Pushing his son into the sea

The father pushed his mentally retarded son into the sea for cheating on his security

The father pushed the mentally retarded son into the sea for the purpose of fraud: on September 28, Haikou, Hainan Province, the father pushed the mentally retarded son into the sea for the purpose of fraud. According to the father involved, the son was born 38 years ago and didn’t do a single day’s work. He gave birth to three children. He didn’t pay for milk powder. His family was in debt of 800000. He didn’t obey orders and fought with his family. If he was obedient, he didn’t need much money. “It’s his own, but there’s no way.”.

I admire such parents very much, but when they have no money, they cheat their children’s lives. Although they are free, can they live morally and conscientiously?
No matter what you think, I feel that this father is great. Every family has a difficult book to read. If you don’t participate in other people’s life, don’t judge others. But it was a mistake for the father to push the child into the sea, contrary to the law. But when the father made this decision, the moment he started, we put ourselves in a different position to think about the father’s mental activities. Mental activities do not judge. After reading the article, I feel it.
First of all, children. Now the children which is not the treasure in the palm, which is not in the home with the little emperor general existence. As a father, you should feel how you treat your children. He is also a father, like you, his dedication to the children is selfless, and he would like to give everything to his own children. What delicious food, father and mother always because I do not like to eat, I am full, want to give their children more to eat. An era of material scarcity, not to mention the era of everything now. Delicious, easy to wear are first for their own children. Have you ever found a toy while doing another thing? Your first thought is to buy one for your own children. All for the children, for all the children. This is not to say, as every child’s parents should have their own feelings.
Talk about father. Father is the pillar of a family. With a mentally retarded child, what is the father’s heart like? But my own son at that time. Take care of it no matter what. But for a mentally retarded child, there are many things that we can’t understand. Some mentally retarded children are aggressive. You should have seen this. They sometimes appear on certain occasions, will be driven by others, they will be aggressive in order to protect themselves.
Finally, the family. It is very unfortunate that there is a mentally retarded child in a family. Not to mention mental retardation, even a disabled person will be very different. Look at my nickname, you should know how many disabled people I contact. My nickname is a public platform. I believe you have all seen that some parents have no choice but to lock their children in chains and confine them inside. This is the parents’ helpless move. Mentally retarded children will get into some troubles because of various reasons and often cause some economic compensation. Whether or not the wrong party, will think about the things their children have caused. Children can be controlled when they are young. As their parents grow older, their children will grow stronger and stronger. It’s going to get out of hand one day. The parents are worried about who will take care of their children after they leave. They bring their children into the world, but they can’t take care of them all their lives. Always want to let their children in the future can have a meal to eat, have a place to sleep. How many of these families can afford to send their children to the mental health center.
But the father pushed his mentally retarded son into the sea. His behavior really violated the law and must be subject to corresponding consequences.
Father is great, father is difficult, father is illegal.
To all the fathers in the world say: Dad, you have worked hard!

Trump daughter vice president

According to US media reports, according to the contents of a book, President trump repeatedly hinted in 2016 that he hoped his eldest daughter, Ivanka trump, could become his running mate.
According to the Washington Post, excerpts from a new book “the game of evil: how trump wins, why Mueller failed, and America’s lost” by Rick gates, the vice presidential candidate for trump, described in detail the dialogue between the president who won the Republican primary and his aides about choosing his running mate in June 2016, according to the Washington Post.
“I think it should be Ivanka. How about making Ivanka vice president? ” Gates said trump recommended the vice president to the campaign at a meeting. “She’s smart, she’s smart, she’s beautiful, people will like her!”
According to reports, the White House did not immediately comment on considering taking current White House staff member Ivanka trump as vice president. Ivanka trump himself is said to have rejected the proposal in a dialogue with his father.
The book, due to be released next month, is the latest work by a former aide to the president, giving a highly critical account of Trump’s first term. It should have been announced a few weeks before the election.
Author and legendary Post reporter Bob Woodward shocked the white house when he published an angry book in early September that analyzed Trump’s tenure.
In February 2018, gates pleaded guilty to his conspiracy and charges of lying to investigators, telling the Washington Post in an interview that he would accept Trump’s pardon.
“I mean, who wouldn’t?” he told the Washington Post. “We haven’t made any proposals yet But if you look at it objectively, I would say that it was politically motivated at the beginning, and people got involved in the investigation in a way that wouldn’t have happened if it had been done more properly. “

New crown vaccine or not

In September 16th, novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic was concerned with Zhang Wenhong’s advice on the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation.
The third phase clinical study is of great significance
Both China and the rest of the world are looking forward to the launch of the new cap vaccine by the end of this year. Zhang Wenhong said that people hope to gain global group immunity through vaccines, so as to realize world intercommunication. Moreover, with the introduction of vaccines, many problems may be solved gradually. For example, the mortality caused by new coronavirus will be greatly reduced.
Is the vaccine safe and effective enough? Zhang Wenhong believes that the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine will need to be evaluated for a whole year next year. On the issue of new coronal vaccine marketing, Zhang Wenhong emphasized the importance of phase III clinical research. He explained that the vaccine that can be injected has not completed the phase III clinical trial study, which belongs to the emergency vaccination of vaccine.
“The phase III clinical study is of great significance. It is necessary to conduct a comparative study on two populations (who have been vaccinated and who have not been vaccinated). For example, every adverse reaction of people who have been vaccinated needs to be compared with those who have not been vaccinated to find out which adverse reactions are related to the vaccine. “Zhang Wenhong said that the results of the phase III vaccine clinical study will also provide a key data – vaccine protection rate and incidence of adverse reactions.
On the issue of whether or not to fight the vaccine, Zhang Wenhong suggested that ordinary people should wait for the vaccine to be officially approved for marketing, and then measure it from three aspects: the risk of epidemic situation import in China, the vaccine protection rate and adverse reaction rate given by the results of the third phase clinical Research of vaccine, and the vaccine price.
The identification of secondary infection needs strict scientific process
“Novel coronavirus pneumonia is cured after the virus is detected again, does not mean that it is infectious, or there are living viruses in vivo. “Zhang Wenhong said that the identification of secondary infection requires a very strict scientific process. In other words, there must be enough evidence to prove that the same patient was infected with the new coronavirus twice.
“So far, I know that only two cases of secondary infection have been reported from an academic point of view. “Zhang Wenhong said that there are nearly 30 million infected people in the world, and only two cases of secondary infection among 30 million people. Therefore, further evidence is needed to prove the ability of the new coronavirus to have secondary infection. “I don’t think it’s an established scientific judgment. “
From another perspective, Iceland has carried out antibody tracking tests on more than 1000 infected people for four months. The results showed that the antibody level of these people remained at a very stable level after 4 months. China has also monitored the antibody levels of participants in inactivated vaccine trials for several months. The monitoring results also show that the neutralization antibody level induced by inactivated vaccine has always maintained a high and stable level.
“These results are good signs that both natural infection and vaccination can provide effective and stable antibodies. “Zhang Wenhong said that so far, the performance of the new coronavirus is still normal, and there is no rapid change, or the rapid decline of human immunity to the new coronavirus.

Refuse to marry mentally disabled girlfriend

Lao Yu, 52, from Henan Province, who works as a security guard, met Ms. Wang from Hangzhou eight years ago. After they lived together, the man gave his girlfriend 40 yuan a day for living, but he has not yet been able to register for marriage. It turns out that Ms. Wang is mentally disabled, and her guardian is her mother in her 70s.
However, Ms. Wang’s mother did not agree with the two people’s relationship. She had her own concerns and even proposed that if they married, the relationship between mother and daughter would be broken.
So, is Mr. Yu good to Ms. Wang? Ms. Wang thinks it’s OK. Compared with her mother’s attitude, Ms. Wang thinks that Mr. Yu dotes on her more and gives her more material things.
Yu said he wanted to be a family.
Then, the reporter issued a “soul question”:
If the woman’s mother agrees to marry them,
But no inheritance of the house,
Would you still like to marry Ms. Wang?
Mr. Yu replied: live together, die together, no matter what you want her (Ms. Wang).
The reporter also interviewed Ms. Wang’s mother, aunt Tian. When it comes to their love affair, Ms. Wang’s mother got excited and said that Lao Yu had a bad heart and was trying to find her real estate.
Aunt Tian said that they did not know each other for a long time, and Mr. Yu proposed to register for marriage. This raises doubts about his motives.
What makes aunt Tian suspicious and angry is that the other side has repeatedly sent threatening messages.
The first text message content: “you always said I was wishful thinking, dream to it! Let me tell you the truth. It’s about the house and inheritance. Ms. Wang is a disabled person. How to inherit the inheritance for the disabled is regulated by the state. It’s not to say whether you give or not to give it. It’s decided by the judge according to the inheritance law. “
The second message content: “Hello, auntie. In fact, I want to register with Ms. Wang to get married. It’s very easy! To the legal process, you can not stop, not to do so is to respect you, unlike you in court sad, to leave you some face. You think, as soon as I get the marriage certificate, I have the right to speak. Can you stand it? What can you do? I have morality and I don’t want to make you sad. “
Mr. Yu said that the above two messages were not sent by himself, but by Ms. Wang with his mobile phone.
But the third message, he admitted, was sent by himself: “the thing to register is that a lawsuit should be filed in the intermediate people’s court, regardless of the victory or defeat. Legal settlement is the only way. It can’t let you delay for a long time. “

Wanyuan xianding Yizhen window

On September 23, the cover news reported that the “Ding Yi Zhen style” payment window in Wanyuan, Sichuan Province? “The chair is put aside by the masses” has aroused great attention and attention of all parties. On September 24, Wanyuan Chuantou water company, an enterprise involved, publicly apologized.
In the letter of apology, the company said that it was sorry for the users who reported the “half squat” payment posture in the video, and had contacted with them to apologize face to face. Through this incident, the company fully realized the shortcomings of its own work, we will face the problems, strengthen the rectification, consciously accept the supervision of all sectors of society, and constantly improve our water supply service.
At the same time, the company held an emergency meeting and made the following rectification measures: to dispatch more staff to do a good job in the service work during the peak period of payment, and timely solve the problems and difficulties raised by users; immediately remove the glass partition of the toll hall and put all the seats in place.
Chen Yiming, the company’s head, said that the purpose of sending more staff to do a good job in the peak payment period is to avoid the recurrence of similar situations. The purpose of demolishing the glass partition of the payment hall is to better serve the masses and enhance the affinity of the people.

Stop the runaway car in 16 seconds

Recently, in Urumqi, Xinjiang, a red car backed backward in the middle of the road because it didn’t pull the handbrake. It was about to hit other cars, but the car was empty. Seeing this, maming, a delivery boy who passed by, ran to the car and jumped into the driver’s cab. He put on the brake to stop the car and finally put on the handbrake. It took only 16 seconds! Praise him!

240 students with vomiting and diarrhea

[240 students in Harbin have vomiting and diarrhea] on the 23rd, students from four schools in Hulan District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, including Xingfu primary school, Jianguo primary school, Shenjia middle school and Yaobao No.1 middle school, successively developed symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea, which were suspected to be caused by food hygiene problems. As of 0:00 on the 24th, most of the students had been checked and treated in the outpatient department of the hospital, and their health condition was stable. They went home for observation and observation respectively. Only two students continued to observe and treat in the outpatient department of the hospital. Lunch samples and related samples from 4 schools have been sent to Harbin CDC, and the cause of the accident is under investigation. (CCTV News)

The mystery husband of Wanxi exposed

Since Wanxi joined the “sister in the wind and waves”, the exposure has increased greatly. Although the netizens’ evaluation of her is totally polarized, she seems to not mind too much. After the program, she continues to live her life.
On September 23, a video with Wanxi was released by the media. From her departure from the airport to meeting her husband to meet her daughter from school, the contents were detailed and aroused hot discussion in an instant.
In the picture, Wanxi is wearing a white baseball cap, a purple sports coat and a casual dress. When she arrives at the airport, there are many people waiting to take over. However, Wanxi lowers her head and chooses to leave in a low key. Then she goes to a private clinic to see orthopedics.
After watching her arm, Wanxi went to her daughter’s kindergarten to meet her husband. All the parents around her hugged her child in her arms. Wanxi was no exception. She had a laugh and talked about her daughter. Her husband and an older woman followed her.
It seems that wancy’s arm is no longer in the way, holding her daughter is effortless.
For a while, her daughter walked down to the ground. Wanxi and her husband kept looking at her daughter, and walked very slowly.
After a bakery, Wanxi went in and picked some food, and kept asking her husband’s advice. When she left the store, Wanxi immediately fed the dessert she bought into her husband’s mouth. Her husband was also very skilled, and she ate it with her mouth open. The two people probably often do it at home.
Wanxi and her husband are not publicly feeding on the street, sweet and enviable. In the picture, Wanxi husband has a long Liuhai, small eyes, no too high nose, slightly convex mouth, and ordinary appearance.
Wanxi has been out for many years without disclosing her husband information, nor marketing good mom settings. Many people think she is single, but her fans should know she is married.
It is reported that husband Wanxi is a famous photographer.
When Wanxi is in motion, if she puts on the small label “he takes”, then it is the picture taken by her husband.
The first one goes back to 2017, but it’s not sure which year they married.
In the husband’s lens, Wanxi is free, the plain face also does not matter, sloppy also does not matter, but no exception is beautiful.
On November 9th, 2017, Xuansheng, Wanxi official, gave birth to her daughter, without disclosing her husband’s information.
A few months later, Wanxi wrote “that year, we two; this year, we three”, and the first picture was sent in 2016, so it shows that she and her husband have been in love for several years.
On November 9, 2018, Wanxi first disclosed her daughter’s appearance, long eyelashes on her eyes, and the little princess was very beautiful.
A year later, her daughter was two years old, and Wanxi basked her back to celebrate her life.
Wanxi, while basking her daughter, and her husband, was secretly sprinkled with dog food. The latest “he took” was on the seventh night of August 25. Only Wanxi was in the picture, but actually she was very kind.
In “sister in the wind and waves”, Wanxi rarely talks about family, saying she thinks it is better to have a career before marriage, does not want to marry or not want children, but after marriage, she says she must witness every step of her child’s growth.
This time, the media met Wanxi to pick up her children from school, and her husband appeared with the frame, in fact, it was not the first time to expose. On September 14, there were three pictures of the family, which was very warm.
Netizens have different opinions on the exposure, some say privacy should not be exposed, and some say stars can’t help themselves in the entertainment industry.
Anyway, Wanxi has been married for many years, and she doesn’t want to expose her husband and daughter more. She must have her intention. She should support her. I hope she will be happy all the time.

The uncle threw his niece downstairs

Xin’an evening news Anhui Wangda Wan client news only because of suspicion of family members want to harm themselves, Qian so and so ruthlessly threw his 12 day old niece down the seventh floor, resulting in his death on the spot. Recently, Huaibei intermediate people’s court heard the case publicly, and the defendant Qian was charged with intentional homicide. It is reported that Qian suffered from schizophrenia for five or six years. On the day of the crime, he was discharged from hospital only a few days ago.
The defendant Qian, 24 years old, is the uncle of the murdered baby girl. The prosecution alleges that on the morning of November 25, 2019, Qian was in the elder sister’s home in a residential area in Huaibei. He suspected that his parents, elder sister and brother-in-law were trying to harm him, so he snatched his daughter Meng (born on November 13, 2019) from the arms of his sister Qian, ran to the living room balcony and threw Meng from the balcony window on the seventh floor, causing Meng to die on the spot. After identification, Meng was in line with the death of brain injury caused by high fall. Another identification, Qian Mou suffering from schizophrenia, in this case is to limit the ability of criminal responsibility.
Qian said he had no objection to the charges. The prosecution interrogated Qian in court: Why did you throw Meng downstairs? Qian said: “I feel that my family is trying to hurt me, so I hurt her child, so I threw her down.”
At the trial, the testimony of the witness showed that Qian had suffered from schizophrenia for five or six years and had been treated in a mental hospital for many times. At the time of the crime, Qian was discharged from hospital a few days ago. On the day of the crime, his parents were discussing with him whether to rent a house in Huaibei, or go out to work with them, or go to the hospital again. But Qian was unwilling and became irritable. His mother behind his back, secretly called the mental hospital, let someone pick up money to go to the hospital, but was found by money. Qian was very excited. He beat his mother on the balcony and threatened to “strangle you and kill you”. Later, he was separated by his father and sister. After that, the mother went downstairs to pick up the psychiatric hospital vehicle, and the Father also went downstairs. Qian went to the room to find her sister and kicked the bedroom door.
After the elder sister opened the door, Qian so and so robbed the child. In the struggle, the child slipped to the ground. Qian immediately picked up the child, ran to the living room balcony, directly left it down the floor. After the crime, his family called the police and Qian was taken away from his home by the police.
According to the prosecution, Qian retaliated by deliberately and illegally depriving others of their lives because of unwarranted suspicion of others. He threw Meng from a high-rise building and caused him to die on the spot. His behavior violated the criminal law and should be investigated for criminal responsibility for intentional homicide. The defense of the defendant proposed that Qian was a confessor. At the time of the case, he was a first-time and accidental offender in order to limit the capacity of conduct. However, the case was accidental and the social harm was relatively light.
The case was not adjudicated in court.
Xin’an evening news, Anhui netuniversity Anhui client reporter Zhu Qingling

Jay Chou has no neighbors in my family

In the early morning of September 21, Jay Chou shared a picture of him playing the piano on a social platform. In the picture, he was wearing black short sleeves and a black hat, which can be said to be very home. He also wrote an article under the picture to interact with netizens: “late at night piano, guess which song it is. “
But after he posted the news, a netizen questioned it in the comment area. He said, “it’s noisy to the neighbors. “Jay Chou’s aggressive response:” I have thought about it, but my family has no neighbors, thank you. “There are still a lot of people joking that the happiness of the rich is so simple.
After the news and Jay Chou’s comments on the netizen were released, many people left messages in the comment area. Some netizens expressed their admiration and said that they also wanted to have Jay Chou’s happiness. Some people called out: “this is the simplicity of rich people. “There are netizens joking:” brother, there is a lack of lions at the door. “It’s very funny.
Jay Chou belongs to the “king of heaven” level singer, so his life is also very rich. He loves sports cars. He owns a lot of luxury cars of tens of millions. It is said that he has recently owned a new car, or a limited edition. He also often exposes photos with his luxury cars online, which shows that he is very fond of luxury cars.
Some time ago, according to media reports, the tuition fees of his two children each need NT $700000 a year, equivalent to about 160000 yuan. It can be seen that he also attaches great importance to the education of children.
Jay Chou and his wife, Kun Ling, also had a very good relationship. On September 18, Zhou Dong also shared a picture of himself playing basketball with Kunling on the social platform. The girl in the picture was full of feelings, not like the mother of two children. She was jealous because Kunling was cheering others. This wave of dog food was also caught off guard, which can be said to be very cute.
Jay Chou is also preparing a new album recently, which has attracted many people’s attention and expectation. His career and family are full of harvest. With the love and blessing of netizens, their family’s life is also very happy.