BOC responds to trump’s debt

But on Monday, Wells Fargo confirmed the authenticity of the bank’s statement that it had no debt relationship with 1290 avenue of America, which it mistakenly listed as a creditor. The Bank of China added that Wells Fargo was taking steps to correct errors in the documents.
“Politico” formally clarified the report on the 24th that night.
In a statement circulated on social media, the editor of “politico” admitted to the media that quoted the above-mentioned contributions that they had “the central premise of the original report was wrong”, that is, trump did not owe the Bank of China.
The editor explained that the source of the problem was that they cited the wrong public record and did not seek confirmation from the Bank of China before the publication. He also mentioned that they had tried to contact the White House and trump group, but both declined to comment.
On Tuesday, trump tweeted “politico” clarifications, saying “at least they admit they’re wrong,” then turned to the New York Times and the Washington Post, accusing them of “never correcting fake news.”.

More than 200000 cases diagnosed in Italy

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 24 hours in 2091 hours, and 201505 cases were diagnosed in Italy, Reuters reported on 28, the 27359 day of the cumulative death. 68941 cases were cured, 2317 cases were added on the same day. There are 105205 confirmed cases. On the same day, 57272 virus tests were carried out, and the positive rate was 3.7%. There were 1863 cases of intensive care, which fell for 25 days in a row.

College students sun their quilts in the cloud

This special winter vacation
College students have been away from campus for too long
Dormitory that was once repugnant
Now it’s also becoming a concern
Recently, the opening time of many colleges and universities is approaching
Students can’t help worrying about the quilt and clothes that are “stranded” in the dormitory
How are you doing?
Recently, a school in Liuzhou solved a worry for the students who have not yet returned to school by the way of “cloud receiving orders”.
Do you need the warm heart quilt service? You can apply to the counselor or the hostess. After the approval of the student office, according to the weather conditions and your application, you will organize the manpower to dry in an orderly way. “This is a notice received by the students of Liuzhou City Vocational College. The students are very happy,” I want “and” I want “. The hostess in each student’s apartment receives the order quickly and gets busy all of a sudden.
According to Huang Lingfen, a teacher in the apartment management center of the student’s office, “during the epidemic period, because students can’t go back to school in advance, plus the rainy days in Liuzhou after spring, many students fed back, hoping to help them dry their quilts, so we started the” warm sun quilt “service.” On April 20, 1085 “orders” were placed in the first batch as soon as the notice of “online order receiving” bedding drying service was issued. After receiving the application, the apartment center will dispatch all the dormitory managers in a unified way. According to the principle of “taking charge of this building and considering other buildings”, the “operation of drying quilts” was officially launched on April 25.
According to the order arranged in advance, Liuzhou’s weather was cloudy and sunny during this period. As soon as the sun came out on the 25th and 26th, the warden immediately started to air the first batch of bedding applied by about 200 students, followed by other students’ bedding. As long as there is the sun, the students’ quilts will be dried out at the first time. Each quilt should be dried for at least 3 hours.
In order to avoid confusion and mistakes, teachers and staff specially prepared a batch of labels to “label” each quilt to ensure that the quilts are correctly placed. In the process of drying the quilt, you will turn over the quilt and knock and beat the quilt from time to time. The division of labor within the group is clear. It is responsible for the whole process of cleaning railings, taking quilts, clamping labels, drying quilts, and taking back quilts. Work together to let everyone’s quilts not only bask in the sun, but also keep clean, and finally return to the original place.
City Vocational College Campus “Sun quilt” action also let students warm heart. “Thank you so much, aunt sushi!” “I’ve been paying attention to the weather in Liuzhou. It’s rainy in spring. I can’t help worrying about my quilts and pillows. I’m worried about their mildew,” said Wen, a student from the Department of economic management. When I saw the Counselor’s application for “spring sun quilt”, I filled in the form and handed it in as soon as possible! Thank you so much for your hard work, teachers and aunts
They also hope that the students will come back as soon as possible, so that the campus will be full of vitality again.
The staff of the apartment management center of the student’s office of the University said: “we have completed disinfection, sterilization and ventilation of nearly 2000 student dormitories according to the requirements of the college, inspected, debugged and maintained the water, electricity and furniture related to the students’ lives, and other public spaces in the apartment building have been killed more than once a day. The college is actively building a safe and healthy campus environment waiting for students to return to study and live. “

Butterfly Sister Luo Zhixiang

According to another Taiwanese media, after she was involved in the storm, she lost contact with the outside world in tears every day. Her friend revealed that she had been hurt by her first love or had a crush on her for a while.
In addition, Kaile Jane cooperated with Luo Zhixiang to apologize, hoping to stop their career and reputation. This time, Kaile Jane made an apology, which was considered by the Taiwan media to be public and private.

Self portrait of Li Yong’s wife

On April 26, 2020, haven shared today’s latest news early in the morning, writing: “go to the supermarket and prepare to challenge the seafood cake and fried salmon.”.
Three palace photos, I have seen her take photos of herself going out to the supermarket to buy food materials for a long time and finishing the photos of food materials after returning home. Haven’s life is comfortable and comfortable. The middle-aged and old people enjoy their life very much. If Li yongruo is still there, maybe she is still fighting for her career. Now, for her, to live with her daughter and enjoy life is the key.
I remember the last time I saw HARVIN before the Spring Festival, I didn’t see her show in special period, but every day she paid attention to the major events. I haven’t seen you for a long time. In addition to my home life, I am so lazy that I am a lot more lazy. HARVIN, who goes out with plain face, is also dressed simply, no different from ordinary women. She was wearing a grey hooded sweater and a black mask, showing dim eyes, sparse eyebrows and some messy hair. She was very old. During this period, I can’t go anywhere. HARVIN’s days seem more lonely. Fortunately, I have my daughter by my side.
The food that HARVIN is preparing is almost finished. Look at the materials for making delicious food. The color is bright, and the finished product will be delicious. This seafood cake is really attractive.
The salmon, which has been marinated, has to be fried in a pot. Looking at such a good salmon, I think it’s going to drool. This breakfast is so rich, obviously ha Wen knows how to keep fit. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We must eat it like “emperor”… I wonder if fatuma is at home? Look at the weight, like two people.
Like many friends, haven has also opened the way to make delicious food, which is still good. Not long ago, for her daughter, she cooked roast beef in person. The finished product has a model, and she is even happy. Like before, how could she cook? She is a career woman. However, life is changing. In such an environment, she obviously has the breath of a housewife.
Ha Wen is most gratified and proud of his daughter. He often praises fatuma. Compared with his mother, fatuma lived a more free and ambitious life after his father Li Yong left.
Once a beautiful family of three, because of Li Yong and become a shortage of beauty. Therefore, everyone should cherish the days with his family, because we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. I hope everyone can live in happiness~~~

Mengniu meets the crisis of spokesperson

On April 23, Luo Zhixiang, the spokesperson of Mengniu Chunzhen products, occupied the first place on Sina Weibo’s hot search list. Zhou Yangqing acknowledged breaking up with Luo Zhixiang for a while, and exposed explosive information such as the collapse of human facilities and the chaos of private life.
It is not the first time that Mengniu has been in the crisis of spokesperson. It is understood that Mengniu’s real fruit product was originally announced to be the spokesperson by official Xuan Xiaozhan on March 1, but now all of its spokesperson products have been removed from the shelves. For this dispute, Mengniu official said “no response”. Mengniu, who originally planned to take the traffic route, didn’t expect to have a big fall in Xiao Zhan, a new traffic star, who came out last summer.
The reason is that Xiao Zhan’s fans think that ao3, a famous non-profit open source storage website, “insulted” Xiao Zhan himself, so they gathered a large number of fans and came up with various reasons to report ao3 collectively. On March 1, ao3 was blocked in mainland China, which led to the failure of all the authors and users who used ao3 for many years.
Now, Luo Zhixiang, the spokesman of Mengniu Chunzhen, is deeply involved in the “breaking up storm”. The first article on the homepage of Luo Zhixiang’s microblog is the advertising of Mengniu Chunzhen. I wonder if Mengniu can’t laugh or cry about this round of advertising at this time.

Three groups of people are not recommended to travel

On the afternoon of April 23, the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council held a press conference, at which Feng Luzhao, a researcher from China CDC, gave an answer on the epidemic related scientific knowledge.
How to protect yourself during the May 1st outing?
It’s better not to travel among three groups of high-risk groups
Novel coronavirus pneumonia: Feng Luzhao: we will be concerned about this issue when the May Day is approaching. For most of the cases with no reported cases, it is safer to travel. However, there are still new imported cases or local cases. We should keep a vigilant mind to understand the risk of new crown pneumonia.
It is not recommended to travel for the elderly, patients with chronic diseases, pregnant women and other high-risk groups. Precautions shall be taken for the travelling personnel:
First, make preparations before going out. It is suggested that you should avoid the peak hours of hot spots or scenic spots, and avoid some entertainment projects in the confined space. If you are going to travel across regions, you should choose the regions where there is no case report in the near future, and you should contact the scenic spots in advance to understand the local prevention and control policies, and be prepared as required, as well as be prepared Some necessary masks and hand disinfectants for road use.
Second, the protection should be done well on the way. If you take public transport such as plane or train, you should obey the order and management requirements of the crew, wear masks throughout the process, do a good job in hand hygiene, and properly keep the bills for reference.
Third, during the travel, we should do a good job of protection. In the process of playing, we should line up orderly in the scenic spot, keep interpersonal distance, of course, keep good hygiene habits, pay attention to the coughing etiquette, and do a good job of hand hygiene at any time. If you want to go out for accommodation, you should choose a hotel with good sanitary conditions. After you check in, you should open windows for ventilation. If you have fever, dry cough, fatigue and other symptoms during the journey, you should go to the nearest medical institution for treatment.
Also pay attention to food. When taking transportation, try to reduce the number of times of eating. It is recommended to take out the best food in the scenic spot. If you eat in the restaurant, it is recommended to sit at intervals or eat on the same side, and keep a distance of more than one meter from other people.
What should students pay attention to when they return to school?
Keep one meter distance between seats with masks in class
Feng Luzhao: first, students should strictly abide by the school’s arrangement to return to school. If they return to school on a long journey, they should take masks and hand disinfectants with them. When taking public transportation, they should wear masks and keep bills properly according to the arrangement of crew members. During the journey, they should do a good job of health monitoring. After arriving at school, they should follow the local Prevention and control policies and school arrangements for registration and health management. Of course, novel coronavirus pneumonia should be actively studied and protected by scientific and appropriate measures.
Second, after the start of the class, students should take the initiative to measure their temperature and wear masks before entering the classroom. A safe distance of more than one meter should be kept between the seats. During their stay in the classroom, they should also avoid piling up. In the dormitory, they should keep a good hygiene habit and avoid close contact. Of course, there are many dormitory people, so they should also wear masks when necessary Do not encourage to visit each other. If you have fever, fatigue or dry cough, you should take the initiative to report to the school and get medical treatment in time.
Third, in the aspect of dining, it is suggested that students should prepare their own tableware to avoid mixing, keep some distance in dining, adopt the system of interval misplacement dining, time interval dining, etc., and schools should also avoid taking out to school. Of course, these suggestions will be adjusted in time according to the development of the epidemic situation.
How to protect the restaurant?
It is not recommended to eat in large-scale dining hall at different peak
Feng Luzhao: at present, it is still not recommended to have a large-scale dinner party, nor to bring infants who have no self-care ability to eat in the classroom. We also suggest that we should choose some restaurants with good sanitary conditions for ordinary dining. Before dining, we should make an appointment to avoid crowding.
The infection of dinner party indicates close contact and aggregation, which is indeed a risk of infection. Before entering the restaurant, we should cooperate with the staff to take temperature measurement and register. If there is fever, we should not enter the restaurant.
During the dining room, we should also try to reduce the exposure to public facilities, do a good job in hand hygiene, wash hands before and after eating, keep interpersonal distance with others as much as possible during the dining process, pay attention to the coughing etiquette, and if more people eat together, now we recommend using chopsticks and spoons, which is also to reduce the chance of contact transmission and reduce the risk of infection.

Female committee member said the reporter took ugly photos

On April 22, it was during the “two sessions” held in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. A wechat circle of friends released by a member of the CPPCC municipal committee who attended the meeting triggered discussions within a certain range.
People familiar with the matter told reporters that this circle of friends was issued by Fang Haihua, member of the Wenzhou Municipal Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference on the morning of the 22nd. She said in her circle of friends that a paper journalist “took a picture of himself when he spoke” ugly “.
According to the screenshot provided to reporters by people familiar with the matter, wechat’s account named “Hai & Hua” released the following content in the circle of friends: “which photographer in the media took this? I took such a ugly picture of my report to the Secretary and chairman of the CPPCC group discussion yesterday afternoon, and even released it? Can’t we just put a normal one? During the morning meeting, many people forwarded the pictures to say that it’s time for the photographer to pick up the boxed rice? “

New coronavirus is a natural source

“Groundless speculation, mysterious online rumors Novel coronavirus pneumonia is not a real crime movie, but a source of fresh crowns and pneumonia virus through various guesses. An Australian SBS broadcasting company published an article titled “new coronavirus from Wuhan laboratory? “Listen to the Australian experts,” it said.
The topic of the novel coronavirus pneumonia virus has been controversial recently. The Washington Post report has aroused concern about the hidden dangers of laboratory safety. In response to the unconfirmed statement by Fawkes’s press on a Wuhan laboratory, President Trump was asked to respond to the rumors when he asked about the rumors. In this regard, this article of Australian media quoted the professional interpretation of Australian experts and refuted the relevant comments.
It is mentioned that novel coronavirus pneumonia (Edward Holmes), Professor of infectious diseases and biosecurity at University of Sydney, has no evidence that SARS-CoV-2, a virus that causes new crown pneumonia in humans, originated in Wuhan’s laboratory. Edward Holmes, Holmes said the most likely origin of the virus is other coronaviruses common in wild animals, which usually migrate to new hosts.
“The richness, diversity and evolution of coronavirus in wild animals clearly indicate that sars-cov-2 is naturally originated.” “More samples of natural animal species are needed to address the exact source of sars-cov-2,” Holmes said
Professor Nigel McMillan is director of infectious diseases and immunology at the Menzies Institute of health in Queensland, Australia. He introduced that the novel coronavirus pneumonia genetic variation can be found in the other two coronavirus of bat and pangolin, they are the source host.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a natural source of human disease, but not all human beings. “There’s no point in changing the gene sequence artificially, because all the previous evidence suggests that it’s going to make the virus worse, and there’s no system in the lab to make some changes,” McMillan said
For Hassan vally, an epidemiologist and senior lecturer at the University of Latrobe in Australia, the topic of human intervention in the virus is completely fragmented and unsupported. He said: “novel coronavirus pneumonia has no substance in other conspiracy theories.”
“In fact, novel coronavirus is naturally present in the evidence. Preliminary genotyping studies show the relationship between the coronavirus and other bat viruses. We must be careful not to add to rumours in an irresponsible way and use the global crisis to grab political points. ” Wally said. (

4 children buried

The reporter learned from the police in Yuanyang County that on the afternoon of April 18, when the dump truck dumped earth at shenghefu construction site, four children playing at the site were buried, resulting in their unfortunate death. On April 19, the public security organ detained 8 development and construction personnel suspected of major liability accident according to law. The case is under further investigation.
After the accident, the Party committee and government of Xinxiang City and Yuanyang County attached great importance to it, and organized the emergency management, fire rescue, health and other departments to rush to the scene for rescue at the first time. The accident investigation team is composed of the departments of politics and law, housing and construction, emergency management, etc. to quickly carry out a comprehensive investigation. It is preliminarily found that the construction site has not obtained the construction permit, which is illegal construction without permit. The involved vehicles are backward tipping eight wheel dump trucks, which are illegal operations.
The situation is under further investigation. The investigation team will find out the causes as soon as possible, deal with them according to law, and seriously pursue the responsibility. At the same time, it will do its best to deal with the aftermath of the accident and pacify the family members.
Extended reading:
Visiting 4 families of buried children in Henan Province: 4 demands from families with difficult conditions
On April 19, the Propaganda Department of Yuanyang County Party committee of Xinxiang City, Henan Province reported that on April 18, four children aged 5 to 11 years were found in the earthwork piled up in shenghefu community of Yuanyang County, Henan Province, all of them were Wenzhuang village people from Yuanxing Office of Yuanyang County adjacent to the community. According to preliminary judgment, it may be suffocated due to earth compaction.
Shandong Business News · Speedo news reporter came to Wenzhuang village, Yuanyang County, Henan Province, and found that the three accident families were very difficult.
Liu brothers live in a yard. Grandma Liu broke her leg last year. Liu Zhenbang, a 10-year-old son of Liu’s family, has been taking care of her grandmother, cooking and carrying urine. Now the grandchildren are gone. Grandma Liu hasn’t had hot water for a day.
Liu Jiangwei, the leader of Liu family, usually carries cement for a living. Liu Jiangwei earns 25 cents by carrying a bag of cement. A bag of cement is 50 kg, a ton of cement is 5 yuan, a day to move 20 tons of cement can earn 100 yuan.
Liu Jiangwei’s daughter-in-law has mental problems and can’t get out of bed.
Liu tuanwei, the second son of Liu’s family, usually does maintenance work. The two families live in a courtyard, which is usually very harmonious. Now parents need to know how their children don’t have
All family members’ ex post facto request for four children
1、 Investigate the legal responsibility of the person responsible for the accident injury according to law, and the video of the site organization and construction site. (families need to understand)
2、 After investigating the case, the cause of death of four children was first announced.
3、 Amount of compensation for dead children
4、 Find a proper place (cemetery) for the burial of four children