King glory S18 season

The S18 season of King glory is coming soon: Valley adjustment, modification of tyrant killing reward, segment inheritance, free trial of new cool products for the first time, as well as many high-quality talents sharing unique life experience, come to Sina public beta, experience the most cutting-edge, interesting and fun products in all fields ~! Download client can also get exclusive benefits Oh!
Home of it December 31 news King glory S17 season is coming to an end, now King glory official exposure first-hand information. The new version comes, S18 season will start.
Xuanyong information film will be launched soon
In 2020, Xuanyong information film “the road to the strong” will go online in January. Explore Xuanyong, summoners, please wait! (in other words, the height difference between Meng Yu and sister Jing is cute.)
S18 season exploration theme
The new season inherits Fengyi’s imperial edict theme
When the sun is dim, the sky is dim~
Chang’an sets thousands of bright lights to add color to mountains and rivers!
The imperial edict of Fengyi was specially given by the empress to prepare for the “Lantern Festival” to win the championship. When you are in the prime, you will see thousands of lanterns.
All the participants of the banquet and tour can get the corresponding rewards with the phoenix pattern objects they are looking for!
In S18 season, the exploration entrance is directly displayed in the qualifying interface. When you reach the milestone, you can unlock the object and get bonus. Wait for you to explore together!
S18 season limited skin
Square is like a chessboard, circle is like a chessboard, go is like heaven and earth, and black and white represents chaos. The chess player comes with the imperial edict of Fengyi. In the challenge arena, the black and white sons are arrayed against the enemy. The layout is unpredictable, the fall of the son is strange and difficult to know, and the view is like the view of chaos, which is called “chaos chess”.
S18 season limited skin: chess star chaos
S18 season segment succession
The following is the segment inheritance of S18 new season. The summoners should check the table below to see what segment they will be in the new season~
Adjustment of wangzhe Canyon
Wang’s new version of Rongyao’s adjustment hopes to further strengthen the construction of regional characteristics, mainly in the adjustment of line branches and wild areas. Let’s see what changes have taken place?
Alignment and shunt adjustment
Through the adjustment of line diversion, we hope to make the level advantage of the confrontation road more obvious, cooperate with the income supplement of the middle road and the economic advantage of the development road, and make the characteristics of each region more prominent.

Confrontation Road<<
Cancel the life recovery effect of the counter road Ranger, adjust it to an additional experienced soldier, and highlight the level advantage in the early stage of the counter road.
Middle road
The spiritual life of the middle channel is reduced to be the same as that of the side channel to supplement the middle channel income.
Master prophet / Master<<
Adjust the refresh time and interval of dominating prophets, and reduce the basic life and attack of dominating prophets, dominating pioneers and dominating prophets. And adjust the killing income to focus on experience.
In addition, you can also suppress the opponent’s experience by dominating the vanguard. The experience of killing the vanguard is far lower than that of a wave of normal soldiers~
Tyrant / dark tyrant<<
Adjust the tyrant refresh interval, and modify the tyrant’s killing reward to focus on gold coins.
Adjustment of wild area
Increase the economic benefits of the player in the unit time and spare more time; strengthen the red buff effect and balance the field efficiency of red open and blue open; adjust the buff effect of storm Dragon King, optimize the shield effect and increase the promotion ability
Small wild monster / medium wild monster<<
(scarlet stone, blue stone)
Increase the unit time revenue, refresh interval of wild monsters, and health and attack slightly, but at the same time, increase the revenue and refresh interval of all wild monsters, which can allow more time to make other tactical decisions.
Scarlet stone buff<<
The red buff effect is enhanced, the deceleration effect caused by the general attack is slightly improved, and the real burning damage caused by the general attack is also improved, balancing the field efficiency of red open and blue open.
Storm Dragon King<<
The lightning protection effect of stormdragon king is adjusted to be the refresh from war, and the shield effect and propulsion effect brought by buff of stormdragon king are strengthened.

Online car Hailing boss kills himself

The first round of the semi-finals of the dmasia cup of the League of heroes has officially ended. In this competition, the EDG team has regained their dominance over the dmasia cup. Although VG team pulled two games in succession, they refused to be chased by two or three teams in the end. They won the game successfully and reached the final at the same time.
In fact, in the previous transfer period, the operation of the EDG team has made many people quite dissatisfied, it can be said that they did not buy any strong players. However, it’s unexpected that the list that EDG bought from the youth training camp will be so powerful, and the performance of the newcomers, jiejie and hope, will also make fans overjoyed. From this state of view, EDG’s lineup this year is quite good.
As for VG, the opponent of EDG, it’s a pity. Although the three players of Shangshan, Zhongshan and AD are quite good, Yefu and AIX are too “straddling”, especially the player of the field, their performance in these games can be said to be “horrible”, and they have made numerous mistakes, regardless of whether the rhythm or operation is completely blasted on the opposite side, which also leads to VG’s final loss of the game.
What’s more, after seeing the poor performance of Aix, some netizens also went to check the segment of Aix under curiosity. They didn’t expect that there was only platinum in Hanfu. Although rank doesn’t mean everything, for a professional, only platinum is really too bad.
After finding out this, and combining with the performance of Aix in the game before, the fans were also quite angry, blasting the official blog of VG team one after another, asking them to change the field in a hurry. Now it’s just the demacia cup, even if you don’t get a good result, it doesn’t have a great impact, but if the spring match is still like this, it will be really cool.
What’s more incomprehensible is that VG team actually introduced another field player chieftain before, but even if AIX’s performance was so poor, VG still didn’t let the chieftain play. Is it true that the management believed in AIX so much? Or do you want to hide the chieftain as a secret weapon for the spring games?
In any case, after the reorganization of VG team this year, fans still have high expectations for the team, and there is a powerful coach like kkoma in the team. I hope they can adjust their condition well later. Guys, what do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message.

Ibrahimovic joins AC Milan

Rome, Dec. 27, Xinhua News Agency – after a long wait, Ibrahimovic’s next stop finally came to the surface. Serie A giants AC Milan have announced that Ibrahimovic has joined the club on a free transfer, the second time the Swede has played for the Rossoneri.
After finishing his contract with LA Galaxy, Ibrahimovic has been linked with a number of teams including Napoli and Tottenham, but he finally chose AC Milan. It is reported that Ibrahimovic has signed a six-month contract with his old employer, which can be renewed for another year.
As a famous “Prodigal” in football, Ibrahimovic, 38, has played for Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona and other clubs. In the summer of 2010, Ibrahimovic, who was not successful in Barcelona, came to AC Milan and helped the team win the Serie A title after seven years in his first season. In two seasons, Ibrahimovic played 85 times for AC Milan, scoring 56 goals. In 2012, Ibrahimovic left Serie A for Paris Saint Germain.
At present, AC Milan have a poor record, ranking 11th with only 21 points. The arrival of Ibrahimovic is expected to solve the team’s “weak front” dilemma. He will undergo a medical examination at the club on January 2, 2020.

Chinese Medicine Association apologize

On December 21, Hongmao pharmaceutical and vice president of Hongmao pharmaceutical won the honorary titles of “star enterprise of fulfilling social responsibility in 2018” and “person award of fulfilling social responsibility in 2018” issued by China Association of traditional Chinese medicine. After the “cross provincial arrest of doctors” was revealed at the beginning of 2018, Hongmao pharmaceutical industry caused public concern and doubt due to this matter.
On December 26, the Chinese Traditional Medicine Association, the organizer standing on the cusp of the storm, apologized for the incident, said it sincerely apologized for lax control, and decided to cancel the recognition of Hongmao pharmaceutical industry and correct the mistakes.
The statement made by the Chinese medicine association seems to have put an end to the event. But what the public wants to know more is: why does Hongmao pharmaceutical industry win the award? Can the evaluation standard be put out for drying?
According to media reports, the relevant director of the China Association of traditional Chinese medicine responded that “Hongmao pharmaceutical wine’s past is the past, the past Hongmao pharmaceutical wine has been turned over through laws and media (regulation) and has taken on social responsibility. We encourage enterprises with a sense of social responsibility, looking at its present and future. Is there any mistake in this matter?” The reporter asked about the “selection criteria” of the award, and the other side said, “we have our criteria, which cannot be disclosed.”
In the era of “everyone has a microphone”, if the evaluation standard of an award can’t be transparent and open, it’s no wrong to be questioned about “operation in the dark box”. In the media reports of the incident, it can be seen that paying for the title of Chinese Medicine Association has also become a “normal operation” of rapidly gaining reputation. It is irresponsible to the society and the public to award Hongmao pharmaceutical “star enterprise of social responsibility”.
Although Hongmao pharmaceutical said that it launched a series of public welfare projects such as “micro filial piety action”, which has achieved good social benefits all over the country.
An award-winning organization should be questioned for any reason, regardless of the deep-seated impact of the enterprise on the society.
The Chinese Medicine Association may as well take out the reasons for the review and expose them to the sun. If there is no mistake, it will be more able to confirm the gold content of the award, more able to convince the public and withstand the test.

Hengzhigang ancient tomb in Guangzhou

Archaeologists living in Guangzhou should have a sense of achievement when shoveling out ancient cultural relics. This year, ancient tombs were found in yunshanjie area, the front area of Guangzhou garden, during the construction of the project. After investigation and exploration, a total of 57 tombs from Han Dynasty to Qing Dynasty, nearly 500 pieces (sets) of pottery, bronze, iron, beads and other cultural relics were cleared up. On December 24, the reporter made a visit, and the staff said that the place was regarded as a treasure land of geomancy in ancient times.
On the hillock at the northeast corner of the junction of Hengfu road and Luhu Road, the reporter of the new Express newspaper saw the ancient tombs surrounded. At the scene, under the yellow soil of about 3000 square meters, various rectangular mausoleums appeared, among which the wooden coffin body had been rotten, leaving only the artifacts of the owner at that time for people to imagine; the brick and stone tomb still existed, and the characters and symbols engraved on it excited the researchers.
The most abundant cultural relics are found in the juxtaposed tombs of Han Dynasty
According to Rao Chen, a staff member of Guangzhou Institute of cultural relics and archaeology, from July to December this year, in cooperation with the construction of the south entrance of Luhu Park and other node landscape improvement project (yunshanjie area in the front area of Guangzhou Garden), the Institute carried out archaeological investigation and Exploration on the construction scope of the project, and after reporting to the State Administration of cultural relics for approval, carried out rescue archaeological excavation on the ancient tombs found in the exploration. At present, 57 tombs have been cleared, including 11 tombs of Han Dynasty, 13 tombs of Southern Jin Dynasty, 2 tombs of Tang Dynasty, 1 tombs of Song Dynasty, 5 tombs of Ming Dynasty, and 25 tombs of Qing Dynasty. Nearly 500 pieces (sets) of cultural relics, such as pottery, bronze, iron and pearl ornaments, have been unearthed. “The distribution of ancient tombs found in this exploration is very dense, and the phenomenon of late tombs breaking early tombs is frequent. Of the more than 50 tombs that have been cleared, Han tombs and tombs of the Eastern Jin and Southern Dynasties are concentrated, numerous and large-scale. ” Rao Chen said.
The tombs of the Han Dynasty are all tombs with wooden coffins. From the late Western Han Dynasty to the Eastern Han Dynasty, the tombs are well preserved, with rich burial objects, most of which are pottery. In addition, there are bronze swords, bronze mirrors and bronze coins. It is worth mentioning that there are two tombs in parallel at the site, which are named “M27” and “M28” by archaeologists. They are the most abundant burial objects, and the models of Cang, Zao, Jing and Wu have the local characteristics of Lingnan. M28 funerary beads are composed of 260 crystal, agate, amber and other texture beads and tube decorations, which are very exquisite. It is speculated that M27 and M28 are probably the joint burial tombs of the couple.
The tombs of the Eastern Jin Dynasty were generally large-scale, with exquisite construction and regular brick patterns. Although they were often stolen and disturbed, there were still a number of celadon porcelain, talcum pig and other artifacts left. The bricks of one of the tombs have the chronological characters of “four years of Daxing”, which provides an important scale for the study of the dating of the Eastern Jin tombs in Guangzhou.
The ancient people regarded the Mausoleum as a basement, and hengzhigang was very popular near the mountain and water
Why is this place favored by the ancients? Yi Xibing, director of the archaeological project and vice president of Guangzhou Institute of cultural relics and archaeology, pointed out that this is related to the ancients’ concept of “seeing death as life”. “The location of the ancient mausoleum is very exquisite. They regard it as their house under the ground. The environment of this place is very good. There are mountains in the north, water in the west, and the mountain is a relatively low earth mountain, which is very suitable for burial. ” According to reports, the place where the tombs are unearthed belongs to the “guihuagang Shidai gang hengzhigang” underground cultural relics burial area, which is the key burial area of Guangzhou underground ancient tombs. Hengzhigang is located in the Northeast suburb of the ancient city of Guangzhou. It is about 3km away from the center of the ancient city of Guangzhou (now Beijing Road and Zhongshan 4th Road). The Luhu reservoir in the west is a stream from Baiyun Mountain in the Han Dynasty. Since the 1950s, archaeologists have carried out dozens of rescue archaeological exploration and excavation work in hengzhigang area in cooperation with construction projects, cleaned up nearly 1000 tombs from the Han Dynasty to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and unearthed a large number of cultural relics.
The reporter learned that the on-site archaeological work should be completed by the end of this month. After collecting data in a comprehensive and scientific way and properly preserving the unearthed cultural relics, the archaeologists will cooperate with the urban construction and development, hand over the archaeological site to the site construction party for backfilling and greening.

Graduate of the dog world college entrance examination

Recently, Guangzhou Yuexiu Elderly Service Center launched a “dog doctor” visit activity. A group of special “visitors” – Four “dog doctors” had a close interaction with the elderly. The lively and lovely dog doctors were very popular with the elderly, and there were endless laughter and warm atmosphere.
It is understood that “dog doctor” is an innovative animal adjuvant treatment project of Asia animal fund. In 2004, the project was officially launched in China. At present, more than 100 “dog doctors” in Chengdu, Guangzhou and Shenzhen regularly carry out visiting activities.
commentary the reporter saw that the 10-year-old “dog doctor” was lying in the arms of the old man. Since 2014, he has participated in the “dog doctor” project and won the title of “senior dog doctor” in 2016. So far, he has been on duty for 51 times. Miss Zhang, the owner of Zizai, told reporters that Zizai is gentle and likes to be held and close to others.
synch Miss Zhang, the owner of dog doctor
When I was at a low ebb, I adopted a baby, and then it really stayed with me all the time, releasing a lot of that pressure, easing my tension and uneasiness, thus greatly reducing my loneliness and frustration. Then I occasionally learned from my friends that the Asia animal foundation has a dog doctor program. I didn’t hesitate to sign up for it. I wanted it to bring more people that kind of happiness and spiritual comfort.
commentary Miss Xu, the owner of “dog doctor” Cooper, said that the “dog doctor” activity has a positive educational effect, especially in kindergarten and primary school. Children can not only understand the correct way to communicate with dogs, but also build up the morality of caring for animals.
synch Miss Xu, the owner of “doctor dog”
Because I think dogs bring us unconditional love all their lives, and if I have the chance to take them to participate in these activities, in fact, I think, let me and them, that is, the days with their company, will have more beautiful memories.

The third snow in Beijing

On the night of the 23rd, there was light snow or sporadic snow in most cloudy and overcast areas; the southerly wind was level 1 and 2; the minimum temperature in plain areas was – 3 ℃, the minimum temperature in mountainous areas was – 8 ~ – 5 ℃; the maximum relative humidity was 90%. Day on the 24th: most areas have light snow or sporadic light snow to turn overcast; southerly wind is level 2 and 3; the highest temperature in plain areas is 1 ℃, the highest temperature in mountainous areas is – 3-1 ℃; the minimum relative humidity is 60%. On the night of the 24th, it turned cloudy and clear, with light fog or fog; it turned from south to north about level 2; the lowest temperature in plain area was – 6 ℃, the lowest temperature in mountainous area was – 12 ~ – 8 ℃; the highest relative humidity was 95%. On the 25th of the day: sunny to overcast; northerly wind 2, 3, level 4;
The highest temperature is 5 ℃ in plain area and 2-5 ℃ in mountainous area. On the night of the 25th, it was cloudy (there was light snow in the mountain area); the northerly wind was about 2 degrees; the lowest temperature in the plain area was – 6 ℃, and the lowest temperature in the mountain area was – 12 ~ – 8 ℃. Key tips: 1. There will be snowfall from tonight to tomorrow in the daytime. The surface temperature is low, and the road surface is prone to snow and ice. At that time, the road surface will be slippery and the visibility will be poor, so you need to pay attention to cold protection, warmth preservation and traffic safety when you travel. 2. Although some water areas have been frozen, but the ice surface is fragile, please do not tread on the ice!

Tencent News brother apologizes

“News elder brother” is very powerful, is Tencent News “excellent employee”, this elder brother’s position is to refuse negative energy, pay attention to interesting, like to complain, until these two days because “celebrate more than one year” ahead of the charge event on demand, although “it’s about the company, I shut up is the best”, but elder brother couldn’t resist, wrote a “Chinese people don’t deserve to have spiritual life!”! No match! 》In the early morning of December 23, “brother newsman” hastily issued an apology, replaced the official in charge of the public account, and suspended the editor concerned.
As expected, I got the sentence in the author’s article: “every day I watch my peers being hammered, I can’t help saying two sentences. If I get into trouble with the company, I’ll be punished, too.
As a peer in the industry of “brother news”, I read the full text carefully to understand the main reasons for his rollover, so as to learn from the past.
As a person who wrote “come up with the idea of charging for the pop show on demand in advance, and suggest goose factory to add year-end bonus to it”, Lei Feng’s editor still holds his own “original view”: This is Tencent video’s trick, it wants to make money, and it has space to be found in the rules, I have no way, but I don’t like and support the secondary charging for VIP users, because I really charge money.
However, this does not prevent other stakeholders from stating their own reasons, such as the news brother of Renjia goose factory.
His point of view 1: VVIP is a problem of package gear, no one forces you to buy it.
VIP users see 6 sets more than ordinary users, and VVIP users see 6 sets more than VIP users. Isn’t that the gear of the service package? When you go to dinner, three meat and two vegetables are more expensive than two meat and one vegetable. Will you scold?
Besides, if you don’t pay, you don’t pay. No one forces you.
Point 2: it’s OK not to buy VVIP. Why publicize piracy?
“Support piracy” four words can be called so upright, it really shows the lower limit of personality.
Point 3: video platforms are poor and the content industry is miserable.
If you don’t want to watch the advertisement and pay for the content, then the craftsmen in China will starve to death.
Point four: paying is not expensive, good content needs paying support.
More than 30 yuan net red milk tea line up for 1 hour, worth! 10 yuan for a video member, steal money?
200 yuan lipstick, tens of thousands of lipsticks in a minute, cool! 5 yuan for an e-book, it’s painful for half a day.
News brother’s conclusion is more aggressive:
On the one hand, economic growth slows down, no one has enough food left, and advertising fees have peaked.
On the other hand, users support piracy, and they will be scolded for shooting bad plays and charging for good ones.
This is the current situation of China’s content market.
This is the reality that Chinese people are not worthy of spiritual life at all!
After all, the Chinese don’t deserve it.
In the last three sentences, a big pot came down from the sky. QQ, after developing a series of drills for its members, is well versed in the way of payment. Maybe Tencent video will follow the same old path. But when it comes to benefits, it’s about benefits. After a lot of talk, brother newsman wants to occupy the “moral highland”, which makes people very sad.
Never jeer at the target audience of your article!
For example, if your target audience is VVIP, you can make a mockery of the VIP who doesn’t want to be a VVIP, saying that they are stingy and don’t deserve to have a spiritual life, etc. VVIP people will feel very good after reading it, and feel very superior. In order to maintain this superiority, they will return to krypton VVIP next time.
But his goal is to persuade VIP to spend more money to buy VVIP, but he ridicules VIP to the utmost, and thinks that he is a kind of wise general.
Of course, the “news brother” was immediately backfired by the boiling “public opinion” after spraying “the people”, and honestly recognized the mistake: “the article is seriously inappropriate in terms of title, opinion and wording, we have recognized the mistake and deleted the article. Here, we apologize to you. “

Hair gold bar of Hangzhou first village

Today (19th), Guali Hangmin village in Xiaoshan became popular in the circle of friends because of the following content: creating a great cause for Hangmin through hard work and benefiting villagers with tens of millions of gold and silver. In order to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of airmen’s start-up, the welfare of airmen village was sent out. Each villager received a gold bar and a silver bar. Twinkle, poke your eyes! Envy
Is it true that such a thing is so extravagant? Are you sure it’s not made up by netizens?
Xiaobian contacted the relevant person in charge of Hangmin village and said that the content was not fake, and the village did.
The treatment of the villagers in Guali Hangmin village has always been good. Every family lives in courtyard buildings and villas, with a per capita living area of more than 100 square meters. Every family is rich. Living in Hangmin village, we can get tens of thousands of yuan of bonus at the end of the year. At the end of last year alone, the village paid 4.46 million yuan of welfare.
40 years of hard work
Aviation people lead villagers to become rich together
According to the statistics in 2017, the per capita income of Aviation Group employees is 60500 yuan, the per capita income of villagers is 63500 yuan, and the family car ownership rate is more than 80%. Hangmin village has become a “full employment + distribution according to work and capital + social welfare” harmonious new rural area.
Behind all this, we have to start 20 years ago.
On November 27, 1999, hang min village held the property right system reform meeting of Zhejiang hang min group company, and put forward the property right reform plan of collective holding and quantitative equity.
In this way, Hangmin village took the lead in the reform of the village level collective property right system in the whole province, quantifying 49% of the equity of the village collective to the villagers, employees and management backbones.
In 1979, it raised 60000 yuan to establish an industrial enterprise, and in 1997, it established Zhejiang aviation industry group. After nearly 40 years of development, it now has 28 wholly-owned, holding and joint-stock enterprises, with a total asset of 9.6 billion yuan and 12000 employees. In 2017, it realized a total industrial output value of 13.38 billion yuan and a profit of 910 million yuan
Along the way, Hangmin village has become one of the “top ten economic villages” and “top ten villages in China” from a dirty and poor village.
Finally, I want to say: the village of other people’s home, really envy!

Lao Rongzhi is arrested

According to the information of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, on July 29, 1996, Nanchang public security bureau of Jiangxi Province filed a case of robbery and intentional homicide at No. 602, No. 1, bamao Lane 1, Donghu District, Nanchang City, and issued a wanted order on August 18 of the same year to pursue and escape the criminal suspect Lao Rongzhi. On November 28, 2019, the suspect Lao Rongzhi was arrested by Xiamen police of Fujian Province, and was escorted to Nanchang by Nanchang public security bureau on December 5 of the same year. Nanchang people’s Procuratorate intervened in the investigation of the case in advance on December 12, 2019, and Nanchang public security bureau applied for the examination and arrest of the suspect Lao Rongzhi on December 15, 2019. After accepting the case, Nanchang people’s Procuratorate informed Lao Rongzhi of the litigation rights and obligations according to law, and interrogated the criminal suspect according to law.