The delivery man broke down and smashed the shop

It is said that people who are impatient are easy to get ahead and have a hot temper. After this incident, they have a bad temper. This is not an accident!
Recently, a delivery clerk in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, took the order to the restaurant to pick up the meal. At that time, there were many people in the shop and the business was good, and there were many people queuing up!
The shopkeeper is busy, say at the same time: issue order number
The takeout clerk saw that the restaurant was not ready to serve food. At this time, he was in a hurry. He even slapped his hands on the table and said, “how long is 73 and 75 left?”?
One of the staff turned around and yelled at the takeout, “what’s the use of your loud voice?”!
At this time, the takeout man picked up the takeaway from the table and threw it at her!
And the saleswoman scolded: you have a problem!
Then two people quarrel, the owner from the counter out, began to beat the takeout!
The biggest problem is that the takeout staff are under too much pressure and lose control of their emotions. Sometimes, for the sake of competition, a lot of pressure is transferred to the takeaway brother. The takeout brother and the store owner are both wrong. In fact, both sides have better solutions, but they all adopt the most impulsive approach!
And the most irritating thing is to drag people to the back kitchen and beat them alone. I think it’s too much. The takeaway is to work, and the business is to make money. It is his fault that the takeout man smashes things. He will have to pay for it when the time comes, and the shopkeeper should not be so impulsive!
I think both sides are responsible for this matter. The takeout must be calm in dealing with the matter. Don’t be impulsive and cause big trouble!
If you can control your emotions, will the following things happen? You collapse, you vent, you delay the time of other takeaway brothers, delay the speed of the business, what problem has your venting solved, or made the problem serious or solved?
During the rush hour, the merchants must be too late. Sometimes the takeout is slow. At this time, you can report it and you won’t deduct money. Then you can call the customer to explain the reason why they can’t arrive in time. If you have a good communication, you can deliver it at last! It’s not good to have a bad temper in takeout, especially if you don’t think about it for a while. Sometimes it’s dangerous to think too much on the way!
You can control the time to deliver takeout and temper yourself, otherwise it’s not suitable for this line!
And the shopkeeper, because the business is good, can’t ignore the feelings of the takeaway, even beat people!
Netizens said: This is obviously the shop owner’s fault. If you can’t come over with your business, you can’t go to take out. If you don’t pay close attention to it, you will be complained about the late delivery of takeout brother, and his salary will be deducted, and he will be dismissed seriously. I think it’s selfish of the store!
Shop owners also think that it’s not easy for the takeout staff to deduct money after the delivery time. If you want to make money, they should also make money. They should not let others help in vain because of your reasons!
If the business is good, you can expand the production scale ahead of time, or take out. Don’t let more people worry because of you because of the shortage of supply!
In fact, there are also reasons why the takeout man is in a hurry. If he drops something, you can use legal means to maintain it, instead of beating people! In this case, your business is too failed. You only care about yourself and don’t consider other people’s feelings. It’s really selfish!
According to media reports, the two sides have reached an agreement, and the owner will pay 4000 yuan for the medical expenses of the takeaway, and finally settle down.
From an outsider, it’s a bit excessive for the boss to serve slowly and to make the takeout staff anxious. If the takeout is not rational, it must be the first thing to smash something. The person with a good temper will call the police and ask the takeout worker to lose money. However, this shop keeper is quite popular. He starts directly, and the attack is not light. After all, whoever starts first doesn’t care!
Things have happened, anyway, hands-on is not the way to solve the problem, it will only make things more serious!

Apple sales down 28%

Apple released its fourth quarter performance report in 2020 after hours on October 29, Eastern time. Although the fourth quarter revenue, profits are higher than market expectations. But iPhone sales, at $26.44 billion, were the only major product sales decline in the quarter. In the same period last year, it was US $33.362 billion, with a year-on-year decrease of about 20%. In addition, sales in Greater China in the fourth quarter were $7.95 billion, down 28.57% from $11.13 billion in the same period last year. Affected by this, Apple shares fell nearly 5% after hours.
In response, Apple CEO Cook said that since Chinese consumers had been waiting for 5g iPhones, fourth quarter sales would certainly be weaker. 5g is quite advanced in China, and the company is very confident in this, and has confidence in Greater China sales in the first quarter of fiscal year 2021.
Red Star News noted that Apple industrial chain fell sharply, huanxu electronic limit fell, LANs technology fell 6.47%, golfer shares and Changying precision fell more than 3%.

Two yuan for thousands of face photos

“Brush face” payment when shopping, unlock “brush face” when using mobile phone, and “brush face” open door when entering the community Nowadays, more and more things can be “washed” and solved by face recognition technology.
According to a report released recently, more than 90% of the respondents have used face recognition, but 60% of the respondents think that face recognition technology is likely to be abused. Another 30% of the respondents said that they have suffered privacy or property loss due to the leakage and abuse of face information. So, is our face information safe in the “face brushing” era?
What are the risks of face recognition?
For face recognition, most people love and hate it. What they love is that it is convenient and fast, and what they hate is security risks.
Suspect “Ai face changing” deceives face recognition to commit crime
In the two cases of police embezzlement of citizens’ personal information this year, it is worth noting that the suspects used the “AI face changing technology” to illegally obtain citizens’ photos for preprocessing, and then generated dynamic video through “photo activation” software, deceived the mechanism of face verification, so that they could commit crimes.
Can masks replace faces to unlock mobile phones?
In the test, researchers put a mask on the opposite side of the mobile phone and then adjusted the light, color temperature and angle. After several comparisons, the phone was successfully unlocked.
Experts say the cost of making this mask is not high, and 3D printing technology can produce face masks or headgear with acceptable accuracy. As long as it is not in a very dark or bright background, the success rate of face recognition by mask or headgear is as high as 30%.
How to enhance the security of face recognition?
Experts say that the simplest face recognition at present only needs to collect and extract six or eight feature points on the face. For complex face recognition, it needs to collect and extract dozens or even hundreds of feature points on the face. Compared with unlocking the mobile phone, “face brushing” payment and “face brushing” into the community, the collected face feature points are more, and the security is naturally higher.
In addition, we have developed a biometric based in vivo detection technology, which can effectively identify the vital signs of the scanned object, and greatly reduce the risk of the recognition system using photos or masks as faces.
2 yuan can buy thousands of photos, how is the face information leaked?
According to the survey, on some online trading platforms, thousands of face photos can be bought for only 2 yuan, while the price of more than 5000 face photos is less than 10 yuan.
The store’s material library is full of personal privacy, such as real life photos and self photos. When the reporter asked the customer service whether the pictures involved copyright, the customer service denied it, but could not provide any material to prove the copyright of the photos.
If these face photos containing personal information fall into the hands of criminals, the photo owners may not only encounter accurate fraud and suffer property losses, but also be involved in criminal proceedings because their face information is used for money laundering and other illegal and criminal activities.
In the opinion of experts, the risk point of face recognition technology is more concentrated in the storage link. Due to the diversity of face recognition applications and the lack of a unified industry standard, a large number of face data are stored in the centralized database of application operators or technology providers.
Whether the data is desensitized, whether the security is in place, what is used for algorithm training, and which will be shared by partners is unknown to the outside world. Moreover, once the server is intruded, the highly sensitive face data will face the risk of leakage.
The draft of personal information law is issued, and the protection of face information is more standardized
In order to plug this loophole, experts put forward a variety of technical improvements, and further pointed out that face data storage should establish more stringent standards and norms, technology developers and app operators should collect, use and store data under more stringent supervision, laws and industry standards.
In view of the phenomenon that face information is abused, embezzled and collected at will, legal experts point out that the network security law explicitly includes personal biometric identification information into the scope of personal information. China’s “Civil Code” stipulates that the collection and processing of personal information of a natural person should follow the principles of legality, legitimacy and necessity, and obtain the consent of the natural person or his guardian, and the consent of the adoptee can also be withdrawn.
At present, the personal information protection law of the people’s Republic of China (Draft) is open to the public for comments. The draft proposes that the installation of image acquisition and personal identification equipment in public places should be necessary for the maintenance of public security, comply with the relevant national regulations, and set up prominent prompt signs. The collected personal images and personal identity information can only be used for the purpose of maintaining public security, and shall not be made public or provided to others, except with the individual’s individual consent or otherwise provided by laws and administrative regulations.

The girl was abused by her mother and was critically ill

October 25, Fushun, Liaoning. The 6-year-old girl was abused by her mother and her boyfriend for three months. She was doused with hot water, extracted teeth with forceps, igniter burner, pricked legs with steel needles, and fed cat food He was sent to hospital for fracture. At present, the mother and her boyfriend have been detained by torture, and the trial will be held after the child’s injury identification.
The father of the child is a truck driver. He divorced in 18 years. After the divorce, it was awarded to her mother. However, her father has been taking care of it. It was handed over on January 1 this year.
Liu Yanyan, the mother of the child (not to mention the mother of the child, she is not worthy of it) lives with her current boyfriend Chen Guowei (who was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for robbery) with her child (not her real name). From March to may, 2020, Chen Guowei repeatedly injured a 6-year-old child with hot water, beating with fists and feet and washing board and tooth extraction with forceps for various reasons, resulting in severe scald and multiple fractures of the children.
At the same time, the children were stabbed into their thighs with needles, allowed to sleep on floor tiles, did not cover the quilt, punished them for kneeling on the washing board for a long time, scalded their bodies with cigarette ends, forced them to swallow cigarette butts, eat cat food, eat cat excrement, and do not give food to eat and other cruel means, resulting in many injuries to children’s body surface. And not timely medical treatment.
As the legal guardian of her daughter, Liu Yanyan, the child’s mother, not only stopped Chen Guowei from beating and abusing her daughter, but also failed to seek medical treatment in time. On the contrary, Liu Yanyan, together with Chen Guowei, beat up her 6-year-old daughter. On May 21, 2020, two people felt that the child was seriously injured and was on the verge of death. They were sent to the hospital for treatment. At the same time, he falsely claimed that the child needed money for treatment. When the child’s grandmother arrived at the hospital to send money, she saw her granddaughter’s injury, and then entrusted her sister to call the police.
At this time, in order to prevent the child’s grandmother from reporting to the police, Liu Yanyan also threatened his mother and grandmother. The old lady really understood the justice. Her daughter threatened not to report to the police. The old lady still committed suicide to the police and said the sentence of death.
According to the father of the child, he and his mother divorced in February 2018. Although the children were awarded to the child’s mother, they were all brought by themselves before. They handed the child over to each other on January 1 this year, but they didn’t expect to be abused like this by them.
The child’s grandmother said that she knew that the child was injured on May 22. At that time, she listened to the child’s mother saying that the child’s bath was scalded by boiling water, and she fell down after being scalded on the ground. Then she broke her arm and had no money in hospital, so she asked the child’s grandmother to send money. A thorough examination in the hospital found a needle in the child’s leg, so the hospital doctors suspected that the child had been abused. At present, the child’s grandmother has called the police, and the child’s mother and boyfriend have been detained by the police for criminal detention, and the trial will be held after the child’s injury is identified.
The child’s injury needs medical expenses, needs someone to take care of, abuse for up to three months, how to help her out of the psychological shadow, and the child needs to be raised in the future, these are all difficult problems. Although it is very difficult, I hope there will be a good solution. Back to this case, it is not only maltreatment in the criminal law, but also refers to the physical and mental persecution of family members who live together by beating and scolding, binding, freezing and starving, restricting freedom, abusing personality, not being treated or forced to do excessive labor, and so on Obviously, it is beyond the limit of maltreatment and obviously has the intention to hurt the victim. It should be convicted of intentional injury and wait for the child’s injury to be identified, which may constitute intentional injury causing serious injury. Moreover, its various means are very cruel, lasting for a long time. The subjective intention of torturing the victim is obvious. The parents’ torture of their daughter has a great social impact, which has constituted the means of criminal law, which is particularly cruel and has the possibility of death penalty.
They are so vicious to their own children that they expect to be filial to their children in the future?
What you give, what you get.
Children are not objects, not to mention parents’ cash cow. Some parents’ actions are really disgusting.
As for the abuse of children by parents, the “crime of maltreatment” can usually be punished in law.
The crime of maltreatment in Article 260 of the criminal law
Whoever maltreats a family member, if the circumstances are flagrant, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than two years, criminal detention or public surveillance. Whoever commits the crime mentioned in the preceding paragraph and causes serious injury or death to the victim shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than two years but not more than seven years. The crime mentioned in the first paragraph shall be dealt with only if the victim is told, except for those who are unable to do so or who are unable to do so because of coercion or intimidation.
Parents who commit maltreatment may also apply to the people’s court for the disqualification of their guardians in accordance with the provisions of Article 36 of the coming into force of the civil code or Article 36 of the general provisions of the civil law which has already come into force.
Article 36 If a guardian is under any of the following circumstances, the people’s court shall, upon the application of the relevant individual or organization, revoke his / her guardian status, arrange necessary temporary guardianship measures, and appoint a guardian according to law in accordance with the principle that is most beneficial to the guardian:
(1) Committing acts that seriously damage the physical and mental health of the ward;
(2) Failing to perform the duty of guardianship, or unable to perform the duty of guardianship, and refusing to entrust part or all of the guardianship duties to others, thus causing the ward to be in a state of danger and distress;
(3) Committing other acts that seriously infringe upon the legal rights and interests of the ward.
The relevant individuals and organizations specified in this article include: other persons with guardianship qualifications according to law, residents’ committees, villagers’ committees, schools, medical institutions, women’s federations, disabled persons’ federations and minors’ protection

KFC takes out live maggots

Recently, a video display on the network. Xinjiang Hami netizens reported that he found a live maggot wriggling from the KFC takeout. The picture was disgusting.
In this regard, in an interview with the media, KFC store staff responded that this could not happen.
She explained that the frying temperature was as high as 350 degrees. How could there be any living things like that.
The staff then added that they were ready to report the case and the customer had deleted the video.
For this matter, netizens also talked about it one after another
-These fake people who are ready to blackmail are really brainless.
-Is it possible to mix in the box
-It must be fake. Some of them are dead and bombed

Us first lady suspected of double

Melania: atypical first lady of the United States
“The shape of the nose is obviously wrong” “the height is at least 6 inches shorter” U.S. President trump and his wife, Melania, went to Alabama in early March for a visit to Hurricane stricken areas, which caused a stir in American social media. Standing beside trump and wearing oversized sunglasses, the “first lady” is regarded by many netizens as not a real Melania, but a stand in.
Trump tweeted the rumor on March 13, saying such speculation was false news. He believed that the media had modified the photos of Melania, and then triggered conspiracy theories, saying that the real Melania was not standing beside him, and that Melania was not in Alabama, but somewhere else. “As time goes on, these people get more crazy!” trump said.
This is not the first time that Melania has been suspected of having a double. In August 2018, Melania and trump went to Ohio to attend the event. There are also rumors on the Internet that Melania, who visited the children’s Hospital, was totally different from the one who showed up on the tarmac the same day.
Speculation on the Internet has something to do with Melania’s low profile and frequent “disappearance.”. As the first “first lady” of Eastern European origin who was not born in the United States, Melania is known as one of the most “low-key” first ladies in the history of the United States, although she is a frequent visitor in the fashion circle, which is in sharp contrast to trump, who has a high profile. According to a survey released by YouGov and the economist on March 7, 2019, the first lady Melania is the favorite of American people among the trump family.
According to the poll data regularly released by CNN, Melania’s support rate has been relatively satisfactory, which has remained close to 50% to nearly 60% for most of 2018. Only the poll support rate published in December dropped to 43%, while Trump’s support rate has been hovering around 40%.
“Reserved, elegant and calm”
Melania moved to the White House six months after trump took office, and her “predecessors” usually moved to the White House in about a month. The reason she gave was to stay in New York to wait for her 11 year old son, Baron, to complete the school year.
During the six months of Melania’s “Absence” from the White House, Trump’s daughter Ivanka filled the vacuum created by the absence of “first lady”. As an adviser to the president, Ivanka not only has his own office in the West Wing of the White House, but also attended Trump’s meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, and presided over and arranged a series of important activities in the White House.
Even after Melania moved into the White House, Ivanka often helped trump prepare for celebrations and social events. Although Ivanka has repeatedly said that it is inappropriate to make any connection with the title of “first lady”, she is still regarded by the media as playing a part of a similar role.
Not only did she move into the White House belatedly, but Melania’s team building and public events were not slow. In her first year in the White House, she spent most of her time in a low-key and inaction state. So far, Melania’s office has only about 10 staff and lacks experts in policy research and public relations. Previously, the first lady’s office team usually included more than 20 professionals.
In an interview with GQ magazine, a close friend of Melania said that Melania’s personality is completely different from her husband trump. She is reserved, elegant and calm. “She is rich, but she is not a socialite but a housemaid.”
Among the previous first ladies in the United States, Melania’s experience is quite unique. She was born in 1970 to a civilian family in sevnita, a Slovenian town. Her father was a marketing manager in an automobile factory and her mother worked in a clothing factory. She studied design and architecture at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia for a year. Because of her outstanding appearance, she began to model for fashion photographers at the age of 16, and then made a living in cities such as Milan and Paris. This experience allowed her to speak French, Serb and German in addition to English and Slovenian.
In the impression of Melania university students, she has always been a quiet person, not smoking, not drinking, not shuttling around the party. Even after she started her modeling career, she likes to go home immediately after work and stay with her equally quiet sister. Her college classmate Petra sedge told GQ that at that time, boys liked party girls, but they were not. Parties were usually held in Melania’s or Petra’s dormitories, drinking juice and chatting.
In 1995, Melania met Paul zampori, a famous partner of metropolitan model company in Milan, and under his encouragement, she went to the United States to develop in 1996. In an interview with the New York Post in 2005, Paul zampori also said that Melania didn’t go out often, didn’t go to clubs or bars, just went to the movies and the gym. Before trump, she had never dated anyone in New York. “This is a girl who models camel cigarettes on a huge billboard in Times Square, but she stays at home all the time.”
Many years ago, Melania told the media that if trump was elected president, she would be a “very traditional” first lady. Today, although living

Nuclear sewage damages human DNA

Shaun Burnie, a senior nuclear expert with Greenpeace in Germany, said the storage tank could contain up to 63.6 GBq of carbon-14. “These and other radionuclides in sewage will be dangerous for thousands of years and may cause genetic damage.
How to deal with the nuclear sewage produced by the leakage of the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan has always been a major problem. Japanese media reported recently that the Japanese government intends to discharge the Fukushima nuclear sewage into the Pacific Ocean, which has aroused great concern in Japan and surrounding countries. According to CNN reported on the 24th, Greenpeace International (Greenpeace) warned on the 23rd that the polluted water discharged from the Fukushima nuclear reactor into the sea contains radioactive substances, which may damage human DNA.

Two new input cases in Beijing

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were imported from abroad 0 cases from October 23rd to 24 in October 23rd. There were no newly reported local confirmed cases, suspected cases and asymptomatic infections.
Case 1: a male, 46 years old, of Sichuan nationality, working in Pakistan. On October 8, he arrived in Beijing from Pakistan by flight ca946. After health screening and sampling, the customs delivered the samples to the isolation observation hotel under closed-loop management. On that day, the customs reported that the nucleic acid of new coronavirus was negative. The patient had sore throat during isolation and observation. On October 22, the nucleic acid test of new coronavirus in throat swab was carried out, and the result was positive, that is, it was transferred to Ditan hospital by 120 negative pressure ambulance; on October 23, the Municipal Center for Disease Control and prevention reviewed the positive result, and the diagnosis was confirmed by expert group consultation, and the clinical classification was light.
Case 2: a male, 51 years old, of Sichuan nationality, working in Pakistan. On October 8, he arrived in Beijing from Pakistan by flight ca946. After health screening and sampling, the customs delivered the samples to the isolation observation hotel under closed-loop management. On that day, the customs reported that the nucleic acid of new coronavirus was negative. The patient had dry throat and other symptoms during isolation and observation. On October 22, the nucleic acid test of new coronavirus in throat swab was carried out, and the result was positive, that is, it was transferred to Ditan hospital by 120 negative pressure ambulance; on October 23, the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention reexamined that the patient was confirmed by expert group consultation, and the clinical classification was ordinary type.
At present, the global epidemic situation is still in a state of continuous spread, and the focus of current epidemic prevention and control is the input of external prevention and the rebound of internal prevention. Here, I would like to remind you that you do not have to leave the country if you don’t have to. If it is necessary to leave the country, please pay close attention to the local epidemic prevention and control information, carry sufficient protective equipment, do a good job of personal protection in the whole process, wash hands frequently, wear masks, do not gather or dine together, keep a safe social distance and reduce unnecessary going out.
Before arriving in Beijing on an international flight, overseas personnel should carry out nucleic acid test to know their health status. They should wear masks throughout the journey. They should strictly abide by quarantine, health declaration, isolation, health management and other prevention and control measures when they enter the country. They should do a good job of health monitoring every day within 14 days, and timely report the symptoms of discomfort and standardize medical treatment.

China responds to trump’s tax payment

Trump’s bank account for doing business in China has been found
(observer’s online news) as the U.S. presidential election entered the final two weeks of sprint, the New York Times, which had exposed that trump had not paid taxes for 10 years, suddenly revealed that trump had a “never disclosed personal bank account” in China.
Trump’s lawyers immediately responded that the account was set up for local tax payment when trump group planned to develop its hotel business in China in the early years. As the related business transactions never landed, the account was idle after 2015 and has never been used for other purposes.
The New York Times said on the 20th that they found a personal account opened by the latter in Chinese banking institutions through the analysis of Trump’s tax records. It was the first time that the account was made public because it was affiliated with Trump International Hotel Management Co., Ltd., and therefore did not appear in the public financial information of the president of the United States.
The article said it was not clear which Chinese bank the account was located in or the details of the funds.
It is worth mentioning that trump has only opened overseas accounts in China, the UK and Ireland. The latter two accounts are held by companies that operate Trump’s local golf course. According to the IRS, they make millions of dollars a year in Britain and Ireland.
The above-mentioned “Trump International Hotel Management Co., Ltd.” has annual revenue of only several thousand dollars in China. However, from 2013 to 2015, the company paid a total of US $188561 (about 1.41 million RMB) in China for business license related agreements.
In response to the report, trump group lawyer Alan Garten said that the group had set up an office in China to “investigate the potential of developing Asian hotel business”, and then opened an account in a Chinese bank with a U.S. branch to expand its business in China for tax payment in China.
However, “the relevant contracts, transactions and other business activities never took shape. After 2015, the office is no longer operational. ” Golden stressed that the bank account still exists, but “has never been used for any other purpose.”.
With this report, the New York Times continued to hype the popularity of the “China issue” of the U.S. election, and examined with a magnifying glass the trump group’s business in China and its overseas and domestic business contacts with China in the United States. And this is not the first time American media have done so.
In April this year, US “politician” news network once published an article saying that trump owes Bank of China tens of millions of dollars of loans, which will mature in 2022. The article claims that trump accused Biden of “weakness in China” during the election, but he was found to have business relations with China, thus questioning Trump’s position.
Bank of China immediately clarified that it sold the debt after the 2012 deal and is not currently interested in any of Trump’s assets. “Politicians” eventually corrected the report.
Some U.S. netizens questioned that while the Republican Party attacked Biden’s relations with China, the New York Times article on Trump’s bank account in China was “very interesting” and seemed to divert attention.
Others make complaints about Trump’s “taxes paid in China more than in the US”.
At the end of September, the New York Times revealed that trump had exploited the loophole in the tax law and had not paid any income tax for 10 years. In his first two years as president, he only paid $750 in taxes each year. Trump denied it as “false news”.

Scalded by boiling water, the female cat died

Recently, a netizen in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, revealed that four of her kittens died after being scalded with boiling water. After the event, a number of experts from the province were invited for consultation. Because the burned area of the scalded cat reached 70%, the blood vessels were clearly visible, the cat had stopped heartbeat, and the pupil had no reflexes. The cat eventually died of the injury.