The second row of Spring Festival Gala

CCTV’s 2020 Spring Festival Gala was rehearsed for the second time yesterday (16th).
The songs of this year’s Spring Festival Gala are closely related to the theme of the times and social hot spots, ranging from expressing family, friendship, love and local feelings, to singing people’s blessing of the motherland, from pursuing dreams to praying for happiness, with rich varieties and exquisite lyrics. Language, dance and magic miscellaneous programs are well designed, with continuous laughs and wonderful novelty. There are many famous dramatists in the same stage. The whole program not only has a high degree of artistic appreciation, but also has a sense of closeness and affinity.
We are looking forward to it! See you on the eve of Spring Festival Eve!
In addition, this year’s Spring Festival Gala has made a new breakthrough in stage art, program arrangement, application of new science and technology, as well as network station linkage, integrated communication, etc.
According to Netease Entertainment, Sha Yi, Wang Yuan, Wei Dachun and others all participated in the second row.
According to CCTV news, actor @ Zhu Yilong said in an exclusive interview that the whole family used to watch the Spring Festival Gala together and enjoy the results directly; after participating in it, they found that the results were not easy, “more difficult than I thought”. Nervous as he was, he wanted to “do his best to bring the best performance.”. “More surprises, see you on New Year’s Eve!”
During the rehearsal of the 2020 Spring Festival Gala, actor Wu Lei was interviewed. Recalling the “first show” of the Spring Festival Gala, Wu Lei said that his family was particularly excited, “I am the pride of the whole village” and “unique face”.
On January 14, the first joint platoon was held, and more than 600 viewers saw it first. Many of them said after watching it: the program is magnificent, novel and lively, and full of surprises. The host lineup changed a lot! The host lineup of this Spring Festival Gala has changed a lot. Dong Qing, Li Sisi, Zhu Xun, Kang Hui and other “old people” who have presided over several spring festival galas have not appeared, but only nigmati and Ren Luyu, the Beijing Youth Daily reported Thursday. But there are fresh faces to join! Two young hosts Zhang Shuyue, Yin song and actress Tong Liya.
The 2020 Spring Festival gala will continue to adopt the live broadcast mode of “Beijing main venue + local branch venues”, breaking through the boundaries of the studio and bringing the laughter and laughter of the Spring Festival Gala stage to the audience.
Previously, media reported that Zhou Dongyu, Ma Sichun, Wang Junkai, Yi yiyiqianxi, Wang Yuan, Li Xian, Zhu Yilong, Xiao Zhan, Guan Xiaotong, Wu Lei, Xu Weizhou, Zhang Ruoyun, Li Ronghao, Huang Xiaoming, Liu Tao, Xie Na, Du Jiang, huosiyan, Guo Tao, Lin Yongjian, Hui Yinghong, Peng Yuchang, Yuan Shanshan, Qin LAN, Luo Zhixiang, Chen Weiting, Peng Yuyan, Yang Zi, Li Qin, a Yun Artists such as GA, Zheng Yunlong, Zhu Zhengting and Huang Minghao appeared on CCTV one after another, and the mysterious lineup of the Spring Festival Gala of the year of the rat began to appear.

Love apartment 5 apologize

On the evening of January 15, the official micro blog of love apartment 5 released an apology Book saying that due to poor supervision, the paintings of up main “old tomato” were wrongly used as a reference for the 8th episode of the manuscript, resulting in the final use of similar props. The crew apologized for this.
Love apartment 5 apologize, props painting “wrong reference” others painting
According to the public information, “love apartment 5” was launched on January 12, 2020. On January 13, some netizens thought that the 39 minute 20 second manuscript in the eighth episode “have a word to say” was similar to the up main “old tomato” work.
The apology book said that on the day when we saw the netizen’s message, we immediately checked the matter in the crew, confirmed that this error was caused by poor supervision, and said, “we mistakenly used the old tomato painting as a reference picture, resulting in the final use of props drawing similar, which we are very sorry for!”
The production team also revealed that they had immediately tried to contact Mr. tomato and the team through various ways, and said that based on their respect for Mr. tomato, the relevant paragraphs had been revised overnight, and the corrected fragments had been online last night.
Extended reading
There is no Wang Chuanjun and Deng Jiajia in love apartment 5. Net friend: I haven’t seen them get married yet
Wei Zheng, the director, announced last year that “love apartment 5” would be the final season of the whole series of “love apartment”. Lou Yixiao, Zhang Wei, Li Jiahang, sun Yizhou, Li Jinming, Meijia and Chen he, the former generation of “Guangu” Wang Chuanjun, and Deng Jiajia, youyou are the only ones missing.
Love apartment 5 went live in 2020, and the last one was the fourth season premiered on January 17, 2014. “Love apartment” tells a common but fun story between 10 different people living in love apartment.
Recalling the youth of a generation in the movie “love apartment”
The movie version of love apartment, as a 10-year-old drama, accompanies the youth of a generation. Although inside the screen, the story never stops, and everyone always gets together; outside the screen, Chen he, Li Jiahang, Lou Yixiao, Deng Jiajia and other leading actors have all experienced important growth and changes in their lives. Many of the audience of “love apartment” are also young boys and girls in their school days, and now they are going to work.
In 2009, when the first season of TV series was launched, this small-cost, new face sitcom did not receive special attention. Up to now, the broadcast volume of the whole series of love apartment on the Internet platform has exceeded 10 billion, among which the broadcast volume on iqiyi platform in the fourth quarter alone has reached 6.24 billion. The main reason for the popularity of this series is that it satisfies the audience’s all imagination about the common life of the sworn party, including laughter, companionship, tears and moving. In the film version of love apartment, Zeng Xiaoxian, Hu Yifei, LV ziqiao, Zhang Wei, Tang Youyou, Chen Meijia and other characters all return. The film is still operated by Wei Zheng, the director of the TV series, and Wang Yuan, the writer.

First living robot

This is the world’s first living robot made of cells.
Please note that it is not made of metal or plastic, but by recombination of frog epidermal cells and heart cells. It is completely biodegradable and has self-healing ability.
Such a robot has never appeared on the earth. The so-called “unprecedented” robot does not know whether there are any visitors. Some foreign media call it “creepy”.
At present, these robots are named xenobots, which are living and programmable creatures.
It is worth mentioning that it can carry a certain weight object to move towards the target, such as sending the drug to a specific position in the patient’s body. Therefore, the news still brings hope to many people.
However, for moral issues, the inventor of “living robot” believes that after discovering such robots, policy makers can tailor the best action plan, and everyone should do different things, (we) are only exploring, while (others) need to consider the ethical consequences and impact of their behavior.
What’s more remarkable about this robot is that it can heal automatically.
Like the T-1000 in Terminator 2,
“We cut the robot in half, and as a result it not only stitches itself together, it can move on afterwards,” the inventor said
If there is a hole in the middle of the xenobot, it can even pick up other objects and move around with it. There are many kinds of xenobots designed by evolutionary algorithm. The Xenopus cells used in the experiment are not special in themselves. The behavior they show together is the most shocking.
In view of the above, the inventor of “living robot” thinks that similar “living robot” future variants are likely to have neural system and cognitive ability.
The birth of the world’s first living programmable robot, 100% frog gene, split in two and can self heal, these seemingly established plots in science fiction have entered our lives.
We have to lament that technology has changed our lives.
To be sure, what kind of convenience will these inventions bring us?

Retired armed police injured in a pit

On January 13, Xining bus in Qinghai Province fell into a collapsed road. Sun Wanhong, a retired armed police officer passing by, fell into a pit to save people and suffered multiple fractures. Sun Wanhong was born in Henan Province and served as a soldier for many years. At that time, he guided many people to save themselves in the pit and rescued one person from the soil. In the face of water pipe rupture, mud and other dangerous situations, many people were finally rescued.
Original title: Xining road collapse; retired armed police injured by falling into a pit to save people

Alipay set up five benefits

In 2019, Alipay set up five activities in January 25, 2019 (December twenty) to February 4, 2019 (New Year’s Eve). In 2019, the total volume of Alipay’s five fortune red packets remained unchanged at 500 million last year, but three new ways were added. At the same time, users also have the opportunity to follow ant forest to see trees, watch football games in Europe, help spend the whole year, etc.

China satellite phone is coming










Live news interrupted by baby

Russian news anchor Anna kizlova encountered a lovely interruption in the live broadcast. Her daughter Elizabeth appeared in the live broadcast room with her mobile phone. Anna tried to push her daughter away, but little Elizabeth naively said to her mother, “but, mom, you have a message.” Anna said she was afraid of losing her job, but the producer told her the episode had a positive impact.

The first day of Spring Festival 2020 news January 10 today is the first day of the Spring Festival. The Blitz news reporter came to Jinan railway station as early as possible, witnessed the first wave of Spring Festival passenger flow in 2020, and met a “cultural Spring Festival” here.
Jinan Railway Public Security Department held a cultural performance of “one million police entering ten million homes” to promote safe travel. At the scene, the “little brother” and “little sister” of the public security department brought wonderful performances such as safe travel, song “red sarilang” and lute playing.
On the first day of the Spring Festival, Shandong China Railway Culture and media group carried the 2020 “hospitable Shandong new year’s meeting” to the high-speed railway carriage and the “high-speed railway round trip New Year’s meeting” of West Jinan, North Linyi and other high-speed railway stations. There are those who write Spring Festival couplets, and those who play pottery Cuan. It’s really a collection of culture and tourism.

Rollover accident of Iranian bus

According to Fars news agency, 20 people were killed and 23 injured when a bus overturned in mazanderan Province in northern Iran around 1 a.m. local time, and the injured were then sent to local hospitals for treatment. The accident was caused by the driver’s improper operation due to the rough mountain road and narrow road.

Xingwen 4.1 earthquake

Beijing News (reporter Zhang Xiting) in the early morning of January 8, a 4.1-magnitude earthquake occurred in Xingwen County, Yibin City, Sichuan Province. The Beijing News reporter learned from the Xingwen County Government office that there were no reports of casualties and house damage.
According to the official determination of China seismic network, at 1:9 on January 8, a 4.1-magnitude earthquake occurred in Xingwen County, Yibin City, Sichuan Province (28.21 n, 104.93 E), with a focal depth of 12 km.
This morning, the reporter of Beijing News learned from the office of Xingwen County People’s government that after the earthquake in the early morning, relevant personnel carried out investigation and verification of the damage situation in each township. At present, no casualties report has been received, and no reports of house collapse or damage have been received.