been poisoned have died. Only Ms. Li, 47, who was treated in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, survived.

Covering Dagu glacier

On October 17, the results of a two-month “blanket” experiment on Glacier No. 17 of Dagu glacier revealed that the melting speed of ice body in the “covered” area was significantly reduced. Compared with the ice body in the uncovered area, the ice body could slow down the melting thickness of glacier by 1 meter, and it was preliminarily estimated that the melting rate of glacier could be reduced by about 70%.
Since August this year, Dagu glacier Scenic Area Administration and the cryosphere Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly carried out the first “Application of geoengineering” measures to slow down glacier melting in China. The State Key Laboratory of Cryosphere science, Northwest Institute of ecological environment and resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has set up a 500 square meter experimental site at an altitude of 5000 meters on glacier 17 of Dagu glacier. A layer of geotextile with thickness of 5mm or 8mm is laid on the ice surface, which is like covering the glacier with a quilt. The experimental results show that this method can effectively slow down the glacier melting.

Kan Yiwei sacrifices Yasukuni Shrine

According to Yonhap news agency, Japanese Prime Minister Kan Yiwei offered sacrifices to the Yasukuni shrine on 17 July. Reuters said it was the first time Kan had offered a sacrifice to the Yasukuni Shrine since he took office last month.
According to the Yonhap news agency, Kan Yiwei has not visited the Yasukuni shrine or offered sacrifices during the seven years and eight months when former Prime Minister Abe was in power for the second time.
In response to the visit of some Japanese cabinet members to the Yasukuni Shrine, a spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry stressed that the Yasukuni shrine was the spiritual tool and symbol of Japanese militarism in launching the war of aggression against foreign countries, and there were 14 class a war criminals who were seriously responsible for the war of aggression. The practices of some Japanese political figures once again reflect Japan’s wrong attitude towards the history of aggression. We urge Japan to earnestly abide by its statement and commitment to face up to the history of introspection and aggression, and win trust from Asian neighbors and the international community with practical actions.

Jiangxi suspect Li Youhua is arrested

Jiangxi suspect Li Youhua is arrested
On the evening of October 16, the Public Security Bureau of Yiyang County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province issued a notice saying that Li Youhua, a fugitive, was arrested in Wanli Township, Yiyang County at about 18:00 on October 16, 66 hours after escaping.
According to the upstream news (micro signal: shangyounews), three people were killed and one injured in a murder case in Yiyang, Jiangxi Province, suspected of emotional disputes. Thousands of police are searching the mountain. At 0:54 on October 14, the Public Security Bureau of Yiyang County received a report saying that there was a homicide case on Huating street in Yiyang County. The suspect Li Youhua stabbed and killed Chen, que, Ying and ye in the early morning of October 14 and stabbed Zhou A rear driver fled the scene.

On crutches and drunk driving to celebrate discharge

According to Jiangsu public news channel “news space station”, dangerous driving behaviors such as drunk driving and drunk driving have always been the targets of severe crackdown by traffic police departments. A few days ago, when the traffic police in Changshu, Suzhou, checked the drunk driving, the driver Zhang was arrested. What is unexpected is that Zhang is still on crutches while driving with wine. What is the matter?
At more than 11:00 p.m. on the day of the accident, the traffic police checked the driver of a white vehicle and found that the driver was suspected of drunk driving. Immediately, the police asked the driver to get out of the car and give him an alcohol breath test. Unexpectedly, the driver took out a pair of crutches from the co pilot’s position.

Women cry three nights after wedding

Ms. Fang in Hangzhou has just finished her wedding ceremony
For the wedding banquet
But I was angry
Feel that life has left a stain
For this matter, for the three days after marriage, I couldn’t sleep with tears every night, because marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime affair, which has left a great stain on my life.
Hangzhou women cry for three nights after their wedding: life has left a stain! Because at the wedding
Speaking of her wedding banquet, Ms. Fang cried bitterly. On October 5, Ms. Fang and her husband married at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Hangzhou. Banquet is 4500 yuan a table standard, a total of 30 tables, the total price of about 140000 yuan, but the actual dishes, they are very disappointed.
Hangzhou women cry for three nights after their wedding: life has left a stain! Because at the wedding
Ms. Fang
One is Boston lobster, but the lobster has more noodles than lobster. There are many noodles on the bottom. There is also an old duck pot with dried bamboo shoots, a stewed chicken, and a turbot. These four dishes are all meat, and the rest are half meat and half vegetarian. I have consulted my classmates in Hangzhou, and this dish must be less than 4500 More, the most is 2000 yuan, only because it is only 2000 yuan in five-star hotels. If it is a small place, 1000 yuan is not needed.
Hangzhou women cry for three nights after their wedding: life has left a stain! Because at the wedding
Ms. Fang thinks that the dishes provided by the hotel are far below the standard of 4500 yuan. Ms. Fang blames herself for this and feels that she has not treated well the relatives and friends who come to the wedding on the same day.
Ms. Fang
Most of my relatives come from Jinhua or Taizhou, because I’m from Jinhua and my husband is from Taizhou. Relatives from afar point out why you are such a good hotel and such a poor dish. Some people even say that my dish is not as good as that of other people’s “tofu rice”.
After that, Ms. Fang went to Four Points Sheraton Hotel for advice, and the hotel said there was a third party in the middle. Ms. Fang knew that the salesperson who had been connecting with her banquet was not from Four Points Sheraton Hotel, but from the third party Hangzhou man Li Hotel Management Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou women cry for three nights after their wedding: life has left a stain! Because at the wedding
Ms. Fang said that she had left her information and phone number online before ordering a banquet, and then someone contacted her on her own initiative. However, every time the salesman met with her, she was in Sheraton and did not tell her that he was a third party.
On the spot, the reporter contacted the salesman by telephone.
Mr. Yu, sales manager of Hangzhou Manli Hotel Management Co., Ltd
We are a hotel management company that undertakes wedding banquets and annual meetings of all hotels. We are not only four points Sheraton, but also other hotels. They give us a set meal at the bottom price. We increase the price and then sell it. Then we help them to promote and help them bring guests.
Have you told the consumers about this situation?
Mr. Yu, sales manager of Hangzhou Manli Hotel Management Co., Ltd
This certainly can’t be told to consumers, after all, it involves business secrets.
Is his banquet worth more than 4000?
Mr. Yu, sales manager of Hangzhou Manli Hotel Management Co., Ltd
I have no way to answer you. Whether it is worth it or not is different from person to person.
The salesman said that how much money Ms. Fang’s banquet was worth and how much money he made was a trade secret, which is not convenient to disclose. However, the signed contract has indicated that it is Hangzhou manly hotel management company.
In the banquet contract signed by Mr. Yu and Ms. Fang, it can be seen that there is no Party A, Party B is Ms. Fang and her husband, the hotel is marked as “four friends Sheraton”, and the seal at the signature is indeed “Hangzhou Manli Hotel Management Co., Ltd.”.
Hangzhou women cry for three nights after their wedding: life has left a stain! Because at the wedding
In response, Ms. Fang said that the company name on the seal was the company name of Sheraton brand. And the salesman in oral communication with her, has never indicated the identity.
Hangzhou women cry for three nights after their wedding: life has left a stain! Because at the wedding
Subsequently, the reporter found the relevant person in charge of the Four Points Sheraton Hotel. On the scene, the other party provided several sets of unified external package, which did not include the one on Ms. Fang’s wedding banquet.
Four Points Sheraton said that they did have cooperation with the Hangzhou manly hotel company, but how much the banquet cost and how much it was sold to customers by a third party were not disclosed. At the scene, the relevant person in charge of Sheraton Hotel called Mr. Yu, a salesman of Mary company. Both sides agreed that they would sit down together, negotiate face to face, and give Ms. Fang an explanation.

The cleaner drinks toilet water

The health status of a company represents the ability of the company’s managers to some extent. If a company is dirty and disordered, the company manager is very irresponsible. Instead, if a company says the health condition is very good, then it can also see some excellent management in other aspects. Recently, a video has been circulated online. A feed company in Feicheng, Shandong Province has been circulating on the Internet recently A cleaning officer of the company drinks toilet water directly, which shows that the cleaned urinal has reached the standard of direct drinking.
The comments on the news on the Internet are praiseworthy and derogatory. Some people say that this is serious work and the work has been done to the extreme. They should learn from her. However, some people say that in order to show that the toilet is clean, it is not necessary to drink toilet water directly. Even if it is so clean, there are many bacteria in the toilet.
It is hard to remind me of such a scene abroad. The cleaner also wants to show that he cleans the toilet very well. He scoops out a cup of water from the urinal and drinks it. You dare to drink toilet water. This really shows that you have done the utmost work and the sanitation cleaning is very good. But the toilet is the place where people excrete. It will give a very bad kind of water to people Comfortable feeling, even if you clean again how clean, after watching will make people feel disgusting.
I don’t think there are such forms of cleaning. Some people may feel that it is responsible for the work, but I think it is too much responsibility for the work. After all, it is a toilet. After cleaning, it is OK to use the naked eye to see that there is no mess. There is no need to use toilet water to show that they are clean.
When the woman was drinking toilet water, there were many leaders around watching the woman drink the toilet water, and then they all started to hold their hands. Did they really recognize this form in their hearts? I believe most of them feel disgusting about this, but they don’t express it. I don’t know what you think about it?