When will Beijing respond

Last night, CCTV news channel “news 1 + 1”, host Bai Yansong connected with Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiology expert of China CDC, to interpret the latest epidemic situation.
Wu Zunyou said that in the next week, the reported cases in Beijing may be cleared. This judgment is mainly based on the timely prevention and control measures taken by Beijing. The cases discovered later mainly come from the isolators at the centralized isolation points, accounting for about 90%. Some of these people were found by nucleic acid screening, some by close contact tracking. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has the longest incubation period of 14 days. The average duration of the disease was from 4 days to 13 days. Judging from the time, the next seven days or so, the epidemic situation in Beijing will be cleared.
When will Beijing adjust its response level?
Wu Zunyou said that after the first clearance, there will be sporadic cases. When the sporadic cases are cleared again, it can be judged that the epidemic situation has been completely controlled in three to four weeks. Adjusting the response level also requires expert and multi department analysis to make decisions. “The closer we get to the final victory, the more we have to bite our teeth and not relax. All prevention and control measures have been strengthened as before, even more carefully than before,” he said
Millions of people are diagnosed as a disaster facing mankind
Wu Zunyou said that the total number of confirmed cases in the world has exceeded 10 million, and the cumulative number of deaths has reached 500000. The diagnosis of millions of people shows that human beings are facing the disaster of new epidemic situation. At present, it has not reached the peak, and it will rise in the future. It’s still in the first wave of the global epidemic. NCV is the most intractable virus encountered by human beings, regardless of gender, age, region, winter and summer. As long as the prevention and control measures are relaxed, it may revive at any time.
From 10 million to 20 million cases worldwide, it will be shorter
Judging from the current global prevention and control efforts, most countries in the world have not effectively controlled the epidemic except China and a few countries. In terms of prevention and control measures and the number of basic cases, it will take less time from 10 million to 20 million. Some countries have been out of control, and this situation is getting worse and worse. We must respect science, rely on science, and implement scientific prevention and control measures. Some countries violate science and cannot reverse the rising trend of epidemic situation in a short time.
Vaccines may not be everything
Wu Zunyou introduced that the outside world placed high hopes on the vaccine. Prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia is particularly difficult. Traditional measures can not establish immune barriers, but only isolate patients from healthy people and block transmission. With the increasing awareness of the new coronavirus, it is necessary to remind that the vaccine may not be universal, or that the vaccine can not provide lifelong immunity.
Based on the following considerations, first, no vaccine has been developed for coronavirus. Second, other coronaviruses, such as SARS, Middle East respiratory syndrome and other coronaviruses, can not produce long-term immune protection after human infection, and the protection effect usually lasts from 6 months to 1 year. The prevention of infectious diseases with vaccines is based on immunity after natural infection. All vaccines imitate the natural immunity of human body. If human beings are infected with new coronavirus and can not produce long-term immunity, it is less likely to expect the vaccine to produce long-term immunity. But one thing, if you can produce immunity for a certain period of time, you need to be vaccinated regularly.
The virus doesn’t mutate. It’s a good sign
Wu Zunyou said that from the global monitoring situation, the virus did not mutate, which is a good sign. Good news for vaccine research. If the virus mutates quickly, it is more difficult to develop a vaccine.

White mouth mask is easy to cause skin problems

CCTV news: in the hot sun, many people have various skin problems because they wear masks for a long time. Korean media reminded that many masks can’t cut off the ultraviolet rays, so it is necessary to take strict sun protection measures when wearing them. Especially, if the white masks are not tightly worn, they will reflect the light, resulting in moles or freckles around the eyes and nose, so special attention should be paid. In addition, when there is too much sweat or sebum in the mask, do not directly wipe the cosmetics, but pat with a clean paper towel, so as to reduce the skin irritation.

Emergency statement of USTC

Recently, netizens revealed that a student suspected of being a University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences made improper remarks. Today, the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences issued a statement: if it is true that the improper comments made by Chinese university students will be dealt with seriously according to the rules and regulations of the University. At present, the party concerned has issued an apology letter to delete the relevant content and sincerely accept the criticism and query of netizens. ​

The 17th son of gambling king’s obituary

On June 27, according to the latest Hong Kong media report, after the death of gambling king Stanley Ho last month, Ho’s family published an obituary in the newspaper today (27), in which the wives of four rooms were called “wives”, and about the number of children, it was revealed for the first time that the gambling king had 17 children, not 16 in public, which caused a heated discussion.
The mysterious man appeared on the list of obituary children for the first time, adding a son of why you bang, who was the youngest son in the third room after you Qi and the youngest son in the fourth room before Qi Heng.
In fact, the gambling king had heard that four tais had another son, he Youjia, many years ago. It has been rumored that he had died, but it has not been confirmed. Now on the list of Mr. Ho’s obituary children, Lu Shan’s true face finally appeared, revealing the real situation. There is indeed another son who has not been exposed, but the official name of his son is he Youbang.
Since the news of the death of gambling king Yuyang and the hospital at the age of 98 on last month’s 26th was exposed, it has aroused heated discussion among netizens. Both the family and the heritage have become the focus of everyone’s discussion. On the same day, he chaoqiong, the eldest daughter of the second bedroom, announced that the fourth bedroom would work together to manage the funeral of his father. It seems that the four bedroom family had orderly discussions about the funeral of Ho Hongshen.
Official announcement of obituary content: the funeral will be set up in the Hong Kong Funeral Home in North Point on the 9th of next month, and the funeral will be held the next day, and the coffin will be buried on a lucky day. The obituary also lists the members of the three generations of gambling king. Among them, the deceased Tai Lai Wan Hua and the two Tai LAN Qiong Ying are in the same row, while the three Tai Chen Wan Zhen and the four Tai Liang An Qi are also in the same row. The four are called “wives”.
It can be seen that about this part of the problem, several housewives have all reached an agreement. For the four housewives, they are all called “wives”, which can be said that the three and four housewives have achieved their wishes. Earlier, the disputes over the four housewares have been surging secretly, which makes netizens guess one after another, especially the disputes over the big housewares are getting more and more fierce. I don’t know what kind of disputes will happen next!

Qin Hao won’t make bad movies for money

Netease Entertainment reported on June 26 that on the night of June 25, Qin Hao said in the live broadcast: “I will never make bad movies for money, you have to believe me!” Make complaints about Annie Yi’s wife, Tucao, but “for money, variety!” Then they laughed together, and the scene was quite loving. It is reported that Qin Hao recently starred in the hit drama “the secret corner” has been widely acclaimed, and Yi Nengjing has once again attracted attention through “sister riding the wind and waves”.
Secret corner is popular. Qin Hao: my daughter’s school won’t let me attend the parents’ meeting
Qin Hao, an actor who recently made a hit on the Internet with “secret corner”, said that he was not afraid of being the psychological shadow of the audience because of playing villains, but his daughter’s school might not allow him to hold a parents’ meeting.
Qin Hao said in the interview: “in fact, I have a big concern in my heart that after I have a daughter, I only took one negative role, which is the story of the demon cat directed by Chen Kaige, and I will never take it again. Because I have to think about whether my daughter will watch this play, how she will be after watching it, and how she will not be affected in the future. I think a lot. “
However, he was finally moved by the main creative team, joined in the good play, and added a lot of points for his works with excellent performances. When talking about whether he is afraid to be the psychological shadow of the audience, Qin Hao replied: “I don’t mind. I am worried about my daughter. She will go to school in the future, and I don’t know if she will be told. I have nothing to mind personally. “

Or mixed exposure

Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work in Beijing on June 24th afternoon was held in the 131st press conference. The Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the meeting that from June 23rd to 0 o’clock, 7 cases of new crown pneumonia confirmed in the city, and 7 cases from June 11th to June 23rd 24. Beijing has reported 256 confirmed cases. In human mixed exposure mode, cases mainly rely on three ways: active medical treatment, detection from close contacts and nucleic acid screening. The epidemic situation of the exposed population before the closing of the new market has shown a downward trend.
7 new confirmed cases in June 23
Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 7 cases in Beijing from 0 to 24 June 23rd, including 4 males and 3 females, with an average age of 49, with a minimum age of 19 and a maximum of 74 years. According to the residential areas, 6 cases in Fengtai District and 1 cases in Daxing District were found in Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of the CDC. Six confirmed cases have been investigated and one is under investigation.
Pang Xinghuo introduced the specific situation of the case. The deliveryman of the first company confirmed the case as case 6, male, 19 years old, living in Lucheng West Street, Huangcun Town, Daxing District. His working unit is Beijing Tongniu distribution company, deliveryman. On June 11, I went to the underground floor of Xinfadi market for shopping. From June 18 to 21, he visited his parents in bazhuangzi village of Huaxiang (region) every day. During that time, he went to Xiangxiang breakfast and Laotang Ramen for dinner, and shopped in the nearby shops. He had frequent contact with his parents and girlfriend. On June 22, the nucleic acid test was positive. On that day, 120 ambulances were transferred to Daxing District People’s Hospital for treatment. On June 23, the diagnosis was confirmed. The clinical type was common type.
A confirmed case worked in a noodle stewing restaurant in Xinfadi, specifically case 4, male, 52 years old, with the address of Datun village, Lugouqiao Township, Fengtai District. The working unit was the old noodle stewing restaurant in Zhengzhou, southwest of hall a, underground floor of Beishui Jialun market in Xinfadi, and also the operator of Xinfadi market. No work since June 17, isolated at home. At 10 o’clock on June 21, fever and other symptoms appeared. On that day, 120 ambulances were transferred to Fengtai Hospital of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine for treatment. On June 22, nucleic acid test was positive, and on June 23, the diagnosis was confirmed. The clinical classification was light.
More than half of 256 cases were screened by three ways
At yesterday’s press conference, Lei Haichao, director of Beijing Municipal Commission of health and health, introduced that since the newly confirmed cases appeared in Japan on June 11, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government attached great importance to it. Professional organizations quickly determined the newly developed beef and mutton comprehensive trading hall as a high-risk point according to the epidemiological investigation results of the first two cases. The municipal Party committee and the municipal government set up a special working group to Fengtai District to dispatch and command in Fengtai District.
According to Lei Haichao, from the perspective of case discovery mode, the current case discovery mode has changed from the original fever outpatient screening to fever outpatient, from the close contacts to the combination of active nucleic acid screening, which plays an important role in early detection, and the effect of the gateway moving forward and early detection is emerging. At present, among 256 confirmed cases, 137 were screened by nucleic acid, accounting for 53%, 81 by active medical treatment, accounting for 32%, 38 by close contacts, accounting for 15%. In the past two days, among 20 cases, 3 cases went to hospital actively, accounting for 15%; 8 cases were close contacts, accounting for 40%; 9 cases were nucleic acid screening, accounting for 45%. The proportion of cases under management has increased significantly.
The epidemic situation of the exposed population before the closing of the new market has shown a downward trend
According to Lei Haichao, the epidemic spread rapidly and a large number of cases appeared in a short period of time. From June 11 to 24:00 on June 23, 256 confirmed cases were reported in Beijing. From the first case to 100 cases, it took only 5 days, while at the beginning of the year, it took 11 days. There were 253 cases (98.8%) clearly related to the new outbreak, and another 3 cases need further investigation.
From the time of diagnosis and onset, 79 cases were confirmed from June 11 to 14, accounting for 30.9% of the total 256 cases; 126 cases were confirmed from June 15 to 19, accounting for 49%; 51 cases were confirmed from June 20 to 23, accounting for 20%. From the time when the cases appeared symptoms, the earliest date of the outbreak was June 4, which increased significantly since June 7, and reached the peak on June 13. The incidence time was mainly from June 9 to 15, accounting for 61% of the total cases. It is suggested that there may be a mixed exposure model of homologous exposure and human to human exposure.
Leihai tide also brought gratifying news, he said, at present, before the closure of the new market in the exposed population epidemic has shown a downward trend. Compared with the confirmed cases reported in the mainland of China as of March 31, 2020, the current epidemic cases in Beijing are relatively high in the common type, and relatively low in the severe and critical cases.
102 medical staff were transferred to the city to take part in the treatment of Hubei
Lei Haichao introduced the treatment situation of patients. The city focused on improving the treatment capacity. At present, all cases are treated in Ditan hospital. The Department of Ditan hospital has concentrated resources and energy on the treatment of confirmed patients. The treatment capacity has reached 1070. The city has actively deployed human resources. 102 medical staff from 18 municipal hospitals have been transferred to Ditan hospital for treatment. Some medical staff have participated in the treatment of Hubei medical team and Xiaotangshan Hospital with rich experience.
In terms of fully treating patients with severe and critical diseases, the city has enriched the strength of the municipal expert group for severe treatment, and has enriched the experts such as Tong Zhaohui, Jiang Li and Liu Qingquan who participated in the anti epidemic work in Wuhan to the expert group for medical treatment. According to the principle of evidence-based medicine, stable and reliable treatment methods should be adopted

Phase III of new crown vaccine

On June 23, the launching ceremony of Sinopharm Group China new crown inactivated vaccine international clinical (phase III) in the United Arab Emirates was held in Beijing, Wuhan and Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates in the form of video conference. The health minister of the United Arab Emirates issued the approval document of clinical trial to China bio. At the ceremony, the two sides signed relevant clinical cooperation agreements on the spot, marking the official launch of the world’s first international clinical trial (phase III) of the new inactivated coronal vaccine.

New crown of infection of newborn triplets

The triplets born in the northeastern state of San Luis Potosi were positive for the new coronavirus within a few hours after birth. They may have contracted the virus in their child’s palace, the Mexican health department said Tuesday.
“On the day of their birth (the 17th), they tested for the virus because they were premature,” state health official Monica Langer told a news conference. The results were positive. “
Only one infant has novel coronavirus pneumonia, and the other two babies may be asymptomatic as well as their parents, the report said. Parents are still waiting for their test results.
Lanhel said it was “impossible” for children to get the new coronavirus after birth because they had been tested within hours of birth.
“That’s what we’re looking at, maybe the virus is spreading through the placenta,” she said. Now we can’t confirm it. This case is shocking and we will study it. “
Mexico’s novel coronavirus pneumonia is in a severe situation. 22 local health authorities reported 4577 new confirmed cases and 759 deaths. The total number of novel coronavirus pneumonia cases has reached 185122 cases and the total number of deaths has reached 22584 cases.

Drowning of 8 primary school students in Chongqing

Eight primary school students fell into the water Monday afternoon in mixin Town, Tongnan District, Chongqing. Local residents said they had recovered the remains of several children by that night.
According to the Propaganda Department of Tongnan District Committee of Chongqing, at about 3:30 p.m. on June 21, 2020, mixin town of Tongnan District reported that someone was found drowning in the water area of Fujiang River dam in Tongjia village of the town, and the local government immediately organized forces to search and rescue.
According to the preliminary investigation, the missing persons were all primary school students living in the nearby town of mixin. During the weekend holiday, they met spontaneously and went to play in a wide beach of Fujiang River in tongjiaba. During this period, one student accidentally fell into the water. Seven students went to rescue, causing the rescue students to fall into the water together.
Last night, a video obtained from local residents showed that the place where the child fell into the water was located in a beach, with a vast Fujiang River, and several rescue workers were searching and rescuing by the river.
Many local residents said the incident happened on the Bank of Peijiang River, which is not far from tongjiaba, tongjiacun. The width of Peijiang River in this section is 450 meters. Most of the children falling into the water are girls. After finding the child in the water and missing, the local government quickly organized search and rescue. By night, many children’s remains had been recovered.
Latest news:
As of 7:10 today, all eight teenagers in Tongnan District of Chongqing have been rescued without vital signs. According to the preliminary investigation, the missing persons were all primary school students living in the nearby town of mixin. During the weekend holiday, they met spontaneously and went to play in a wide beach of Fujiang River in tongjiaba. During this period, one student accidentally fell into the water. Seven students went to rescue, causing the rescue students to fall into the water together.
This summer,
Falling water accidents happened in succession all over the country
Last week, two boys drowned in Xiamen
About 2:30 p.m. on June 14
Xingbin Road, Jimei District
Near the seaside near Xinyang Bridge
A boy fell into the water
When his companion saw it, he rushed into the water to save people
And they drowned together
One 18, one 14
After receiving the alarm
Police, fire fighting, 120 first aid, blue sky rescue team
Immediately go to the scene for rescue.
Rescue lasted more than six hours
At 9:06 that night,
Dawn rescue team diving team
Two boys were brought ashore,
The two have drowned.
Just this month, two people drowned in Liaoning
June 14,
Daweigou reservoir, Lvshunkou District, Dalian, Liaoning
A fangtang, dongtun village, Kowloon Street, Wafangdian
Two drowning tragedies happened successively:
A middle-aged woman and an 18-year-old boy died.
At about 15 o’clock on June 12, Liaoning Dandong Lantian rescue team received help from brother mountain police station in Fengcheng City, Dandong. Two teenagers drowned in the river and disappeared. They hoped that Lantian rescue team could arrive at the scene to help rescue the drowning people.
After two hours of search and rescue, the bodies of the two men were found. According to a source familiar with the matter, the two teenagers who drowned were all students at an art school in Fengcheng City.
June 17,
Liaoning Provincial Fire Rescue Corps issued an early warning,
The general public should take precautions against drowning in summer.
Heartache! A child drowned in Hebei Province
21:16, May 28
Hebei Qinhuangdao blue sky rescue team received a call for help
A child drowned in a reservoir in Lulong County, Qinhuangdao
Ask blue sky rescue team for help
After receiving a call for help
Qinhuangdao blue sky rescue team
Immediately organize the preparation team, 4 vehicles and 15 people
Bring search and rescue equipment to the scene of the accident

Restore all cell cards

Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention forenoon held in Beijing on June 18th morning. The 124th press conference was held. The Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the meeting that after resuming the two level response, the city will strengthen the closed management of community villages, restore all the cell blocks, and observe the 24 hours’ duty. The entrance and exit strictly enforce the temperature protection, verification, code checking, registration and other protective measures. In and out of the community.
The community under the jurisdiction of low-risk towns and the personnel such as the express delivery agency who move their homes are allowed to enter only after they have registered without any abnormality with the health treasure. The entry of the outsiders and vehicles in medium and high-risk towns is prohibited.