The new crown is easy for almost everyone

29, China novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) joint investigation report released by WHO.
China novel coronavirus pneumonia animal novel coronavirus pneumonia is a kind of animal origin virus, and air pollution is the main way of transmission. Bat seems to be the host of the virus, but the intermediate host has not been identified. The interpersonal transmission of new crown pneumonia in China mainly occurs in the family. Whether the patients have immunity after infection needs further study; the patients have symptoms on average 5-6 days after infection, most of them can be cured by light diseases, and the high-risk groups of severe and death are over 60 years old.

How long will the mask last

The novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control has achieved some results. Professor Zhang Wenhong, head of clinical treatment expert group of Shanghai new crown pneumonia, suggested that we should maintain high vigilance against epidemic situation, and we must not hold large scale gatherings. Professor Zhang said: “this state may be maintained for another one to two months. At that time, there was no new one. Basically, we can take off the mask. “

Cinema ticket sales

Beijing CDC issued novel coronavirus pneumonia guidelines for the film industry in Beijing (1 edition), which required the cinema to sell tickets in separate intervals during the first half of the redevelopment period. The staff and spectators must wear masks and measure body temperature when entering the theater area; the ticket office should establish a registration system for audience information. “Beijing,”

Wen zaiyin contacts with the diagnosed patient

The novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed novel coronavirus pneumonia on 25 March. The same day, the president of South Korea visited Daegu and visited the new crown pneumonia epidemic conference with the vice mayor. The Daegu municipal vice mayor of the city was also diagnosed with pneumonia. At present, qingwatai has suggested that the relevant people and media reporters attending the meeting should be isolated at home from now on.
It is understood that novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed on the afternoon of 25 in Daegu by Secretary of the vice mayor, while Wen Yin presided over the meeting, and the results of the Secretary’s test had not yet been released.

323 confirmed cases in Hubei prison

On February 24, Chen Yixin, deputy leader of the central steering group and Secretary General of the central political and Law Commission, went to Hubei Provincial Prison Administration to supervise and inspect the prevention and control of prison epidemic. We listened to the special reports of Wuhan women’s prison, Shayang Hanjin prison and Hubei juvenile prison respectively by video, checked the prevention and control work of prison epidemic, understood the outstanding problems and practical difficulties existing in the current prison war epidemic in Hubei, and coordinated and solved the urgent problems such as the shortage of prevention and protection materials and the strength of medical staff on the spot.
As of February 23, there are 323 confirmed criminal cases in Hubei prison system, including 279 in Wuhan women’s prison, 43 in Shayang Hanjin prison, less than one in the provincial juvenile prison, and 10 suspected cases. There are no death cases among the confirmed criminals, 5 of the existing serious cases have been transferred to the local designated hospitals, and the rest of the light patients will be transferred to the prison shelter hospital for treatment. After the first case was confirmed, decisive measures were taken to transfer the non close contact criminals. At present, the spread momentum has been basically curbed.
At present, the prisons in Hubei Province are closed to the police, closed to the prison management, screening, full treatment, isolation and observation, rush to build the prison shelter hospital, and seriously pursue accountability. More than 20 relevant personnel are given party discipline and political discipline, including the Secretary of the Party committee and the head of the prison of Wuhan women’s prison who are dismissed and one who is put on file for investigation.
Chen Yixin stressed that we should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of a series of important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping, especially the important directive spirit of prison prevention and control work. We should fully understand the particularity, complexity and arduous nature of prison epidemic prevention and control work. We should not be paralyzed, not weary of war, not fluke, not slacken, plug loopholes in management, strengthen prevention and control measures, give full play to the functions of political law and strengthen the war. When discipline, to take responsibility to praise, to dereliction of duty serious accountability, when the “deserter” on the spot removal.

Huang Wenjun died of infection

Beijing, February novel coronavirus, Xiaogan Central Hospital, Hubei, February 23, the website of Xiaogan Central Hospital published an obituary notice, saying that Huang Wenjun, deputy director of respiratory medicine, was unlucky to be infected with the battle against the new coronavirus pneumonia. He was killed by multiple rescue treatments, and died at 19:30 p.m. in February 23, 2020. He died 42 years old.
Obituaries revealed that in view of the current situation of epidemic prevention and control, it was decided not to hold a memorial service.

When will the epidemic return to zero

On the evening of “news 1 + 1”, Bai Yansong invited Xiang nijuan, researcher of the emergency center of China CDC, and Shao Xinyu, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering and Secretary of the Party committee of Huazhong University of science and technology, to interpret the latest epidemic situation.
Now maybe one patient can’t spread to another
Is the novel coronavirus pneumonia decreasing? According to the early investigation and analysis of some known data, one patient can basically spread 2 to 3 people in the early stage. Now, according to the analysis of the disease curve, it can be said that up to now, no one patient can spread more than one patient, because if the transmission index is the same as before In other words, the current situation of the epidemic situation is not like the present downward trend. Therefore, the current basic transmission index, that is, the number of patients who can transmit, has declined compared with the initial stage.
The people the patient contacted two days before the onset of the disease are now close contacts
For the determination of close contacts, researchers from the emergency center of China CDC introduced to nijuan that the original determination of close contacts was based on the patient’s symptoms, and the close contacts needed 14 days of medical observation. Now there is a change, and (now) it is necessary to determine the contact person of the patient two days before the onset of the disease. The contact person of the two days also As a close contact, he also needs 14 days of medical observation, which is a major change in the determination of the secret connection at present.
When will the epidemic return to zero?
As for when the epidemic situation concerned by the outside world will decline and return to zero, researchers from the emergency center of China CDC introduced to nijuan that it needs very accurate data support. Taking Wuhan as an example, the biggest difficulty so far is that the number of new cases per day is relatively large, the workload per day will be large, and the workload of close contact determination will also be large. First of all, it is a workload problem, and not only to complete such workload, but also to have a high quality of work, because only this kind of high-quality data can As a particularly accurate basis for our decisions.
5 prisons in 3 provinces are in epidemic situation. Do you want to transfer to prison?
Bai Yansong: there are 5 prisons in 3 provinces with epidemic situation today. Will they also go to the prison for transfer after that? What should be transferred?
Xiang nijuan: first of all, we need to conduct case investigation, sort out the epidemiological relationship between cases, and find out the transmission chain. For the epidemic situation in prison, we should pay more attention to the prevention and control in the future: standardize the management of personnel in and out of the prison, minimize the introduction of infectious sources; do a good job in monitoring the abnormalities of personnel in the prison, find out that the patients are isolated and treated in time; strengthen the ventilation and daily disinfection in the prison, etc.

More than 20000 discharged in China

According to the data of the national health and Health Commission, more than 1000 people were cured and discharged in China for 10 consecutive days, 2393 new cases were cured and discharged on February 21 at 0-24 o’clock, and 20659 cases were cured and discharged in China as of February 21.

Key targets for vaccine development

The novel coronavirus, a key protein molecule, is constructed by the US team for the first time. This protein is a key target for developing vaccines, therapeutic antibodies and drugs. 3D
Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin and the National Institutes of health of the United States, based on the genome sequence of the virus provided by Chinese researchers, reconstructed the 3D structure of the spike protein on the surface of the new coronavirus at the atomic scale with a resolution of 0.35nm by using a frozen electron microscope.
It was found that the spike protein structure of the new coronavirus was very similar to that of the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) coronavirus, and “ACE2” on the cell surface was used as the key receptor to invade the cells.
However, the affinity between ac2 and ac2 of new coronavirus is 10 to 20 times higher than that of SARS virus, which may be related to the fact that new coronavirus is easier to spread among people.
Jason McClellan, an associate professor in the Department of molecular biology at the University of Texas at Austin, the corresponding author of the paper, said it was not clear why the two were more closely linked at the molecular level, and whether this affinity had an impact on the transmissibility of the virus needs further research and confirmation.
McClellan told Xinhua that they have sent the atomic coordinate data of the structure to a number of laboratories around the world, most of which are from China, and about 25 Chinese laboratories have asked for relevant information.
McClellan said the results could help researchers work in three areas.
First, potential drug screening was carried out to find small molecules that could bind to the spike protein and destroy its function
Second, design new protein molecules or antibodies that can bind to spike protein and inhibit its function
Third, we designed a variant of this spike protein, for example, to make it have a higher expression level or thermal stability, so as to induce a stronger immune response, so as to speed up the development of vaccine.
McClellan’s team has screened several monoclonal antibodies that bind to the spike protein of SARS virus and found that they do not bind to the new coronavirus.
McClellan explained that although the surface similarity of the spike protein of the new coronavirus and SARS virus is about 75%, if there is a large amount of amino acid difference in the region where the antibody binds, the antibody that can bind to SARS virus is difficult to bind to the new coronavirus.

The total number of discharged patients in Hubei is over 10000

[3 consecutive drop of newly confirmed cases in Hubei Province] according to the data statistics of Hubei Provincial Health and Health Commission, 349 newly confirmed cases in Hubei Province fell for the third consecutive day from 0-24 on February 19. In the past, there were 1933 cases (16 days), 1807 cases (17 days) and 1693 cases (18 days). As of 24:00 on the 19th, the cumulative number of cured and discharged patients in Hubei exceeded 10000. (CCTV News)
According to Red Star News
For the first time in 22 days! Newly diagnosed cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Hubei are lower than 1000 cases.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Hubei from 0 to 24 in February 19, 2020, 349 cases were confirmed by new health care in Wuhan, including 615 cases in Wuhan, 5 cases in Shiyan, 3 cases in Suizhou, 2 cases in Xiangyang, 5 cases in Huanggang, 5 cases in Ezhou, 5 cases in Enshi, 5 cases in Tianmen, 2 cases in Enshi, 3 cases in authorized cities, and cases in the case of “reduction of 5 cities”. There were 31 cases of decrease in Jingzhou City, 66 cases in Xianning City and 107 cases in Jingmen City.
It is reported that this is the first time since January 29 that the number of newly confirmed cases in Hubei is less than 1000! The following is the novel coronavirus pneumonia case confirmed every day on ~2 18 January 27th in Hubei:
On the 18th, 1693 cases;
On the 17th, 1807 cases;
On the 16th, 1933 cases;
On the 15th, 1843 cases;
2420 cases on the 14th day;
On the 13th, 4823 cases;
On the 12th day, 14840 cases;
On the 11th, 1638 cases;
2097 cases on the 10th day;
On the 9th, 2618 cases;
2147 cases on the 8th day;
On the 7th, 2841 cases;
On the 6th, 2447 cases;
5 days, 2987 cases;
4 days, 3156 cases;
3 days, 2345 cases;
2 days, 2103 cases;
1 day, 1921 cases;
On the 31st, 1347 cases;
1220 cases in 30 days;
On the 29th, 1032 cases;
On the 28th day, 840 cases;