Bear bearing ceremony held in zoo

According to Chutian City daily (reporter Chen Xi, Li Hui, correspondent Tu yeqian), watermelon, pumpkin and apple are spliced into a color number “5”. Purple grapes are decorated with two layers of bamboo tubes. Golden Canna is brightened and colored, and Lagerstroemia indica is decorated with a lace This is a bamboo fruit cake prepared by Wuhan Zoo for the giant panda Chunqiao.
At 9:38 a.m. yesterday, “spring beauty” appeared, and tourists across a layer of glass accidentally sang birthday songs for it. The sharp eyed “spring beauty” went straight to the bright colored cake, smelled watermelon, looked at grapes, and then ate apples, carrots, and finally bamboo shoots and bamboo.
“Chunqiao” ate very fast, 20 minutes later, only bamboo was left. It picked up the stainless steel chassis and licked it, causing laughter from onlookers.
“Spring beauty” first eat apples, not bamboo shoots, why? This is a lot of children’s doubts. “Apple is Chunqiao’s favorite. If you put bamboo shoots, bamboo, apples and carrots together, you’d better choose apples, followed by carrots, and then eat bamboo shoots.”

Huawei mobile phone has no chip

“Due to the second round of sanctions, the production of the chip will be cut off after September 15. It may be the last generation of Kirin’s high-end chip, out of print. At present, the semiconductor technology in China has not caught up. ” On the afternoon of July 7, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business, said at the 2020 summit of the 100 people’s Conference on China’s informatization, TSMC will no longer be able to undertake Huawei’s high-end chip OEM orders after September 15, which means that Huawei’s Kirin high-end chips will soon become “out of print.”.
Yu Chengdong said Huawei will launch a new 5g mobile phone of the brand mate 40 series this autumn, and choose to carry Kirin 9000 series chips. However, this series of mobile phones may become the last generation to carry Huawei’s Kirin chip. “I’m sorry.” He said frankly that Huawei has developed in the chip field for more than ten years, from seriously backward, to a little backward, to catch up, and then to lead. This is a huge R & D investment, and the process is very difficult.
Yu added that Huawei delivered 60 million fewer smartphones in 2019 due to U.S. sanctions. “This year’s quantity is likely to be less than that, because this is the second round of sanctions on chips, which cannot be produced.” He said it is expected that mobile phone sales this year will not reach the level of 240 million units in the same period last year.
In the whole chain of chip industry, Huawei Hisilicon mainly undertakes the work of chip design. “It’s a pity that Huawei didn’t participate in semiconductor manufacturing, which is a heavy asset investment oriented industry and a capital intensive industry. We just did chip design, not chip manufacturing.” The absence in the manufacturing field directly led to Huawei’s inability to produce flagship chips after September 15, “which is a very big loss for us.”.
Yu Chengdong called on the domestic semiconductor industry chain to strengthen cooperation and quickly explore a set of methods to produce and manufacture semiconductor products under the “sanction” of the US side, so as to avoid being “necked off” in this field in a longer period of time in the future. “In the depth of China’s industrial chain, in the era of Internet and mobile Internet social network, there is still a gap between China’s core technology and the control ability of core ecology with the United States and other countries.” Because of this, “we need to build our ecology, our operating system, our ecological services, our chips, our equipment, equipment, and our entire basic system capability. For us, sanctions are painful, but at the same time, they are a major opportunity to force us to upgrade the real estate industry as soon as possible. “
At the same time, Yu Chengdong did not deny the possibility of Huawei’s own involvement in semiconductor manufacturing and other fields. “We want to make breakthroughs in EDA design, materials, manufacturing, process, design capability, manufacturing, packaging and testing, etc.” “Whether it’s overtaking on a curve or on a half, we want to be ahead in a new era,” he said. There is nothing that can’t be done in the world, only not enough determination and not enough investment.

Byte denies Microsoft’s purchase

On August 6th, the Financial Times reported that Microsoft was seeking to acquire tiktok’s global business, including tiktok India and Europe.
In this regard, in the early morning of August 7, the byte skipping aspect said to the surging news reporter that the news was not true.
According to Reuters, Microsoft did not propose to buy the entire tiktok in the negotiation with byte skipping.
Earlier, Microsoft confirmed in a statement that it was in the process of negotiating the acquisition of tiktok us and byte hop, which would be completed no later than September 15.
According to Microsoft’s statement, Microsoft and byte hop are exploring a preliminary proposal involving the acquisition of tiktok’s services businesses in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
Under the proposal, Microsoft will own and operate tiktok in these regions, and Microsoft will invite other U.S. investors to participate in the purchase of a minority stake.
Tiktok is a short video product launched by byte beating, which attacks overseas markets, and its function like TikTok is focused on the domestic market. Tiktok and mobile games information platform Sensor Tower data show that in April 2020, TikTok and jitter global downloads have exceeded 2 billion times.
Due to its Chinese background, tiktok is under great pressure in India and the United States.
U.S. President trump will order byte bounce to sell tiktok. Currently, trump has set a 45 day deadline for negotiations between byte skipping and Microsoft.
He threatened that the popular app would be banned in the United States if byte skipping didn’t sell tiktok to Microsoft (or other U.S. companies) in 45 days.
According to Sensor Tower, in July 2020, the jitter and TikTok were more than 102 million dollars in global App Store and Google Play, 8.6 times the tiktok of July last year, and again won the world mobile app (non gaming) revenue championship. Tiktok, China’s version of the 89% of its revenue, ranked second in the US market and contributed 6% of its revenue.

Zhang Yishan and song Yanfei break up

At 23:00 on August 5, song Yanfei’s studio announced that song Yanfei had broken up with Zhang Yishan today. And the two people have not been officially announced, the news of direct break-up also made netizens very surprised. Just today, Zhang Yishan was exposed to be in and out of the hotel with a beautiful woman, suspected to have been cheating.
Song Yanfei and Zhang Yishan have been rumored to be in love before, because the photos they often display on social platforms include wearing the same clothes, which is suspected to be lovers’ clothes.
In addition, there are a lot of small details revealed that the two people have been together for a long time, but they have never officially declared a relationship.
“Zhang Yishan and song Yanfei fell in love three years ago,” a well-known gossip blogger said on the Internet He also said in the comment area that he was deeply in love with song Yanfei. Such remarks naturally caused great controversy, and Zhang Yishan also suffered a lot of negative public opinions.
Song Yan Feifang admitted that after breaking up, netizens’ attitude was also very clear. Many people speculate that song Yanfei should have seen the news that day before she learned that Zhang Yishan was going to spend the Spring Festival together. However, perhaps the two people’s feelings have been at odds before, but Zhang Yishan does have ambiguous behavior with the woman.
Song Yanfei’s breakup speed is also very fast, simple and clear to open her love with Zhang Yishan, and at the same time, official Xuan has broken up. However, at present, Zhang Yishan has not responded to her scandal. Song Yanfei is still busy with her work. She is a little tired, but she is in good shape.
Less than half a month ago, Zhang Yishan and song Yanfei were photographed in the same neighborhood, and song Yanfei was acquiesced as Zhang Yishan’s real girlfriend.
However, song Yanfei is also more and more beautiful, has long been graceful. The figure and temperament are excellent, and Zhang Yishan was originally a talented couple.
Other people’s feelings are complex. It is impossible for outsiders to understand clearly. Next, we’d better wait for Zhang Yishan’s response.

Swimming with milk

A famous swimmer can swim without a drop of milk on his head
Swimming with a glass of milk on top of your head and not sprinkling a drop is not an impossible task. On August 4, Olympic swimming champion ledky launched a social networking challenge.
On August 3, American swimmer ledky shared a video on his personal social media, in which he swam with a glass of milk on his head and swam a 50m one-way without sprinkling a drop. “It was probably the best swim of my career,” she wrote For ordinary people, there is not a drop left in this glass of milk.

No reimbursement for category 8 drugs

The “Interim Measures for the administration of drug use in basic medical insurance” will come into effect in September, which clearly stipulates that eight categories of drugs will not be included in the reimbursement of medical insurance: ① tonic drugs; ② drugs containing precious and endangered wild animals and plants; ③ health care drugs; ④ preventive vaccines and contraceptives; ⑤ drugs for hair loss, weight loss, beauty, smoking cessation, etc.; and (6) drugs that cannot be charged separately because they are included in the diagnosis and treatment items (7) alcohol preparation, tea preparation, oral medicine, etc.; and (8) other drugs that do not meet the requirements of medical insurance.

The cadre lost contact after his wife died

On August 2, a video and a post appeared on the Internet of Pingxiang county that “the cadres of the township government were exposed to cheating and domestic violence during their marriage, and their husbands lost contact after their wives died unexpectedly”. According to investigation, on April 11, the day of the incident, the county public security organs conducted an on-the-spot investigation, and the provincial and county public security organs on April 21 and June 4 conducted two on-site investigation and joint autopsy, and the expert opinion was “in line with sudden cardiac death caused by fatty heart”. According to the relative of Yao’s family, the material evidence identification center of the Ministry of public security made a new appraisal. The county public security organ has started the reevaluation procedure according to the regulations. Wang Mou, the deceased’s husband, is a staff member of Hegumiao Town, Pingxiang county. For the situation of Wang’s derailment reflected on the Internet, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision started the investigation. The progress of the investigation will be released to the public in a timely manner.

Microsoft suspends takeover talks

Recently, it was reported that Microsoft intends to acquire tiktok, a short video interactive entertainment product under bytecomb. It is said that the two sides have even entered the final stage of negotiations, and the decision will be announced as soon as next Monday.
However, the wall street side said that Microsoft temporarily gave up the consultation and the cooperation was suspended. It seems that whether there is the possibility of a subsequent rekindling, it still needs to consider the external situation.
Before that, Microsoft had planned to change the name of tiktok to Microsoft teens. Moreover, the company believes that the takeover of tiktok by an American company after the dispute is a transaction that can be approved by the upper level, but all this has now come to nothing.
According to foreign media, tiktok has as many as 100 million users in the United States, but the company has not yet made a profit due to frequent acquisitions. This year’s revenue is expected to be about $1 billion, and may reach $6 billion next year.
In addition, it is said that tiktok has also released a sincere signal of increasing 10000 local jobs. Even Zhang Yiming is willing to sell his own shares in tiktok, but it is not clear whether this can reverse the current situation.

Education Department responds to Tong Zhuo’s request

Recently, Tong Zhuo studio continuously released news through microblog, hoping to restore Tong Zhuo’s college entrance examination results, “a stroke by stroke paper, we don’t want student status and education, how to cancel the score.” Once again, the matter caused heated discussion among netizens. On July 30, a staff member of the Education Department of Shanxi Province told the public network · poster news reporter: “now we have received this appeal from Tong Zhuo, which is under verification. After verification, it will be handled in accordance with the law.”
Previously, in May 2020, Tong Zhuo disclosed in a live webcast that he had taken part in the college entrance examination as a forged fresh student, which aroused public concern.
On June 12, the Education Department of Shanxi Province issued a report on the investigation and handling of Tong Zhuo’s taking part in the college entrance examination by forging the identity of a fresh student. The circular pointed out that the Education Department of Shanxi Province, in conjunction with relevant departments and localities, immediately launched an investigation. After investigation and verification, Tong Zhuo took part in the 2013 college entrance examination by forging the identity of a fresh graduate. Shanxi provincial enrollment and examination management center has made a decision to deal with the invalid results of Tong Zhuo in all stages and subjects in the 2013 national unified entrance examination for colleges and universities in Shanxi Province.
On June 12, the Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision of Linfen City, Shanxi Province, issued a circular on the investigation of Tong Zhuo’s taking part in the college entrance examination by forging the identity of a fresh student. Many people, such as Tong Zhuo’s stepfather, were punished.
Previously reported:
On July 29, Tong Zhuo once again sent an article expressing his thoughts on Tong Zhuo’s college entrance examination results. He also called for the restoration of Tong Zhuo’s score in the college entrance examination, saying that Tong Zhuo had not cheated, and his academic status could not be cancelled, but why should his grades be revoked.
Many netizens have expressed their opinions on Tong Zhuo’s articles, and to the public’s opinions, Tong Zhuo’s studio has also sent an article in response to the public’s opinions, saying that “we must safeguard his basic rights reasonably and legally in accordance with the procedures. Now we are on a half leave, so we have time to compare this with the truth.”.
Since Tong Zhuo claimed that he was a new student instead of a former student in the process of live broadcast to attend the college entrance examination, he has caused a great deal of controversy. This matter has attracted many people’s attention, and Tong Zhuo has disappeared from the screen.
After the incident, Tong Zhuo also sent an article to express his gratitude to Hunan Satellite TV. Tong Zhuo said that “thanks for your kindness, I will see you later” to thank Hunan Satellite TV for its cultivation.
However, Tong Zhuo did not completely leave the audience’s view. He often made his own comments on the social platform, saying that “I will learn to be a correct person first and then a person of value to the society”. In his words, he realized his mistakes at that time.
After this incident came to an end, Tong Zhuo called Zheng Yunlong again. The studio released many messages to express their views on Zheng Yunlong, which triggered the maintenance of their idols by two fans. This matter also let a lot of netizens said “can’t see Tong Zhuo’s behavior clearly”.
However, according to Tong Zhuo’s recent release of his state, he has not been affected by this series of disturbances. A few days ago, he also released a video of his singing. Although he appeared from his back, his singing was very energetic, and the article “in the place where peach blossoms are in full bloom”.
For Tong Zhuo’s shouts, the relevant departments have not responded, or wait for the follow-up of this matter.