Donate 10 pigs to your alma mater

Two days ago, Yangjiang No. 1 middle school in Guangdong Province celebrated its 110th anniversary. One alumni donated 10 pigs to his alma mater, saying that they were for teachers and students participating in the celebration. Although the alumni only donated 10 pigs, his love for his alma mater can be learned, which also shows his gratitude to his alma mater.
In the history of school donation in China, there are many large donations to the alma mater of middle school. For example, in 2019, an alumni of Dongkeng middle school in Dongguan donated 20 million yuan on the 50th anniversary of the founding of the alma mater, and the alumni of Jingzhou middle school in Hubei donated 5 million yuan on the 116th anniversary of the founding of the alma mater. However, compared with the alumni donation of universities, it is still a small thing. Some universities even received a large amount of alumni donation in one year To several billion yuan.
In the list of top 100 University Alumni donation in 2019, Peking University received 3.143 billion yuan of donation, ranking first in the country. The amount of donation exceeded the total amount of many universities’ funds for many years, which is enviable.
Tsinghua University and Renmin University of China contributed more than 2.89 billion yuan and 2.157 billion yuan respectively.
Among the top 30 universities in this list, Shenzhen University, with a total donation of 769 million yuan from alumni, ranks 11th in the country, surpassing most of the 985 universities, has attracted more attention.
Last year, Shenzhen University celebrated its 35th anniversary. Ma Huateng’s team donated 350 million yuan, including 200 million yuan from Ma Huateng, 50 million yuan from Zhang Zhidong, Chen Yidan and Xu chenye, which directly ranked Shenzhen University 11th in China.
However, in terms of individual donations from alumni, Ma Huateng’s 200 million is not in the top ten in China, and there are several individuals who have donated more than 1 billion. Let’s take a look at the top ten of individual donations from alumni:
There are three alumni who have donated more than 1 billion yuan. They are Fudan University Alumni Lu Zhiqiang, chairman of China oceanwide Holdings Group, Peking University Alumni Huang nubo, chairman of Beijing Zhongkun investment group, alumni of University of Electronic Science and technology, Xiong Xinxiang, chairman of Chongqing boon technology group, and Liu qiangdong, chairman of Jingdong group, who donated 300 million yuan to his alma mater, also can’t make the list.
In addition, there are several relatively large donations that have not been included in this list. For example, country garden Yang’s father and daughter plan to donate 2.2 billion yuan to Tsinghua University in the next 10 years, Li Ka Shing plan to donate 2 billion yuan to Shantou University in the next 8 years, and Wang Yuan, chairman of Shanghai Suizhen Investment Management Co., Ltd., plans to donate 1.1 billion yuan to Zhejiang University, the alma mater, in the next 10 years. These donations are paid in installments, but not in installments There is complete receipt, so no statistics are included in the list.
Back to the beginning of our article, in fact, it doesn’t matter how much we donate to our alma mater. This Alumni’s action confirms the famous saying: everyone presents a piece of love, and the world will become better!
Donation is about your love. If your donation can help the alma mater, the alma mater has better conditions to cultivate more people who are useful to the society, the alma mater will also cultivate more people who are caring, and our world will be better in the future.

Discover new dinosaur species

On November 26, Beijing time, today, a team of Chinese and foreign scientists announced in Beijing that they had discovered a new species of megagnathosaurus in Fengning, Hebei Province, which is of great significance for us to understand the evolution of dinosaurs. This research is led by Xing Lida, associate professor of China University of Geosciences (Beijing), Niu Kecheng, executive director of Yingliang stone natural history museum, tetsuto Miyashita, University of Chicago, USA, famous paleontologist, Philip J, University of Alberta, Canada Currie) and other scholars. The research paper was published in the Cretaceous study by Elsevier publishing group.
We know that members of the dinosaur family are not all big men. Meijaya is a very small one. If you add a long tail to a chicken without feathers, add teeth to its mouth, and change the front end of its wings to a small finger claw, it will become a beautiful jaw dragon. Because its body structure is so much like a bird, people thought it was a beautiful jaw dragon when they first found the skeleton fossil of Archaeopteryx.
The distribution of merosaurs, a collection of small theropod dinosaurs, including the historical merosaurs and ornithosaurs, is scattered. Most of the identified members of this branch are found in the upper Jurassic of the Solnhofen islands in Germany and the Yixian Formation of the lower Cretaceous in western Liaoning Province in China. The most typical representative of the former is meijaya dragon, which was found in 1859. It belongs to the primitive small animal foot, but it is the size of a hen, and the long one behind it accounts for half of its body length. They are thin and narrow jawbones and necks. In addition to Europe, a large number of megalophones have also been found in the Jehol Biota in western Liaoning, China. The most famous one is the Chinese Dragon Bird, which was discovered in 1996. It is the first dinosaur with hair on its body. Its discovery strongly proves the hypothesis that birds evolved from dinosaurs.
Xing Lida’s team described a new species, xunmengling yingliangis, which is located in huajiying formation of North China, which is between the two major fossil producing strata. The genus name “swift and violent” expresses that this small dinosaur moves rapidly and has a ferocious disposition. The species name “Yingliang” pays tribute to the Yingliang stone natural history museum, which collects specimens.
Velociraptor, some friends may be familiar with the name Velociraptor, dinosaur movie “Jurassic Park” does not have this “Velociraptor”? Yes, but in fact, the dinosaur in the movie should be called lingdiaolong. Its Latin scientific name is Velociraptor, which means “agile bandit / Raptor”. In Chinese, “smart” means “agile”. So the Chinese name “lingdiaolong” is very suitable for it, which has been widely recognized by the scientific and scientific circles. If it is called “Raptor”, it only translates the meaning of “Agility” and misses the point of “robber / Raptor”. So, since the name Velociraptor has not been used, it can be used to name new dinosaurs.
The difference between Yingliang Velociraptor and other merosaurs is a unique bone form, the phalange IV-4 is longer than iv-3, and a unique combination of posterior cranial bone features, including extra long legs. In phylogenetic analysis, Velociraptors are nested between the groups of Rehe and solenhofen, which is an important supplement to the known branching range and group diversity. In stratigraphy, Velociraptor Yingliang is the earliest and the smallest species in Asia.
Yingliang Velociraptor is a small carnivorous dinosaur living in the early Cretaceous. Its fossils are not complete and its head is missing. However, it can be inferred from similar dinosaurs that its total length is about 60 cm, with a long and flexible neck and a light skull on it. Its teeth in its mouth are small but very sharp, with curved edges. It is a lethal weapon for animals smaller than it 。 Moreover, thanks to its big eyes, Yingliang Velociraptor has a keen eye, which enhances its hunting ability. In addition, Yingliang Velociraptor has strong and long hind legs, which enables it to suddenly accelerate to catch small animals in running, with amazing speed. Even flying insects or running lizards are at risk when the Yingliang Raptor catches prey. With its long neck, it can catch them and crush them with its teeth.
There are still some questions about the habitat preference and diversity model of the dinosaurs, but yingliangxunlong provides us with two more extensive possibilities or bases: (1) based on the diversity of the anti bird assemblage proposed before, huajiying formation may have preserved the oldest fauna in the early Cretaceous Jehol biota, which is related to the late Jurassic Daohugou biota and the late Jurassic Daohugou biota The biological assemblages of Yixian group are different. (2) Velociraptor Yingliang can be a useful calibration point for reconstructing biogeographical and stratigraphic models, and can also be used to estimate the allometric growth trend of the megalophus.

Free blood donation included in credit investigation

Recently, the national health and Health Commission, together with many departments, issued the notice on further promoting the healthy development of free blood donation. The notice proposed that all localities should explore the integration of free blood donation into the social credit system, establish an effective linkage of free blood donation incentive mechanism among individuals, units and society, and provide preferential treatment for blood donors to use public facilities.
Credit system is a word often seen in the media in recent years. What is it?
In today’s society, finance is essential. Enterprises need to borrow money, individuals need to borrow money, or to buy houses, or to spend money, but to borrow money from banks, banks need to know who they are and whether they can repay money on time. In order to answer this question, banks need to understand the economic situation of individuals and enterprises: how much is their income, whether they have borrowed money before, and whether they have a record of not returning the borrowed money It’s a very troublesome thing to prove one’s own economic situation. An individual needs a unit certificate, a salary certificate, etc.; an enterprise needs financial statements, etc. Moreover, it’s more difficult to prove whether one has borrowed money before and whether one has owed money but hasn’t paid it back.
Therefore, there are special institutions for individuals and enterprises to establish a “credit file” (i.e. personal credit report) and then provide it to each bank for use. This kind of activity that banks share credit information through a third-party organization is credit investigation. With this system, when individuals and enterprises borrow money from the bank, the bank will check the credit report, and then spend some time to focus on verifying some problems, and then make a judgment quickly.
In China, the establishment of this system is the credit investigation center of the people’s Bank of China. With the continuous improvement of the social credit system, the various credit records and history it covers will help the government and commercial institutions to make a comprehensive evaluation of the credit status of individuals and units. Therefore, credit system is actually a system used by financial enterprises to judge personal economy and financial credit status.
China’s credit system has developed rapidly in recent years. In 2007, China’s credit information index was only 3 points. With the further development of credit system construction, China’s credit information index has reached a full score of 8 for three consecutive years, leading some developed countries.
In 2018, 21 national banking institutions refused to apply for 911.7 billion yuan from high-risk customers in the pre loan review process, warned 1302.8 billion yuan of high-risk stock loans after loan, and cleared 159.4 billion yuan of non-performing loans by using the credit system. As of June 19, 2019, China has established the largest credit system in the world. The credit system has collected the relevant information of 990 million natural persons, 25.91 million enterprises and other organizations. The daily average inquiry volume of individual and enterprise credit reports has reached 5.5 million and 300000 times respectively.
Needless to say, as the content recorded in the credit system is related to whether a person can loan, and finance is an indispensable ability of modern society, in fact, it forms a reward and punishment mechanism, that is, the reward for the trustworthy and the punishment for the dishonest. Therefore, the credit system not only records the credit status of individuals and enterprises, but also is a starting point. In turn, it promotes the honesty and trustworthiness of individuals and enterprises, thus promoting the improvement of the credit status of the whole society. From this point of view, the credit system does have the initiative and the role of a baton.
However, in recent years, the credit system has an obvious trend of expansion. Many people call for the cross road, spitting and other behaviors to be included.
If free blood donation is included in credit system, banks and other financial institutions, will they look at the people who donate free blood differently? Can these people enjoy preferential interest rates or easier loans? Obviously, these answers are almost No. No matter whether an individual donates blood or not, it will not affect the evaluation of personal credit by financial institutions.
However, although financial institutions will not respond to blood donation or not, it does not mean that such content will not affect citizens after it is recorded in credit files. Under more strict rules, the content in credit files can make citizens obtain awards or be punished in public services. As a result, the credit system has crossed the financial boundary and become a moral file. China is a modern country, which means that the administration and management of the country according to law and the moral level of individuals cannot affect citizens’ equal right to enjoy public services.
From the perspective of the relationship between departments, it is an act of sharing the responsibility of departments to other departments to bring blood donation into the credit system. This phenomenon is not uncommon. For example, some time ago, after the viaduct was broken by Wuxi large truck, the problem of truck overload caused social concern, “overload into punishment” was hotly discussed by public opinion. There are many irrationalities in “overloading into punishment”, which are limited to length but not tired. It is important to share the responsibility of the traffic management department with the legislative and judicial departments.
Many years ago, in view of the frequent cases of injuries, the Ministry of health in that year also jointly issued documents to require the establishment of a specially assigned public security station in the hospital. This is also a matter for the health sector to be apportioned to the public security sector. As you can imagine, many years later, the so-called public security garrison of the hospital was not finished.

Dida online taxi assistant

On November 25, it was reported that a few days ago, Dida’s “taxi smart code” launched the “taxi assistant” function, which can accurately obtain the real-time location and estimated arrival time of the taxi within 1 km. Users search the “taxi smart travel” app via wechat, and click to enter the visible home page to display “taxi assistant” and “online taxi Hailing”.
In the “taxi assistant” section, the system will automatically recommend three best taxi spots nearby. Click one of them to display the number of empty cars that will pass through the taxi spot in 15 minutes, the license plate number of each car, the actual distance and estimated arrival time according to the taxi spot.

Ziguangge criticizes Zhang Yunlei angrily

Recently, Zhang Yunlei was angrily criticized by Ziguangge. Zhang Yunlei’s abusive and ridiculed videos of Li Shiji, an artist of Peking Opera, and Zhang Huoding, a famous Peking Opera artist, were exposed, which attracted the dissatisfaction of many netizens. As an artist, we should pay attention to our own words and deeds, not to be eloquent, especially for the crosstalk world, we should regulate our own words.
On November 23, Ziguangge angrily criticized Zhang Yunlei on the official platform, criticizing his own immoral words, emphasizing that artists should pay attention to their own words and deeds, learn art first, learn morality first, play first, and be human first, that is to say, Zhang Yunlei in the crosstalk world should standardize his own words more, and the performance and singing on the last stage is very important for moral norms.
What joking words did Zhang Yunlei make netizens and Ziguangge angry? If a person engages in his acting career according to rules and regulations, it will not bring bad influence on his reputation. If his moral cultivation is not enough, sooner or later, he will be abandoned by the audience.
According to a crosstalk rap by Zhang Yunlei, he joked that Li Shiji was called “Jiji” and Zhang Huoding was also called “Dingding”. This is nothing, and he said eloquently, give Zhang Huoding a bath. After the video of the performance was exposed, many netizens argued.
Up to now, many people have a question, what is the reason for the crosstalk actor Zhang Yunlei to make fun of famous artists with such disregard and moral cultivation? A person’s quality is inseparable from his own growth experience. For Zhang Yunlei, he has no education background. His life experience must start when he met Guo Degang.
Zhang Yunlei was born in Hongqiao District, Tianjin. At the age of 7, he met Guo Degang in Tianjin. At the age of 9, he formally studied quyi in Beijing. At the age of 11, he learned Taiping lyrics, lianhualuo and Pingxi from Guo Degang. Zhang Yunlei ranks second in Deyun society and is one of the four princes of Deyun society.
From Zhang Yunlei’s life experience, when he was 11 years old, he took Guo Degang as his teacher. It can be said that he had not graduated from primary school. From this, it can be seen that Zhang’s cultural level was not high. However, because he and Yue Yunpeng, Sun Yue, Zhu Yunfeng and Yan Yunda were called the four sons of Deyunshe, their popularity could be imagined and known. In addition, he had taken Guo Degang as his teacher very early, so his talent was very good.
Among them, Zhang Yunlei quit Deyun club for a while, in 2005, because his voice developed into a “backhand”. In order to avoid excessive use of voice, he had to quit Deyun club. But in the past six years, he still loved crosstalk very much, so he joined Deyun club again, and on April 8 of the same year, he participated in Guo Degang’s single crosstalk special session, so he officially returned.
Although Zhang Yunlei’s cultural water is not high, he still has certain talent in cross talk. No matter how talented he is, he will be doubted and discussed by the audience if he breaks away from the moral bottom line.
The reason why Zhang Yunlei can make fun of artists is still related to his own cultural quality. If his own cultural quality is very high, he will not make fun of Li Shiji and Zhang Huoding. In the face of netizens’ comments, he should apologize and say that his words are improper. If he can only avoid problems, he can only be abandoned by fans.
Although as a crosstalk actor, Zhang Yunlei has brought us a lot of wonderful clips and made us laugh constantly. Zhang Yunlei should not tease other artists to please the public, let alone his predecessors. If he thinks about it a little, he will avoid this kind of phenomenon, rather than scolding himself on the Internet.

2019 world 5g Conference

The most authoritative views are heard here, the most cutting-edge technology products are displayed here, and the most creative ideas are born here. On the afternoon of November 22, the 3-day 2019 world 5g conference concluded in Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center.
This conference is co sponsored by Beijing Municipal People’s government, national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of industry and information technology. Nearly 1500 domestic and foreign researchers, 5g upstream and downstream enterprise personnel and 5g industry users gathered here. Focusing on the theme of “5g changes the world, 5g creates the future”, the conference discussed the cutting-edge technology, industry trend and innovation in 5g related fields New application. At the same time, the conference held several theme exhibitions around 5g related fields such as smart transportation, smart city, smart transportation, smart medical, industrial Internet, etc., showing the latest achievements of 5g development and the latest scene application cases. The conference collected 5g demonstration scenario solutions for the world and held the world 5g conference application design unveiling competition.
Wang Gang, secretary and director of the Party group of Beijing Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, presided over the closing ceremony.
According to the organizing committee, the conference has five major achievements.
First, on the development of ideas, further broaden the strategic vision. The conference invited more than 400 important guests from more than 40 countries and regions, 16 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, more than 80 international guests and more than 100 top experts and enterprise elites from home and abroad to discuss development ideas, explain the inevitable connection between 5g industry development and new communication theory research, landmark application development and cross-border full integration, and discuss standard formulation, safety assurance The important position of network architecture design, cultivation of new and cutting-edge enterprises, sharing and exchanging the most advanced new technologies, applications and schemes in 5g field, broaden our strategic vision of developing 5g industry and solving development problems.
Second, the establishment of an exchange platform has further deepened international cooperation. The rapid and steady development of 5g business in China has greatly promoted the R & D of key technologies in China, Europe and even the world, the manufacturing of network equipment, the upgrading and upgrading of terminals, and the acceleration of industrial integration. At the same time, it has promoted the linkage development of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and provided a new round of “China dividend” for the global economic development. At this conference, international enterprises such as canon of Japan, Riel digital of the United States, skoya of Germany and their counterparts in China have had in-depth exchanges, which has led to the signing of nearly 80 agreements of intention for cooperation in 5g related industrial projects, such as the 5g network infrastructure construction in the airport economic zone of Daxing International Airport and the online cultural product communication service system.
Third, the exhibition of application results further consolidated industrial consensus. In the exhibition area of nearly 20000 square meters, the exhibits from 59 enterprises at home and abroad focus on 5g development and application, adopt immersion, experiential, interactive and other ways, and show the innovative achievements of 5g technology in deep integration with traditional industries in the real 5g network environment, such as industrial Internet, intelligent transportation, health care, smart city, Ultra HD video and other fields, and The broad market prospect it brings further agglomerates the industrial consensus of 5g and traditional industries’ integrated development.
Fourth, the competition innovation plan further focuses on application scenarios. The 5g application design unveiling competition was held to collect 5g application design and scene solutions for the world, attracting more than 200 teams and thousands of competitors. Around 4K / 8K, AR / VR, UAV, industrial Internet of things / intelligent manufacturing, Internet of vehicles / intelligent driving, intelligent city, intelligent health care and other fields, explore and build 5g new era of innovative application scenarios, cultivate and hone the industry development talent team, spawn the intelligent port 5g & MEC smart card application demonstration project, stroke emergency and rehabilitation intelligent management system, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics 5g+ 34 excellent design schemes, including integrated security and intelligent application of cloud robots, further highlight the important position of application scenario construction in 5g industry development, focus on 5g technology to enter thousands of households, and make people’s production and life more intelligent and better.
Fifthly, promote the coordination of production and research, and further cultivate the industrial ecology. With the characteristics of “education industry ecology + exhibition of application achievements”, promote the collaborative innovation of industry and research. China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and other domestic operators have started to cooperate with domestic and foreign partners, set up 5g industrial joint innovation center, industrial innovation alliance, set up 5g joint innovation industry fund, and jointly built more than 200 5g lighthouse projects with the head enterprises to drive the upstream and downstream joint innovation of the industrial chain.
Under the background of 5g era, the communication of the conference follows the rule of “full media, all staff media, holographic media, full effect media”. Through traditional video live, 5g + 4K live, 5g + VR live, live Ultra HD 8K video recording, the online live audience reached 61.35 million times, and the hot reading volume of sina related topics reached 97.38 million. The event was widely reported by people’s daily, Xinhua news agency, CCTV, Guangming Daily, science and technology daily, China News Agency, China Youth Daily, China net, China Science and technology net and other media.
At the closing ceremony, a series of white papers, industrial planning and policies were released, and a number of industrial cooperation projects were signed.
Kong Lei, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, released a white paper on Beijing 5g industry. In order to promote Beijing to strengthen the construction of national science and technology innovation center, build a high-end economic structure, accelerate the cultivation of 5g industrial ecology, and build a 5g industrial innovation and development city with global influence, Beijing Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology organized and compiled the white paper on 5g Industrial Development in Beijing (2019).

Ji Xiaobo is under 5.8 billion

According to Taiwan media, Wu Peici gave birth to two sons and one daughter for her husband-in-law Ji Xiaobo, who is now pregnant with her fourth child and is about to unload at the end of the year. Recently (21 days), it was reported that Ji Xiaobo owed nearly 25 billion Taiwan dollars (about 5.8 billion yuan), and her life was threatened, so she moved away from the four seasons hotel where she lived for a long time. It seems that Wu Peici’s life has not been affected. She is still updating on social networking sites Recent developments.
According to Wu Peici’s previous biography, more than 200 Taiwanese technicians were attracted to build seven-star hotels for her in Saipan, but now it’s said that these people were “resigned”. Her fiance was even more shocked to say that she owed nearly 25 billion Taiwan dollars (about 5.8 billion yuan) in debt and mortgaged her 300 million yuan mansion to the bank. Although Wu Peici didn’t respond positively to this, she wrote on her micro blog on the 10th Seeing that the east wing and the north wing of Bohua Saiban imperial palace resort village that I have participated in the design have been completed and will be put into operation next week, I am not only moved but also grateful
“Thanks to the efforts of hundreds of Taiwan workers, because of your superb craftsmanship, the hotel is able to give such a good effect; unfortunately, all the banquets around the world, part of Bohua’s own construction projects have been completed, and all the unfinished projects have been continued by contractors, so thank you very much for your efforts.” she also showed the photos of the completion of the resort, as if to clarify the liabilities for the other half Rumor, but also indirectly recognized the departure of Taiwan technicians.
Recently, Wu Peici also sent a message to share the interaction with his daughter. It seems that his mood has not been affected. Therefore, it remains to be seen whether Ji Xiaobo is in debt or whether their relationship will be affected.

Today’s international children’s Day

November 20 is universal children’s day. This is a commemorative day initiated by the United Nations. Its purpose is to promote the development of child protection, welfare and education. On December 14, 1954, the general assembly of the United Nations adopted resolution 836 (IX), in which it recommended that all countries establish international children’s day and celebrate it in their own way at an appropriate time each year. On November 20, 1959, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Declaration on the rights of the child. On November 20, 1989, the General Assembly adopted the Convention on the rights of the child. Since 1990, the United Nations has held activities every year on November 20 to mark the international children’s day and the adoption of the two documents.
As of December 2008, 193 States had signed and ratified the Convention. In 1954 (resolution 836 (IX)), the general assembly of the United Nations recommended that all countries establish international children’s day. It is hoped that activities will be held on this day to enhance children’s understanding and establish a wide range of friendship; and activities will be carried out to promote the welfare of children all over the world. The assembly also recommended that governments choose appropriate days to commemorate children’s day. November 20 is a day to commemorate the adoption of the Declaration on the rights of the child by the general assembly in 1959 and the adoption of the Convention on the rights of the child in 1989. In 2000, world leaders proposed the Millennium Development Goals – halving the proportion of people living in extreme poverty, halting the spread of HIV / AIDS to universal primary education, all of which are to be completed by 2015 – for all human beings, but mainly for children. The United Nations Children’s development fund has noted that six of the eight goals are directly related to children, and the realization of the last two will also bring important changes to their lives.

Wang Jing testifys in court

Gao Yunxiang’s sexual assault case opened in Australia on the 15th day of the trial. In addition to Gao Yunxiang’s childhood friends testifying for him, another witness was Wang Jing, who was also the defendant with Gao Yunxiang.
Wang Jing and Gao Yunxiang are both defendants and witnesses for Gao Yunxiang. In fact, there are great risks, especially in the face of the jury. But what’s more, the prosecution’s cross examination of Wang Jing. As mentioned in the previous article, when the husband of the female victim appears in court, the prosecution can only ask directly, while the defense can cross examine.
This time, on the contrary, the defense can only ask directly, and the prosecution can cross examine, so it is not clear what questions the prosecution will ask, so there is an immeasurable risk.
But it is also equally beneficial for Wang Jing to do so, at least indirectly to defend herself and Gao Yunxiang. Note that it is indirect here. Through the right questions of the defense, it is at least to give a subjective impression to the members of the jury. I’m afraid it involves something at the psychological level.
Usually I have heard a person’s voice and seen his attitude, it’s difficult to convict him at the last moment. Of course, this is for ordinary people, and the jury members are ordinary people. In the Australian court, the main role of judges is to maintain the fairness of the trial, as well as indirect popularization of law, to suppress the improper behavior of the prosecution or the defense.
At the scene of the court hearing, the defense still asked about a central point, what is the relationship between the female victim and Wang Jing, and how they got to know each other. Wang Jing’s answer was to get to know each other through friends, and the project was directly given to the female victim without bidding.
In addition, the defense also asked Wang jingnv whether she asked for a Ferrari sports car. Wang Jing replied yes, and asked for four times. For the first time, Wang Jing thought that the female victim was joking, and she also helped the female victim take a photo with the prop Ferrari sports car.
Finally, Wang Jing also thinks that the female victim really wants a Ferrari sports car. Wang Jing thinks that the traffic environment in Australia is not suitable for the Ferrari sports car. The female victim turns to Wang Jing and asks for Bentley.
Wang Jing temporarily refused the request of the female victim for the reason that the company’s project is not over, and mentioned that the project landing would buy her a sports car, while the female victim asked when the project landed, Wang Jing replied: “soon.”.
When Wang Jing answered the defense lawyer’s questions at the court, she also exposed a detail, that is, the female victim found a common friend in wechat with Wang Jing, so she found this person in Wang Jing’s mobile phone, and this person was the ex boyfriend of the female victim.
At the request of the female victim, Wang Jing took a photo with the female victim, and also sent the photo to the ex boyfriend of the female victim, claiming that Wang Jing was his boyfriend, and also made a phone call.
In fact, this detail is very important, and can provide the court with relevant evidence, which proves the personality of the female victim in disguise.
When the defense ended the positive question, the prosecution came out to cross examine Wang Jing, mainly about the details, whether Wang Jing actively hugged and kissed the female victim, and the response of the female victim, Wang Jing’s response was also very cautious, all around the KTV video monitoring, as well as the wine shop monitoring video answering questions.
However, at the scene of the court hearing on the 18th, the prosecution apparently did not fully open its fire. The court hearing on the 19th will continue, and Wang Jing will continue to be cross examined, but I don’t know what questions the prosecution will ask, which is also the risk of Wang Jing testifying to Gao Yunxiang.

A homicide in Nanchang Park

Nanchang public security bureau’s newly-built Branch issued a police information notice on November 16: at about 19:00 on November 15, 2019, the newly-built Public Security Bureau received the alarm, and a murder occurred at the gate of libuhu Park in the newly-built district. The victim Deng XX (female, 42 years old) was killed and died after rescue, and her husband Ouyang XX (male, 44 years old) was killed. At present, he is in the hospital for rescue. After receiving the police, the municipal and district public security organs attached great importance to it, and immediately formed a special group to carry out the investigation. After working all night, it was found that Tu (male, 36 years old, Nanchang County, unemployed) was suspected of committing a major crime. The public security organ quickly carried out an all-round and carpet like search and arrest of Tu.
Under the strong arrest and awe, TU was forced to join us at 23:20 p.m. on the night of the crime. After investigation, the suspect Tu Mou Guo and his wife Ouyang Mou and their wife Deng Mou met at the gate of Libu Lake Park for negotiation due to emotional disputes that night. After a quarrel, Tu Mou Guo killed Deng Mou and Ouyang MOU with a lethal weapon and fled the scene. At present, the case is being handled according to law.